Youtube Getting a Pre-Google Gelding


After deleting 30,000 videos last week, it seems someone will be working overtime deleting more material. According to The New York Times

The site late last week began purging copyrighted material from Comedy Central, including clips from YouTube stalwarts like “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart,” “The Colbert Report” and “South Park.”

The action was “a result of third-party notification by Comedy Central,” according to one such e-mail message sent to a YouTube user, Jeff Reifman, who broke the news on the Web site NewsCloud.

I'm all for protecting people's copyright's but I can say in all honesty having videos for Wikiality, Dumbocracy or Mythbusters in a searchable, on demand platform is not only convenient but useful. Does a middle ground exist somewhere?



Not really a suprise, just a shame.

Flurl anyone?


great title, gw.


I was going to go with enema, or castration but ...

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