adds nofollows to links in articles


I noticed this today when I was submitting an article to get a new site indexed. After further investigation, I noticed that ALL the articles on the entire site now have nofollows added to the outbound links.

This is pretty shady considering they never announced it (unless i missed the memo)...


Offshore article submitters...

I don't use searchwarp but I found a [url=
]post in their blog from July[/url] stating:

We’ve toyed with the idea of using the rel=nofollow tag in all links that appear in articles, but so far we have only used this method in a very limited manner.

And then a follow-up here yesterday:

Earlier this year SearchWarp was targeted by a number of large off-shore SEO companies which began to submit a large number of articles to us. Initially we didn’t see any reason for concern, but eventually the high-quantity and low-quality of articles forced us to start rejecting and removing articles left and right.
Despite being able to make some pretty good guesses, we have been unable to know for sure which articles and which links have resulted in the articles at SearchWarp being deranked in the major search engines. The only solution offered to us by Google was the use of the nofollow attribute ‘extensively’.


...what about the human-reviewed bit then? :rolleyes: In that case, just admit you're going for the automated approach (with the safe-ish "nofollow" added to the links) {sigh}

This is pretty shady

This is pretty shady considering they never announced it

It's easy as 1-2-3.

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