Rumour: Google About to Advertise Froogle for Xmas?

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Frank Banarko of MarketWatch is talking about Google spending a "boat load of money" on advertsing. The Search war seems to be scaling up nicely doesnt it?

Meanwhile, rumblings in the radio business report Google is about to spend a boatload of money on advertising. Has Google ever advertised before?

And what will it promote? Well, it's the holidays, right? AOL has rolled out a new standalone shopping service, Microsoft's MSN Shopping is promoting discounts all month. What's Google got? My two cents are on Google trying to get a piece of holiday shopping.

Contextual Ads: Chitika Launches an Aggregated Contextual Network

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There's a new kid in contextual town, goes by the name of Chitika.... Essentially this startup is pooling advertisers from various networks into a commission junction style deal - Publishers (that would be you and i...) can sign up and show ads from a couple of different networks with just the one account. If it takes off and the current talks with other big players goes well then it could well be a winner. These quotes from the MediaPost threadlink above via this MarketingVOX post:

A new contextual advertising company is pooling the advertisers from its various ad network distribution partners into a single sales channel, giving publishers access to more than 500,000 paid listings

Chitika President and CEO Venkat Kolluri said that, while the companies Quigo and Kanoodle have similar services, "their reach is restricted by the advertising partners in their network."

Sounds pretty smart to me, what do ya reckon?

MSN vs Google - Fun & Games in Search Begin

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Danny Sullivan reports at the SEW Blog that a search for more evil than satan at MSN brings up Google as numero uno ;)

A return favor for what came up on Google for that phrase in 1999? (MS of course..) Is this the beginnings of a fun "tit for tat" game or just a bit of random silliness?

Whatever it is, it made me smile, thanks danny!

Weighted LInks Rank - An Improvement on the PageRank Algorithm?

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SEW member orion presents an algorithm discussed at the 2004 W3C Conference. I found the post very hard to understand not being a mathmatician or an algo geek but randfish responded and put some of it into more everyday terms.

I still dont see how this is any better than PR particularly, but for the algo eggheads it's good stuff by the looks of it...

Press Release & Articles Submission LIsts

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Web Workshop member spidermonkey posts a nice list of links to pr release and article submisison sites, followed closely by a link to another list by Nicky_uk - personally i'd sooner put articles on my own website but this seems to be a bit of a craze at the moment so have fun with the list!

Is MSN Trying To Hijack Google's Results?

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Is Mircosoft trying to use Google's search results to populate their own index?

Microsoft very well could be screen scraping Google (or maybe even using their API, LOL) and crawling the urls it finds. It makes sense from a business case but I wonder if there are any legal issues there.

So now you're saying, so what, big deal. But this really is a big deal. It's a big deal not only because the urls this visitor was making requests to don't exist any longer but because the only place these urls can be found is in Google’s search results using A similar query on MSN Search doesn't show the urls at all, even on the beta version of their new Microsoft search engine. But then within just hours of the visitors exit from the site the new same search at Microsoft's new search engine shows all of the urls in question being fully indexed within its results.

The Hush Hush Secrets of Successful Directories

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Webwork over at WW is a fantastic poster who never seems to shock and amaze me with his level of wit, intelligence, and humor. There's a couple pretty worthless posts in here, but you'll soon see which ones to ignore, and which one are worth a good close read.

With directories still being a very strong business model for garnering and monetizing natural traffic, this post has some good inspirational suggestions. Makes me really wish I had the skill/money/time to create about a dozen directories. There are so many options for creating revenue from a fairly established directory that this should be one of the things exceptional SEO/webmasters do for quite some time.

White Hat Scam? - Moron of the Week!

Thread Title: Search Engine Optimization Expert Offers First “White Hat” Software Tool Thread Url: Thread Description:

Credit to Andy for spotting this...

Okay, this has to be the funniest thing i've seen in ages... First, read this jokers press release linked above, then check out his "metawebs" webiste at: www*

Sorry, im not linking to this clown.

