Defining the Sandbox

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SEOChat member and Threadwatch regular randfish takes a look at criteria that may help describe the diabolical sandbox effect. Im not certain I even have a personal opinion on sandbox but this is some of the better reasoning and speculation from SEO's and webmasters I've seen on the subject so it's worth a peek...

Search Geek Alert: Temporal Link Analysis

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That clever bugger orion is at it again.. Way beyond me im afraid but I kinda got the basics of what he's talking about, and no nosebleed this time Hooray!

If your a member of the search geek star trekkers club then you'll most likely enjoy this one. Personally the only theories that interest me are theories on current/imminent algos not hypothetical/proposed ones but im a simple lad so...

SEO is Dying - The Search Engines Do Not Love You - Wake Up!

Thread Title: The Business of Search Engines and Advertising - Look Out! Thread Url: Thread Description:

I was making a point on the laughable debate on ethics going on over at SEW the other day that went like this:

it's not a pink fluffy world out there. It's a dirty, scheming money making world, always has been.

The SE's do not love you and they could care less about whether you are "ethical" or not, they care about revenue...

Take a Break - A little Halloween Fun!

Thread Title: The First Ever SearchGuild Halloween Caption Competition Thread Url: Thread Description:

What other forum does this? An opportunity to win big big prizes (okay, maybe I exaggerate a bit) by putting a caption to a search engine optimization related halloween photo.

The Positive & Negative Sides of Pay-per-Click

Thread Title: PPC Pitfalls? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Although this post does have some internal strife/bickering, there is some fantastic information on the downsides and strategies that can be used for Pay-per-Click advertising. Even a long-time user of PPC will find some tasty tidbits of information that can be put to use right away in this thread. Of particular interest are the lists of factors that can affect performance, and the measurement SEOs should be aware of to help calculate, track and learn from their SEO campaigns.

Who's Linking to You?

Thread Title: Finding ALL your Links! Thread Url: Thread Description:

clasione from SEOChat describes a method he uses to find links to his website. Others chime in with their opinions and their own methodology for finding the pages and sites that link to them. A very valuable concept and one that definitely needs a more robust tool to analyze and report.

Bob Massa on the "ethics" Debacle

Thread Title: Ethical Standards and The Search Engine Marketing Industry Thread Url: Thread Description:

We covered this silly ethics thread a couple of days ago, sometimes a thread needs revisting though. Bob Massa (yeah yeah, that Bob Massa..) is a businessman and salesman. He tells me he has never built a website, though he has had many built for him.

This sets him somewhat apart from many in our close little world, where you need no business skills, no talent and indeed no brain to set up an seo company. Whereas his take on the whole 'ethics' debate is certainly not unique, it is a minority view by all accounts. It's one I happen to share however.

Greg Boser - WebGuerrilla On Google Spam Spin

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wmw admin WebGuerrilla aka Greg Boser of makes a great post in response to a fairly typical complaint about poor results in Google. I cant do it justice with a description so here's a fair sized chunk of it for you..

The Google PR department is probably going to print this thread and hang it on the wall as a testimonial to the effectiveness of their spam control brain washing campaign.

The only reason you thought they were able to automatically prevent that type of content from showing up is because they've spent a lot of time and money telling you that they can.

The reality is that the majority of spammers in the U.S. that end up getting dumped from the database are removed because of some type of human intervention, not some new, high-tech automated spam terminating cyborg that they developed.

Since the U.S. market generates the most traffic, the humans that are in charge of keeping everything looking nice and clean, tend to focus their time and effort on the most high-profile areas of search activity.

So nice to see someone who carries so much respect within the seo world state the obvious in a way that's hard to argue against. So many seo's are so in love with big G they think them infallible...

CSS and On Page Optimization

Thread Title: SEO for Google using CSS Thread Url: Thread Description:

Nice little thread developing over at ihelpyou forums about ways in which one can use CSS to enhance on page optimization.

It's old hat to some, but i saw a site just today from an SEO that was still using *ugh!* font tags! - Sheesh, if your not doing this stuff already, get with program! ;-)

I cant help getting on my soapbox a little when it comes to CSS and XHTML - combine the 2 with SEO and I just have to jump in and start preaching heheh...

Gmail Spam Reports - The New Whine Fest?

Thread Title: Question GMail SPAM reporting Thread Url: Thread Description:

Oh no, lord spare us all..

If I hate anything worse than a whiney spam reporting thread it's a new form of a whiney spam reporting thread. No offence intended to the original poster jauncho at SEO Chat, it's a fairly innocent question but i fear a new wave of simpering, whining drivel from the teenyweenys out there playing around in seo land..

