UK Courts Rule With Google in Anti-Competitive Lawsuit

Over in the EU, Google has been battling an antitrust case for a while now.

For a Variety of Reasons, Google Will Not Train SEOs Any Time Soon

Eric Enge, Mark Traphagen, and Gary Illyes had a hangout recently.

8 SEO Tips for eCommerce Companies Looking to Grow Their Online Presence

Which ecommerce platform you use can make a huge difference in traffic and sales.

If You're the Official Representative for a Knowledge Graph Entry, You Can Now Suggest Changes

The Knowledge Graph is sometimes hilariously inaccurate, but this latest update might help fix that.

When Online Reviews Are Business, Don't Be Surprised When Businesses Take Action Against Libel

Ever wondered where the line is between a disgruntled, fake review and cold, hard, libel?

The Head Of Google Search, Amit Singhal Is Leaving The Company

Well, did anyone see that coming!

Is the hot seat there for Matt Cutts' return?

Scared to Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS?

A lot of posts that I read on the 'Net lately are about how switching from HTTP to HTTPS leads to lost rankings and disaster. It doesn't have to be that way though.

Yandex launched mobile-friendly algorithm, Vladivostok

Many search engines have already made efforts to devalue websites that are not mobile friendly. Now up to bat is Russian search engine, Yandex.

Fake Locksmiths Continue to Plague Google Five Years Later

Google's local algorithm is still vulnerable to hacking by fake locksmith companies, according to a story in Search Engine Land.

Google Has Updated Their Webmaster Guidelines

Google's Webmaster Guidelines page is where pretty much all SEOs should go to get their start. And even after starting, it's a great place to reference.

Elite Strategies / Patrick Coombe Full Guide on "On-Page SEO"

Saw this being discussed on 

Google Paid a Hefty Price for Default iOS Search

Both Google and Apple tried to have the $1 billion figure hidden from the public when it came to light in court documents for a case between Oracle and Google. Journalists got to it first though.

How To Discover and Claim Unlinked Brand Mentions

Various methods of finding brand mentions, who to target and an example pitch to turn mentions into a link. 

Backlinko Analyzed 1 Million Google Search Results. Here’s What We Learned About SEO

We recently analyzed 1 million Google search results to answer the question:

Which factors correlate with first page search engine rankings?

Clearing Up Confusion About the Core Algorithm

Ever since it was announced that Panda is now "core," there's been a huge amount of misinformation and confusion about what that means.

Google Search Share "Smallest since 2008" benefiting Yahoo at their highest since 2009

"Bloomberg reports that Google is now "at its smallest share of the US web search market since at least 2008"—and more significantly, "the highest share for Yahoo since 2009." reported by Business

Don't Trust Everything You Read

With Google's new algorithm update, everyone wants to know who the winners and losers were - but reports can't always be trusted.

Recent Google Core Search Update May Be Brand Keyword Related

The big core algo update might have had something to do with how brand keywords impact sites that are not the brand.

Panda is Now Baked Right into Google's Core Ranking Algorithm

Google made a core algorithm update over the weekend that caused SEOs to lose their minds.

Twitter Wants to Extend Its 140 Character Limit to 10,000 by the End of Q1

The question on all of our minds is - why in blue blazes would they want to do that?!