The Future of Wireless Networking - Podcast

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The Future of Wireless Networking
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Here's a really quite enlightening podcast from ITConversations (threadlinked above) that provides a very neat look at the possible future for wireless networking - im listening to Gee Rittenhouse, the VP for wireless tech for Lucent talk about personalization right now and it's cool as...

Here's a snippet from the text:

The wireless industry is undergoing a transition. We see the evolution from cellular 2G to 3G standards, the migration from circuit to packet applications, and the procession of voice to data. We also see the industry incorporating new wireless access technologies such as WiFi and WiMAX. All of this is occuring in a market place where voice subscriber penatration levels in many parts of the world are saturating and there is incredible pressure to reduce network capital and operating costs.

Here's the mp3