SEO Contests - Do they SUCK or What?

Thread Title: what would you like from a seo contest? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Really, if I see this damn thread posted anywhere else im going to have to bite my own leg off just to stop from going crazy... I've been meaning to post about this all week but just never got round to it, now one of the little devils just appeared on my favorite haunt: SEW arrrrgh!

Apart from the irritation factor of hard'core cross-forum posting i just cant see a single thing that would appeal about an 'seo content'. I mean, how many 12yr olds do SEO? - SEGuru's Long awaited FM Baby!

Thread Title: New Launch of Thread Url: Thread Description:

SEGuru's long awaited launch of has now been announced: 16th Nov at the wmw conference.

I really hope this is the killer webmaster launch of all time, it's a great idea and Threadwatch (that would be me.. heh!) is right behind it!

Bulk Checking Link Partners for Dupe Class C's

Thread Title: Links Directly to the Tool Thread Url: Thread Description:

As this post will almost certainly be deleted or edited beyond use at wmw (breaks their TOS) i've linked directly to the tool.

Essentially, you can put a bunch of domains in it, either through a form or from uploading a text file and it will flag dupe class C's in the list. - Proper!

Traffic Power / 1p =

Thread Title: Warning - Traffic Power at it Again Thread Url: Thread Description:

Since we did not know anything about who this company was, plus we cancelled with Trafffic Power way back in December of last year, I called them up and told them that we were not paying for their services because no one signed anything with them nor knew who they were. It was at that time that the billing department called us back and said that one of our guys signed up with them, Traffic Power - they used the name at this time, back in August of last year. I then told them that we cancelled with them back in December of last year. I had to send an email to help @ to reaffirm our cancellation back in December and also to have them take down what they just put up.

MSN Launches Shopping Portal

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Brett Tabke of wmw is first with the forum scoop on this eweek article about MSN's quiet launch of a shopping portal...

Microsoft will not receive revenues from sales of products sold through Windows Marketplace, however, Walsh said. Instead, the site will serve as a portal for retail partners. The site will provide reviews from the site users themselves, much like Microsoft employees will moderate forums and explain how to connect everything together, she said. Eventually, the site will be more tightly integrated with the rest of Microsoft's other online properties, including MSN, whose engineers designed the site

WebmasterWorld Takes a Kickin' at DP Forums....

Thread Title: Webmaster World Thread Url: Thread Description:

Brett Tabke's takes an almighty beating over at the digitalpoint forums. Im well aware that for many webmasters this forum has "seen better days" - Indeed we've discussed it over at SEW recently where veterans such as MrMackin and littleman have talked about the decline of wmw but this really is virtual kick in the teeth.

Spam Bot Proofing Your SItes - Serious Measures for a Serious Problem

Thread Title: Protect Against Invaders by SPAM-Proofing Your Website Thread Url: Thread Description:

If, like me, you've never really had the time to get to grips with spamproofing your sites against the dirty little bots that come fetch your email addresses then take a peek at this article on SEO Chat by Benjamin Pfeiffer.

The thread is 5mts old! but has just been bumped by fryman with the addition of this interesting tool that encodes email links. Clearly a subject worth bending the threadwatch rules a little for eh? ;-)

Dr CSS's IE7 Take

Thread Title: IE7 -- What is it? How do I use it? Pros and Cons Thread Url: Thread Description:

WMW's new CSS DrDoc superstar posts about a revolutionary open source IE "Compliance Patch".

I'm not sure anyone will understand this but its definitely a new angle!

Sergey Brin on SEO - Sound Byte

Thread Title: Brin on Personal Search and SEO Thread Url: Thread Description:

Gary Price just blogged a couple of interesting sound bytes from Brin and Page:

Brin on SEO

"There are many SEOs that are trying to manipulate Google. Our biggest message is that by our products we always want to promote a better and healthier service,"

Typically vague...

Page also confirmed that Google will NOT be developing GBrowser.

Ethical Standards and The Search Engine Marketing Industry

Thread Title: Ethical Standards and The Search Engine Marketing Industry Thread Url: Thread Description:

Yep, ethics again...

Really, i do wish the whole search community would just grow up a little and open it's damn eyes. I fully expect to get tarred and feathered for my post in msg3 but what the hell, it's as important to me as it is to SEW member doppelganger who wrote the article being discussed: What the Search Engines Can Do which is the first part of a series of well written but dreadfully naive articles...

So get on over there and roast me, or do it right here if you like ;-)