Interview With Mike Grehan: Author of Search Engine Marketing Book

Thread Title: Interview With Mike Grehan: Author of Search Engine Marketing Book Thread Url: Thread Description:

A very interesting interview that contains some good comedy provided by Mike Grehan.

Online Copy - How Long is Too Long?

Thread Title: How Many Words in an Article? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Very interesting read for anyone writing their own articles. Interesting perspectives and opinions on both Articles/copy for search engines and for users. This from Jill Whalen

IMO, a 400 word articles doesn't generally say much. But on the other hand a 1000 word article can often be edited down to be more focused. I find around 750 words is a good amount for an article, but that's just my personal preference. It also has nothing to do with the search engines, as I don't write articles for search engines, I write them for people!

Spyware to be Outlawed in US

Thread Title: US House Passes Computer Anti-Spyware Bill Thread Url: Thread Description:

By a vote of 399 to 1, the House moved to outlaw a range of aggressive advertising and surveillance activities that have outraged consumers over the past two years.

rcjordan broke the news at SEW a few minutes ago... here's the Reuters link.

Forum Spammer Accuses SEO's of Being Criminals

Thread Title: Why Selling SEO is Cheating Thread Url: Thread Description:

Some whiney little oik is accusing pretty much the entire SEO/SEM sector of being criminals:

As an industry we have to get our act together and behave in an honest and honorable manner. Selling SEO services to a small manufacturer of ball bearings in Birmingham is close to fraudulent and trading on his ignorance and gullibility. Selling a service that will expose a client’s website to his real potential market is much more difficult, particularly as it is extremely difficult to show the real results quickly.

Posted on multiple forums around the net, i'd advise you put on your macintosh and galoshes before engaging him in any sort of debate as he seems to be foaming at the mouth and drooling a bit. I'd say it was Daniel Brandt in disguise but to give the boy credit, he's a little more articulate than Brandt.

More Directories

Thread Title: Here's a List of Directories Thread Url: Thread Description:

Finally! - i knew it wouldnt be long before the boys and girls over at SEO Guy came up trumps with something worthy of - Some nice additions to this existing directories post we have.

Need 100's of Free Links?

Thread Title: Free Links and How to Get Them Thread Url: Thread Description:

Check out this thread started by WilliamC over at Web Workshop covers an article written by Ben Fisher at

It's all about a step by step guide to setting up 100's of free hosting accounts and using them to link to your target site. The guide bit of the article is very good. The thread contains a lot of "great thread!" type comments but have a close look, there are some cool links that will help you find lists of free hosting companies mixed in amongst the chatter.

Press Releases for Link Development

Thread Title: Press Releases for Link Development Thread Url: Thread Description:

Interesting topic over at wmw. The general concensus seems to be that the ROI on this strategy is poor but there are some excellent tips and recounted experiences on gaining backlinks from for example, contacting columnists directly. I'll leave you with this snippet from the excellent martinibuster:

Are Press Release Services a Waste of Money? There is less certainty of a backlink when spending that $ on a PR service. I'm interested to know from anyone at WebmasterWorld who has had a positive experience submitting press releases to these services and generating a backlink. How about a temporary boost in traffic?

I have had some success, however, identifying the writers for columns dedicated to specific interest areas then writing them directly. This way, instead of your press release sitting over at the PR Service waiting to be found, you deliver the message straight to the scribe- which is where you want it to be.

Related: Free Press Release Websites

Do Expired Domains Hold Their PR?

Thread Title: Expired Domains Thread Url: Thread Description:

Some interesting accounts of how an expired domain does or does not hold it's PR/backlinks if you manage to snap it up quickly enough. Particularly interesting is nmalhot's post early on in the thread:

I have been through 2 PR update cycles and of the 7 the results are as follows:

1 - PR was zero as soon as I put up the site and has yet to go up ... I even linked other sites to this and the PR is stuck at zero. It is a .com domain. 3 - PR dropped 1 notch. 1 is .cc, 1 is .net, 1 is .com. 3 - PR held up. 1 is .com, 1 is .biz, 1 is .org

How to Build / Kill a Forum

Thread Title: Important / useful SEO/ Webmaster Forums Thread Url: Thread Description:

Thread points out useful SEO / webmaster forums and blogs. Members also hint at problems facing particular forums. In post #30 Littleman quotes MrMackin and cuts to the chase about what usually ends a good forum:

>I know how egos can destroy a community

That's the joke isn't it. A forum gets good and therefore popular because a group of people build it up. And then the site owner allows the forums success to inflate his ego. Then the ego destroys the forum.

I am not saying the pattern has to go that way, but I think the only way to avoid it is for the site owner(s) to realize that the forum's content providers (i.e. it's user base) is what gives it its value.

There is the alternative business model though: Corral a group of smart and dedicated contributors, have them build up the place for a couple of years then start charging admission tax here and there, Eventually the forum will die, but meanwhile you have successfully cashed in on other people's work.

Building a HUB

Thread Title: Building a Hub Site - Thinking about Linking Thread Url: Thread Description:

The guys at seochat are discussing this article by Wayne Hurlbert. The thread is far more interesting than the article. As the members rightly point out, there's no basis/evidence given for any of Hurlberts slightly wild sounding claims.