From his press release:

Nathan Anderson is a search engine optimization expert who is a long time advocate of ethical techniques. On November 1, 2004 he introduced MetaWebs, the first major software tool specifically designed to aid in ethical SEO.

and from the metawebs website:

"...All Made Possible By Using A Brand New Search Engine Optimizing Software Platform (Available to Only 400 , 300 , 260 More People!) That Dynamically Generates Fresh Website Pages Not Once, Not Twice, But Each and Every Time Someone Visits Your Web Page - Pages That Are Linked To Each Other Optimally (Not Simply Grabbed Off The Internet and Stitched Together Willy Nilly!) Using Statistically Validated Data For What Works With The Search Engines To Catapult You To The Top!

If you dont visit the site, that last quote is in enormous red font.. There's tons of this frothing at the mouth badly written rubish, here's just a bit more:

MetaWebs will automatically create a multiple-page website that has pages linked together in a way that dramatically improves the rankings of each page for your chosen keywords.

There’s absolutely nothing else like MetaWebs. It’s the most sophisticated page-generation software ever conceived

Is this guy a conman? Is he just a huckster out for a quick buck? - In my opinion he ought to be flogged senseless with knotted rope for publishing such crap and targeting unsuspecting business owners with it.

What say you?

Content Providers - Subscription Best Practices

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Ned Desmond, exec and chief of Time Interactive offers some tips for content providers on implementing and succeeding with subscriptions:

-- Provide instant gratification and keep the offer cheap. If someone sees something they want to read, make sure that they can zip through a subscription order form in no time and pay just a few bucks to buy a short-term, continuous service subscription on a credit card. Doesn't work in all circumstances but it's powerful when it does. Once they sign up, take them back to what they were looking at that got them to sign up. Instant gratification is good.

Simple but good stuff...

Author/Designer Tools of the Trade

Thread Title: Dream weaver or any thing else? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Whether you touch code or not you at least use some kind of text editor in your work right? This cre8 thread covers all manner of programs from WYSIWYG editors like DreamWeaver to hardcore text editors such as Vim

Some great discussion on the various pros and cons of the tools avaiable from the cre8 boys and girls...

In Search of a Business Model for Bloggers

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Olga Kharif of BusinessWeek compares the blogging business model search with the early days of the commercial net and how, like then, picks and shovels are doing far better than anything else right now as VC's plough big cash into enablers and information culling.

The independent-minded blogging community may be chagrined to see, however, that the most obvious money in blogging is in the software that helps big companies establish and manage corporate blogs, as well as software that culls data from the ever-growing blogosphere. It's much like the early days of e-commerce. While e-tailers were spending and spending to build their Web sites, e-commerce software makers were raking in the cash. To use an analogy to California's gold rush: It wasn't the miners who got rich, it was the people who sold the picks and shovels.

That's certainly where venture capitalists are putting their money. "Anybody in the industry who says people haven't figured out how to make money on blogging are being ridiculous," says Brad Feld, a managing director at Technorati investor Mobius Venture Capital in Superior, Colo

Story via PaidContent - How it Compares to Y! and G

Thread Title: MSN Search Debuts Thread Url: Thread Description:

Forresters Charlene Li takes us through some unscientific sampling of MSN's search beta. The results to me look exactly the same as but then I've given up on trying to guess what's going on over at MSN at the moment ;-)

Charlene on the Near Me local search results:

+ Local search: The “Near Me” button allows a user to find Web pages near a specified location. MSN has started geo-coding Web pages when there’s information. The problem is there are many pages without any geocoding information – for example, a business may have its address only on the “Contact Us” page. Poor content means that the results were also less than relevant – I’ll stick with more localized services like yellow pages and to some degree, Yahoo! Local for now. But I expect that MSN could apply some intelligence that if a page has geocoding information associated with it, that the location could be associated with the other pages on that site as well.

More coverage here:

John Battelle of Andy Beal at

Beer Bad - Wine Good :: Funny Adwords Rules for Bids

Thread Title: Google are drink fascists? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Wail over at SEW asks why one can bid on wine ads at Google, but not spirits or beer? Ian tries to find a legal reason, but comes up blank!

