Spiderable Directory Script Roundup

Thread Title: Best Directory script Thread Url: http://www.v7n.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11347 Thread Description:

If like me, you've ever spent time searching for a good spiderable directory script you'll know it's total pain in the arse. You will have to wade through the chatter in this thread but there are some good links, good suggestions and decent commentary on the various scripts available to SEO's.

Member nandini starts out with these requirements:

1. Multi-level category system 2. Search engine friendly pages. Can generate plain HTML or atleast staic URL pages . 3. Apache search engine friendly URL rewriting. No .php extensions catgories should be like "directory.com/travel" like DMOZ listing. 4. Integration with Paypal or 2checkout. (although not a very important point) 5. A good control panel (This is one thing, on ething which is common in all scripts). 6. Cross-references. 7. No tracking of clicks on links. like which is done in Sezza.com . All link should be static in nature. 8. Not too expensive

Personally? - Gossamer, great script, bit pricey, but great.

Sidenote: I do hope that's her real pic, cute eh?

RSS 101 - Get with the Program!

Thread Title: Rss Feeds, Is RSS a good avenue to brand your site? Thread Url: http://www.highrankings.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=4263 Thread Description:

If you're not using RSS in your SEO efforts my question to you is: What is wrong with you?.

Member dlinger asks:

1.) How would I make an RSS from my site, so others could use my info.

2.) How do I set it up so I can have live feeds from select sites to mine.

3.) I am looking for good RSS feeds... for my site... outdoor sports news, and Christian news. I have not found any good RSS feed directories.

which are all answered and more...

There's no black magic voodoo to RSS, it's absolute childs play with all the tools and programs available these days. There are links to some truly fantastic resources in this thread so head on over and get yourself up to speed.

Related: XML - RSS & SEO

GBrowser - Effecient Cloaking Detection?

Thread Title: Gbrowser - efficient cloaking detecter? Thread Url: http://www.cre8asiteforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=16336 Thread Description:

Despite G saying that they will not develop Gbrowser there is much debate going on over at cre8 as to whether this is just a pile of horse shit.

Maybe it is.

If it is, then member brandboerge raises a very good point:

Depending on the user agreement, they could report more data from each page. They would have enough data to implement statistical algorithms that could make it possible to distinguish between cloaking and ip-delivery for "honest reasons". And if the browser itself were faster than Internet Explorer, they could spend some milliseconds for uploading and comparing pages (not images though) without the user noticing.

Adsense Alternatives

Thread Title: Adsense vs. other advertising services Thread Url: http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum89/3915.htm Thread Description:

WMW member yuetlee122 kicks off a nice debate focusing on alternatives to adsense. The thread centers mainly around Intellitxt and Quigo.

Getting Links & Getting them FAST

Thread Title: What's the fastest way to get incoming links? Thread Url: http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum12/1842.htm Thread Description:

Some tongue in cheek answers from some of the members over at WMW and some excellent queries to plug into Google to find places to submit.

This from martinibuster:

* Post something so dumb that bloggers will make derisive comments and link to you * Post something funny (viral) * Post hateful and venomous content that will make people hate you so much they will link to you and warn people not to visit * Offer free downloads of sick videos and pics (one site achieved a PR 9 doing this)

and my personal favorite one liner of the week from bad boy bakedjake

blog spam

Dont miss the list on page 2, it's not as good as the one my friend Tim gave me [ner ner ner ner neeeer!] but it's pretty good..

Bidding on Personal Names - Seobook mixes it up with Heil and Whalen

Thread Title: Is targeting personal names okay? Thread Url: http://www.ihelpyouservices.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=16436 Thread Description:

FINALLY! I get to post something serious from ihelpyou, thanks guys, you were getting me worried there for a bit..

As i understand it (and please correct me if im wrong) Aaron and Jill have been bidding on eachothers names for quite some time. Now the man my life would be so dull without, Doug Heil joins the fun...

