Advances in Image Retrieval - Looking *inside* the Image

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Search Looks at the Big Picture
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Wired have a great story threadlinked above on advances in image retrieval software and techniques - rather than looking at text based tags and other traditional ways of determining an images content this article looks at how a small research group are working out how to look inside an image:

A group of European researchers is developing technology that could vastly improve image searching by identifying the components of an image. The group, which includes the Xerox Research Centre Europe and universities in France, England, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland, has developed software that can recognize everyday objects in digital images, according to Christopher Dance, a senior research scientist at Xerox.

The image-processing software looks for "key patches" in an image to determine the relative positions of different shapes, such as tires and a car body, or a beach and ocean waves, to categorize the image's contents, Dance said. The software has learned hundreds of objects since development began in 2002, and "can be used to categorize images and automatically create image tags," Dance said.

The implications for search tech are HUGE..


really cool technology

I worked on a technology simular to this. Very interesting stuff that will change everything. Keep an eye on this.


Hey maherphil, you cant leave us hanging like that! :-)

What did you do and can you add any more detail?

Also, i missed your last post so take a welcome to Threadwatch and please introduce yourself heh..

It is interesting stuff eh?

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