Then they have some fun seeing what other crazy things you can and can't bid on:

"bank robbery" is bad but "shoplifting" is ok :)

Push & Pull SEO - How to Draw Customers into a Bricks n Mortar Biz

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Hyperperformance asks:

My question is that I would like to know of any suggestions or successful promotion campaigns that we can use here in taking advantage of a push/pull scenario. You know, push them to the "new" site with a promo that pushes them back to the resaurants?

He's getting some great advice from the HRF members! I especially like Scottie's idea for wine tasting nights. I just hope this restaurant is close to me so I can join in on the fun! ;)

Online Travel Spend To Rocket over Next 4yrs

Thread Title: U.S. Online Travel Market to Soar Thread Url: Thread Description:

Jupiter are reporting a 20% rise in online travel spend by year end over 2003 and that it's set to continue through 2009. Profitable though im sure it is, online travel would be the last place i'd want to play johnny come lately: When thinking of how competitive the affiliate market is for travel the word outgunned springs to mind ;)

Are Link Algo's Destroying the Web?

Thread Title: Are Links Hurting Search Relevance? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Discussion concerning how the link craze may have damaged content relevancy on the internet, especially conerning search engine results.

Google Advertising Professionals Program - A Shiny New Google Badge

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Shak at WW gets credited for breaking this story. The "My Control Center" is a great way to manage multiple Adwords accounts, and Google is offering an "Advertising Professionals Certification"


-Sign up for the program successfully and be in good standing. This means that you've accepted the Rules of Use and aren't in violation of them.

-Manage at least one AdWords account (yours or someone else's) in My Client Center for 90 days. This timeframe begins after you sign up for the Google Advertising Professionals program.

-Build and maintain at least US$1,000 total spend for your or your team's My Client Center account during the 90-day period.

-Pass the Google Advertising Professional Exam.

I've actually got a chance to work with the MCC, and it makes life MUCH easier to have an overview of all clients when you work with a dozen or more. After so many, it's real easy to let some accounts fall by the wayside if they are not at the top of your mind.

You can practice for the exam at the Learning Center

I wonder what the shiny badge I'll get to put on my website will look like.

Mozilla to Enter Desktop Search War?

Thread Title: Mozilla Mulls Desktop Search Features for Firefox Browser Thread Url:,aid,118547,00.asp Thread Description:

Chris Hoffman of Mozilla was quoted in a PC World story (linked above) hinting at Desktop Search being integrated into FireFox

"We see a lot of growth with the integration of searching Web sites and searching your we'll be looking at ways to try and integrate that search within the browser, to make more seamless how users go searching for information, whether on the Internet or their computer,"

Now that would be a good thing im thinking...

Will Content Make a Come Back? - Speculation on Future Algos

Thread Title: work on content - be ready..... Thread Url: Thread Description:

SEChat member clasione is talking about content, and how linking may start to play less and less of a leading role in future algo implementations.

The only thing that I could imagine that would be of value is fresh unique content....

I think the new focus that should be in every marketing plan is fresh content - It's simply the only thing left without link pop.... Having a new page on your site for every crawl is probably going to be the king in "clutter cleaning"....

That's what I have been spending most of my time doing now is consentrating on good reivent content that is completely unique from anyting found on the net..... good fresh content that link out to other valuable sources of information has just got to take the cake in the near future...

Whereas i dont think he has it entirely right, i do tend to lend myself to the general theory that fresh content will begin to play a much larger part in the overal ranking algos at some point in the future.

Particularly community driven content. Think on this:

Community driven content is ever changing and always fresh So it fits with the "new pages" theory It is usually, not alway, but usually quite non-commercial which means it would fit nicely with Googles profit motivation ie. They want to give relevant, but non-commerical free serps and make commercial sites pay for adwords

If you couple the above theories/facts with the undeniable fact that Google are getting better at theming - not using it in their algos necessarily but they are getting better on it, i think you may have a winner.

What do you think, somthing in it or just wishful thinking on my part?

New MSN Search - Live Tomorrow - Thurs 11th Nov 2004

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The NY Times are reporting that the long anticipated MSN Search will go live tomorrow - Sure is a fast move! Nacho in the threadlink above says the techpreview is returning NULL for "no results found" - could this be another of the famous MS dodgy quick releases?