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Via SEW comes news of the Clickriver beta. Clickriver sells search and content related ads on


I signed up for the beta for

I signed up for the beta for SEO Book...if they accept me I will post about the program here.

If anyone else gets accepted please let us know what you think.

I would suggest

paying close attention to this paragraph:

"We welcome service providers of all types to apply to join the beta — in travel, finance and investment, training and education, entertainment, insurance, healthcare and physical fitness, IT assistance and consulting, photo printing and more. In addition, we welcome retailers who want to advertise products that complement those sold on "

If you sell products that compete with Amazon products you'll get no love.

Application sent

I'm curious how the lead gen services will do here...if accepted I'll test the heck out of it.

So far, I'm liking the

So far, I'm liking the Amazon Clickriver deal. Everything was pretty easy to set up and traffic costs are at a decent pricepoint for everything I bought. Traffic volume is definitely high enough to merit continued participation.

Just don't try to set it up using IE7. The console only works in Firefox.

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