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Personalized search RSS feeds
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Greg Lindon just announced that Findory are now adding personalized search RSS Feeds - essentially the system will tune itself to your past searches and the current search you are performing to better match what it thinks you want - pretty neat huh? From Greg's post threadlinked above:

Execute a news or blog search on Findory and, at the bottom of the search results, you'll see links to RSS feeds for those searches. The persona feed (visible only if you are signed in) highlights recommended articles from the search results.

It's true that many others offer RSS feeds for searches over news or blogs. What makes Findory's RSS feeds so different is our personalization.

We've seen Greg out and about in targeted blog posts touting the Findory fineries and apart from having a ball calling him a spammer :-) what he has to say is exciting and this latest news just adds to that. From the comment linked above:

The problem with current web feed readers is that they don't solve the information overload problem. You can pick and choose which RSS feeds you subscribe to, sure. But, once you have tens or hundrededs of subscribed feeds, reading them becomes this cumbersome process. Click on a feed, skim the articles. Anything interesting in that one? No. Click, skim. Click, skim. Click, skim. Ugh.

We're trying to solve that problem at Findory. It's a personalized newspaper and weblog reader. It learns your interests, searches thousands of news sources and weblogs, and builds a front page just for you.

Greg, you can spam us right here mate, go ahead and tell us a bit about it eh? It sounds cool.....


I like it, I've given it a li

I like it, I've given it a little play and must say it seems quite interesting. I want to hear more about this.

Greg, are you about to let me know ?

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