However, long time hero of mine fathom is in there talking about it and when he speaks, i tend to listen.

Snitch Post Round Up

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Sometimes I really wonder what kind of heavy duty hallucinogenic class A's some webmasters are on:

High Rankings - Whiner This fools talking about posting in a google forum pretending to be the owner of the target site - He's whining about his mobile disco site fo gods sake. Im ashamed to be english... Web Pro New - Smug Cow This smug little madam just makes me ashamed to be part of the same species SEO Guy - Guy sees the Light! This chap's quite cool, starts out with the usual whiney crap but turns it around when his peers point this out SEO Chat - Whiney little cry baby... This bloke makes me want to be sick. What a snivelling little twat. Funnier though is tstolber who thinks that you should report hidden text to the WEB HOSTING CO. -- give me strength! Dont they teach children anything these days?

The Great C-Block Debate Continues

Thread Title: Linking Sites in Close IP Ranges Thread Url: Thread Description:

There has been much talk about links from IP's on the same C Blocks of recent months (years?) and the debate continues. Personally i'd sooner cut my ear off than link a bunch of sites on the same C Block together but there are those that think this is rubbish. Member mick sawyer says:

I have 98% of my 190 websites on the same ip block and i have always linked them together with great results.

UNTIL the last month or so ........... and all the ones that were built only on same ip block links and maybe the odd outside link have dropped somewhere in the bowels of google.

The ones that have links from lots of other sites are all no.1 or no.2.

at msg5

There was also a very nice discussion recently about unique IP's, Hosting and Unique C Blocks over at SEW started by yours truly with authoritative contributions from NFFC, Marcia, dannysullivan and ihelpyou

SEO Roadshow - Where will it be Next?

Thread Title: Ladies and Gentleman - Start your Engines... Thread Url: Thread Description:

If you missed the last SEO Roadshow as I sadly did, you wont want to miss out on what is considered to be by many, the SEO Networking event of the year.

Actually, it's held twice a year but hey, what the hell... rcjordan is talking about locations in the US for the spring gathering of likeminded SEOS and webmasters. If you'd like to have your say, get over there and talk to the man. The action starts at msg9

Did you know that Dogs can write Press Releases?

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Sempo Tahoe hot off the press:

Nick W: If you're not familiar with SEMPO TAHOE, get familiar with it. It's an astonishingly funny spoof site centering on the ofttimes amusing antics of the "lets play office" crowd at SEMPO headed up by Babera Coll - or she who cannot speak...

Alexa Beta Their New API

Thread Title: Alexa Web Information Service (beta) Thread Url: Thread Description:

Ahhh... nice to finally post someting from Cre8asite - Now, i've learnt how to use the Spamazon API, im pretty good with the Google API, what fun and mayhem will we find here i wonder? Seriously, if you can just learn a little PHP then you can do some amazing things with the first two, now there's a new toy in the cupboard...

The Cat's Out of the Bag

Thread Title: Watching Forum Threads Thread Url: Thread Description:

Hmmmm.. i'll have to be having words with young mr seobook for leaking the story early ;-) - Nice write up by Rusty Brick aka. Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Round Table - big mouth himself (only joshing Aaron!) at and Danny Sullivan also wrote about it over at the SEW Blog.

Thanks everyone for the support, hope to see you all submitting your favorite threads!

New Tabbed Traffic Features at Alexa

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WMW member indigojo spots the new tabbed traffic features over at Alexa - Rather pretty dont you think? - If this isnt new, someone let me know please, first i've seen of it...

Doug Heil (ihelpyou) Duped by Arelis Email

Thread Title: The "RIGHT" way to do Links Thread Url: Thread Description:

Here's one to give you a chuckle on a dreary Tuesday morning: Doug Heil writes about a link exchange request he got, expounds upon the virtues of said email and instructs his followers to:

"Learn from this email. Copy it and use the darn thing yourself"

It was an automated scraper request generated by Arelis ;-)

To be fair to Doug though, it was a pretty well written email, still obviously machine generated though. If you're not familiar with Doug's views, he hates almost anything automated.

"You can bet that very soon,..... more strict penalties will be applied to links pages, and this link stuff won't mean too much. More types of good filters are in the works that will stop these auto type programs from surviving. I hate them. I hate spam"

"Auto programs will be illegal as well since they cost websites lots of money when they scrape code "without" permission"

Sacrificing Design for Optimization

Thread Title: Sacrifice Design for Optimization Thread Url: Thread Description:

seomike opens a can of worms with this little bombshell by some dozy bint who thinks it's cool to report sites. rcjordan and ihelpyou are already in it and my bet is it'll be a belter of an argument on the subject of design vs opt and "ethics". We'll see...

Something Going on at Yahoo?

Thread Title: Yahoo Dance? Thread Url: Thread Description:

The boys and girls over at seo chat seem to think so. Anything from small variations to wild fluctuations are being reported and speculation as to whether it's an update or a switch to new index abound.