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BBC story - UK gaming to be 'mark of quality'

Feel the love:

Online gambling sites registered in the UK would offer a "hallmark of quality" to people around the world, Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell has said.

Signing up to the UK's regulatory code would enhance the sites' reputation and protect players, argued Ms Jowell.

The UK hopes to become a "world leader" in internet gambling following a US ban on the activity, press reports suggest.



She said on TV today that the UK market was worth £3,500,000,000 p.a.
She intimated that the proposed UK controls and regulations would make it more attractive to punters, presumably raising taxes and invisible foreign earnings.

OMFG, a politication that

OMFG, a politication that speaks common sense!!!

Ms Jowell told BBC Radio 4's Today the American approach was "the new prohibition" - referring to US efforts to ban alcohol in the early 20th century.

"Our concern is that if internet gambling were to be prohibited, it would be driven underground and precisely the kind of protections that we want to extend to people would be impossible."

That is hands down the best

That is hands down the best comment I've read from someone outside of the online gaming industry.

This could be a huge win for the UK and the US government will be left looking at what might have been.
Bring all that money over here, the online gaming industry throws great parties and they 'get' what most of us here actually do.



A few days ago the Telegraph strongly implied that the way that the biil was ammended was a protectionist measure - personly I think the adding of non related terms to a motion is wrong and arugably corupt.

If i wher the companies effected id be hioring pis's to go through all the people who voted for the register of interests and expenses with a fine tooth comb to see if theres any naughty stuff going on

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