Doug Heil (ihelpyou), after getting told to cool it over in this thread at SEW did what any sensible chap looking for a fight would do: Started it all up again on home turf. See the threadlink above.

It's a contentious issue for sure, im most dissapointed not to be in it myself but then i know bugger all about adwords. I may have to just get in there and randomly hurl abuse.. after all, Jill Whalen, Doug Heil, Aaron Wall and Polarmate all seem to be having a lovely time pretending to be polite to eachother whilst sticking their fingers up and poking their tongues out when SEW resident mother hen, Elisabeth isnt looking.. what fun!

Got to hand it to Aaron, he's in there on his own, and doing a damn good job staying on his feet from all accounts...

Google Launch SMS Search Service

Thread Title: Google goes SMS - Send Queries Through your Cell Phone Thread Url: http://www.webworkshop.net/seoforum/viewtopic.php?t=3455&highlight= Thread Description:

Member jonathanleger posts the story over at Web Workshop and Gary Price writes a lengthy blog post about G's new SMS search service.

Haven't read either yet, but i'll be we wont be getting that in the UK for a little while yet...

Moron of the Week Award

Thread Title: Faking Clicks Thread Url: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=3678 Thread Description:

Words fail me..

Well, nearly: This guy is without a doubt the stupidest, most moronic piece of shite i've ever seen in my life. (well, this week anyway) It's quite amusing (you only need read the first few posts..) at first but if you clock his charming Avatar, and then go to page 2 you'll see that the real reason he's there is to stir up trouble with the Americans.

I have to say, im findng it very hard to maintain my respect for Shawn, the operator over at digitalpoint.com today....

Why Shawn?

Search Geek Alert - Orion's Paper is Out

Thread Title: ON-TOPIC ANALYSIS - Online Discovery of On-Topic Terms Thread Url: http://forums.searchenginewatch.com/showthread.php?t=2031 Thread Description:

If you dont know SEW member orian then let me tell you that this man leaves me spinning, I daren't open his damn paper, it'll give me a nose bleed...

The paper discusses a procedure for the online discovery of on-topic terms. Discovery is based on occurrence and co-occurrence information. It is demonstrated that on-topic analysis is a valuable tool for enabling users to enhance the semantics of theme sites and concept-focused documents. Specific applications to search engine marketing strategies and information retrieval systems are presented.

This is a long work involving competitive queries submitted by professional search engine marketing specialists. It introduces a methodology and procedure called on-topic analysis, which allows users to discover top, broader, narrower, and optimum terms. The notion of term distances is also presented.

(i am going to try to read it but i dont hold out much hope of understanding it ;-)

Worried About Plagiarism? - Try Copyscape!

Thread Title: Plagiarism Software In Copywriting, Looking for cheap software Thread Url: http://www.highrankings.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=9545 Thread Description:

Most of this thread consists of thankyous and congratulations for the find for member chrishirst, and rightly so. Copyscape is a website plagiarism tool that's not only free, but damn good too. Try it...


Thread Title: XML Feeds Thread Url: http://www.seo-guy.com/forum/thread2811.html Thread Description:

Some useful links to XML/RSS feeds and tools and an interesting new product called Feed for All makes a promo in the thread (not that there's anything wrong with that..)

I've asked Sharon Housley of Notepage Inc to stop by and give some details...

Personally Written Link Requests - Benefit - Time Ratio?

Thread Title: Is the benefit of writing completely personal email outweighed by the time involved? Thread Url: http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum12/1887.htm Thread Description:

Nice thread over at WMW with some pretty good tips on how to write convincing and appealing personalized link requests. Starts off dull but gets much better...

Potato Boy Dukes it out with SEOBook and NFFC

Thread Title: Traffic Power now 1p.com? Thread Url: http://www.seobook.com/archives/000514.shtml Thread Description:

OMG get your popcorn boys and girls. This is amazing, check out "Frank" almost certainly a 1p.com employee with all the intellectual ability and grace of a Potato duke it out with heavy hitters seobook, sammyb and NFFC over at seobook.com.

