so the web & gaming is killing TV & newspapers. Collateral damage will be in...


...professional sports.

The whole money infrastructure is built around mass media celebrity and marketing to fans in bulk mode. It's collapsing. Fractured markets abound.

Case in point:
World Series Ratings Hit Record Low


pretty scary for baseball bosses

but clearly not as scary as a disappearing car:

(Off topic I know, but hey it's Hallowe'en and give me some credit - I tried to work it in)

Baseball Commercials

Well that explains these three Baseball commercials I happened to see recently. I guess they saw the bad numbers coming and tried to recact. While I'm not a baseball fan this si the first series I haven't watched in about 10 years.

See Google if you strip the good stuff out of YouTube it's a whole lot less useful.

youtube is YAF

Yet Another Fragmentation.

For about 2 years now, I've been arguing that something is slipping away when it comes to the fan base. Don't get me wrong, I realize that there are still astronomically huge piles of eyeballs out there for sports, but there's a sense of deja vu, as well. The sports guys' attitudes remind me a lot of the newspapers 10 years ago.


Baseball is the slowest most boring crap on the planet and fewer people are watching.

Big shock.

Could it be there were fewer teams in the playoffs people are interested in watching?

Jumping to conclusions here people, except about newspapers as I cancelled mine almost 10 years ago and I've been getting my news online and TV ever since.

Baseball is the slowest most

Baseball is the slowest most boring crap on the planet

You've obviously never watched a game of cricket

Proletariat is awakening

Old tricks like getting hte less rational subset of the populace all hopped up on restricting gay rights and protecting clumps of undifferentiated carbon molecules inside uteri and trying to convince Joe Blue Collar that repealing the Inheritance Tax and global war is in his interest ARE NOT WORKING nearly as well as they did in 2004, when 75% said they hated the economy but 51% said they voted cuz of homophobia.

Now I can shout "Fuck Bush" and people cheer! in 2003 I was physically accosted by air force men out of uniform and had my tires slashed on the spot for merely passing out anti-war fliers before the Invasion :-/ That's how far we've come!

It's not about babies, gays, or even illegals; it's about hundreds of thousands dead in our names, tens of thousands secretly arrested in our names, thousands horrifically tortured in our names, and a world more unstable than any time in our entire lives with an economy on the precipice of collapse; all in 6 years.

Vote for your children's futures, learn that your wedge issue you're passionate about can, seriously, wait another 4 years until we can have a bonafide chance at correcting this slide into tyranny.

Collateral damage will be everywhere...

...the national papers reported regularly.

Mainstream Sports is likely to be hit big time as they had whole sections of the papers dedicated to them - their cultism will wane in popularity, whereby you are likely to see consequential gains in popularity of non-mainstream sports such as base-jumping, street luge, skateboarding, snowboarding and the like.

The web allows you to access news from your minority sport of choice at the same level that the national press is reporting the mainstream sports, and will allow you to be part of that community.

I can also predict collateral damage in

Pop music - I think we'll see less of the iconic Madonna/Robbie Williams type figures more smaller bands with smaller followings.

Fashion - big brands will get less exposure and people will chase their own favoured styles and designers more.

and potentially in the pensions and investments markets - I just don't quite see how the collateral damage is going to make itself felt in these areas.

Politics will certainly be affected in that we will see a significant rise in single issue leaders and large grassroots camapigns based around single issues.

Also in religion I can see probably the most dangerous problems with a fragmentation away from mainstream leaders such as Billy Graham down to much smaller cult figures such as the guy who led the Wako siege.

talk about....Pop music

Pop music - I think we'll see less of the iconic Madonna/Robbie Williams type figures more smaller bands with smaller followings.

I can hardly wait until the first big break is made by a band as a result of their online activity. I think we're still probably 5-10 years from that though.

Of course, when that happens it just takes the marketing of music from the big bad record companies to the big bad, uuuuh, us?

This isn't about new media,

This isn't about new media, fragmentation or anything else. Baseball's television audience has been eroding for longer than the Internet gained substantial penetration in homes. This is about baseball's decision to move to mostly night games over the past 10 or 15 years that is coming back to bite them in the ass.

This decision has two consequences. The first is that by moving to mostly night games, baseball has slowly but steadily been eroding -- and aging -- its fan base. I believe that in order for folks to enjoy watching a game on television they first have to enjoy it at the ballyard. They have to experience that long, high fly ball that turns out to be a simple catch, they have to see and hear the line drive home run bouncing off the facade in right field. If baseball doesn't get fannies in the seats by, let's say age 11 or 12, they don't have fans when they're 21 or 22.

Then, even if you are a fan it gets kind of old trying to keep your eyes open waiting for a night game to end. And for those of us on the East coast, who the hell is going to stay up until 1 in the morning to watch a night game on the left coast? If you don't grab them during the regular season you've most likely lost them for the Series.

It all boils down to when World Series games consistently end at close to midnight Eastern time most of your fans -- and those you want to make future fans -- are not surfing the net or watching another program on cable -- they're sleeping.

