Contest: least updated SEO blog


I pick Boser's site, WebGuerrilla. Looks like Greg gets over there about every 3 weeks, on average. Geez, Boser, can't you get Dax to set up some sort of scraper?



Man you are wrong.. outing Greg like that :)

i was just telling oilman he

i was just telling oilman he was on the out list as well but a few crappy posts made him technically ineligible for the grand prize.


Just out of the gate and cabbagelooking pulls ahead by 3 lengths.

Chris R

Damn Damn...

Beaten by a month (twice) already.


Can't really blame him, started off at a bad time...

An instant classic

The abandoned blog

Must be closing in on a record for blog span 7516 comments

Ok, it may not count for much in terms of

"real" postings, but at least our Dr. Search SEO cartoons have been running for a straight 83 weeks till now ...

hehehe just wanted to razz


just wanted to razz ya cause I liked it when u were posting

LOL - so did I, actually! :)

Sure wish I had more time to resume it. But currently I'm afraid I'm still too busy working on it. :)
Anyway, thanks for the kudos.


I have a blog ?


>>least updated

not in terms of time without a post at all but in terms of #posts over a period I nominate MSN search blog.

Then I get extra points for 'content only related to birthday parties' and the 'meant to be official' blog bonus, surely?

I've got to be in the Top 100...

The last post on my personal blog was from 2 months ago saying "I also plan to start actually blogging properly". I got loads of visitors on Tuesday, although they left so quickly I didn't even have enough time to plant a cookie or sell them a timeshare :oS

Some Bloke Called NickW?

Things Nick's doing. Not SEO, I know. But a skeleton, nonetheless. And it's Friday.

can I beat my own blog above

can I beat my own blog above with my own blog !

Greg is definately the least updated...

I even pointed this out to him a while back

The man is just to busy!!

oh man

SEOmoz is only updated like... once every three hours.. that's pretty bad, right?... :)

Aha! A semi-automated solution...

How to automagically get links posted on your WordPress blog everyday

Well, except then you have to use I think I like blog_bitch better.

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