I wont provide a snippet, you really need to read the whole thing, this'll put a smile on your face, beleive me ;-)

Google will NOT Develop G Browser

Thread Title: Google will not develop browser Thread Url: http://www.cre8asiteforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=16329 Thread Description:

Nice catch from Ruud over at cr8 - dissappointing for me, i was kinda looking forward to that.

Newbie Spammer Sets Himself up for a Kicking...

Thread Title: Spam Works! Thread Url: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=3838 Thread Description:

Mine is good spam. Don't worry. Spam is free speech too. Why mine is good spam? because top 10 sites are all spams mastered by two other big guy and one little guy. I just want a little piece pie from the other 3 spamers.

It is google's fault, not mine.

Some people are just born stupid ;-)

Indicative of the quite understandable if you cant beat 'em... attitude that current algorithm's promote, this chap is setting himself up for a big fall. I'd guess that if you pm'd him and asked innocently for an example he'd probably be happy to show you.. hang on! I'll be right back LoL!


Thread Title: Google Toolbar Update Thread Url: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=3833 Thread Description:

dfsweb gets the credit for spotting the long awaited Toolbar PR update over at Digital Point. It's been over 100 days, webmasters will be wetting their knickers all over the planet...

Credit should also go to Nacho for spotting that the DP thread was first with the news.

I'm heading over to wmw to see if Cutts is going to turn up and play god..

The Ethics of Spam Reporting

Thread Title: Ethics on Spam Reporting Thread Url: http://forums.searchenginewatch.com/showthread.php?t=1998 Thread Description:

Very amusing thread from littleman turning the tables on the "ethics brigade" - Resident White Knight ihelpyou falls hook line and sinker for it yet again of course but the real good stuff here (and yeah, there is some good stuff here) is from fathom (he's a busy boy today..) who puts forward some very compelling arguments on the subject of reporting competitors:

I can write an original page of content and add to my site but can't add it a second time with a few word changes (noting "keywords" changes) as this is spam.

Yet on the other hand - I can post at a forum the exact identical post (an asked question) that had been ask 100 times before - and that's ok because it is not spam.

I can't set up 50 mirror websites with the same content to gain an advantage because it is spam.

But I can write tons of articles and post them on 50 repositiories to gain an advantage - and that's ok because it is not spam.

I can't show something to a browser that is different to a bot as this is spam. ... but showing differently to different browsers is ok because the bot is blind to visible appeal and that's ok because it is not spam. (it doesn't matter if the visitor get's something unledgible though)

Confessions of a Bad Directory Owner

Thread Title: Public Apology for my bad Behaviour Thread Url: http://forums.seochat.com/t15002/s.html Thread Description:

I used the robots.txt file and meta tags on a page where I listed link partners to prevent search engine spiders from seeing that page, thus reducing the benefits of the reciprocal link for those linking to me and selfishly building one-way links to my site.

I know it was wrong. I was a greedy a--hole and I'm sorry. I have replaced all the links on seo-friendly pages in a newly built directory on the site

Bad, or just plain stupid? - randfish you daft bugger, didn't you think anyone would notice? hehe....

Google Launches Book Search

Thread Title: Google Launches Book Search Thread Url: http://forums.searchenginewatch.com/showthread.php?t=2016 Thread Description:

Joseph Morin has the forum scoop at SEW, here's the News.com Report

For the good of the many sometimes the few have to go...

Thread Title: For the good of the many sometimes the few have to go... Thread Url: http://forums.searchenginewatch.com/showthread.php?t=1944 Thread Description:

Interesting tussle, involving ihelpyou again, has led to a few posts getting nuked. No blame on the forum, in fairness the posts had to go *but* there comes a point when one member can negatively impact the forum experience of many, many members. That's the time to say "thanks but STFU and don't post again".