It was the teams

not the sport. I love baseball, but I had no interest at all in this series and didnt watch an inning of it once my team was eliminated in the 1st round. The same here who dont like baseball likely wouldnt have watched a Yankee vs Dodger series either, but the ratings would have been dramatically different with those two teams.

How do you explain the NFL then?

It's as popular as ever


Hype (TO, Peyton, etc.) and the salary cap (you can now imagine your team will have a chance one day, although in the case of the Raiders you may have to pray for the swift demise of the owner as well).

But they're also whoring out the fans (the ones who sit in the stadiums) by sending games overseas in search of profits and expansion.

Or it could be..

You could look at how the NFL has been able to integrate so well with both the Internet and video games.

I think EA's Madden did over $100 Million in sales its first week - people who are buying this are most likely also very interested in watching the guys they are playing (unlike if they are paying GTA or something).

Fantasy football just keeps growing in popularity and is managed online. If anything this increases viewership of games b/c you want to see how "your" players do. In this case people are likely to be using both the Internet and the TV.

I watched baseball on TV as

I watched baseball on TV as a kid in the middle of the day with grandpa. Think baseball's boring? Not if you can rely on it to be don't watch it like a video game. Today they schedule it for maximum advertising opportunity... like the Olympics, it now sucks to watch it on TV with all the commercials and talktalktalk away from the action. The baseball seems really slow and boring.

As a kid everyone knew the status of the pennant race (NY Yankees) and the latest failure of the Mets. It was all about the race, not the players. Sure the players were important, but only because of how they contributed to the race and the "home team" (not because of their antics or price tags).

A few years ago semi-pro baseball was great... $10 seats, $2 hot made a mockery of the pro stadiums and their $60 seats a mle from the diamond and the $8 beers. I took the kids and sat on the first base line and they loved baseball. This past year it was $15 seats and $6 beers, to sit on aluminum stands in the direct sun and watch a team whose players seemed to change with every game. What happened?

The problem is greed and short-term profits. It may be reflected in the shift to the web, but that's just a consequence of audience alienation. Sometimes I think everybody's just looking for a new club to join and in my view the MySpace/facebook/etc examples prove that. Ever try to build a TV station or program to serve that eager audience? How about a website? Right. Take a look at the number of new community churches that have sprouted in the past few years. Same deal. It's easier to found a new church than have a say in TV or BigLeague anything "old media".

Notice how some TWers keep saying the same thing about "community building"... it's a marketer's response to the clearly expressed need of the market.

Baseball / World Series was

Baseball / World Series was just an example. The same general feeling of "loss" (or maybe drift would be a better description) seems to hit me in most pro sports now, the NBA for example or, albeit from a US perspective, the World Cup, even *gasp* March Madness seems to be less mad than it used to be.

I think using this years

I think using this years World Series as an example is somewhat skewed. You really didn't have two teams that brought national attention. The Tigers came from nowhere this year and don't really have any well known players while the Cardinals were an 83 win team. Put the Yankees, Red Sox, or Cubs in the World Series, and the ratings would have been very high.

Not to mention that the US has turned into a football country. NFL ratings are up 10% this year I believe.

Fuck Bush

Are you female?

Is that an open offer or just a random slogan?


In addition to night games

In addition to night games there are a lot of societal changes in the US that are working against baseball: smaller families and consolidation of schools make it harder for kids get a sand lot ball game together. Space: it takes a lot of room to play baseball, that was fine back when America was rural or when we were first starting our suburban sprawl after WW II but a basketball court takes up a lot less room today and is cheaper for a parks dept to maintain.

Free agency and obscene players salaries have not only priced pro-tickets out of Joe Sixpack's pocket it has also made the team roster so unstable that fans feel less loyalty to the teams. Remember when ball players had beer guts? It's hard to identify with some overpaid millionaire, pumped up on steroids so he hardly looks human playing a game and who whines about not being paid even more and wants off the team as soon as a better deal comes along. These are just hired guns.

wheel, stop waiting, then :)

I can hardly wait until the first big break is made by a band as a result of their online activity. I think we're still probably 5-10 years from that though.

It has already happened.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - saw them twice in concert and they really were not really all that remarkable, IMHO...but they still blew up...largely because of online activity. In fact they still give away some of their songs and are even going to offer live recordings for sale exclusively from their site:

10.22.06 — Hello all. We just wanted to let everyone know that we actually do still have a pile of the Tour EPs that we made with Architecture in Helsinki and Takka Takka left over. So some time soon we'll offer these cds to anyone who wants them, probably just online through our website. Might be a good stocking stuffer, so we'll try to get it set up soon. We're thinking they'll probably be around $10, with shipping included. (Don't quote us on that just yet, but it will probably be something like that) So be patient and stay off Ebay and we'll get them out to you soon!! (if you're interested, be sure that you're on our email list and we'll let you know when we're ready to send them out!)

Artic Monkeys - these guys are huge and band members are like 19 - 20 years...I think online activity played a huge roll for them as well

"I can hardly wait until the

"I can hardly wait until the first big break is made by a band as a result of their online activity. I think we're still probably 5-10 years from that though."

Quite a few got signed up via, before the RIAA sued it to pieces.

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