Notable vs Newsworthy on Wikipedia - "Is Danny Sullivan notable enough for his own page?"

Over on Bill Slawski's Google Plus page there's an interesting discussion about what Wikipedia considers "notable" going on.

Outsourcing for Productivity

Found an interesting thread on WebmasterWorld today about outsourcing some tasks to places like Fiverr, mturk, cragslist, odesk/upwork,

Promotional domains: Don't let them expire too soon.

A famous ketchup manufacturer let one of its promo domain lapse, and a savvy adult webmaster picked it up.

15 Days to be Forgotten in France; Euro news liable for user comments

Some legislation passed in Europe has been hitting the news lately.

Yahoo! Maps shutting down

Today, Yahoo! published their Q2 progress report.

Surge in referral spam (and some tips for stopping it)

Have you noticed a surge in referral visits to your website lately? When you try to track them down, does it only lead to confusion?

'I think my dad is Dracula': Test yourself playing Google Feud

One of Google’s handy features is its ability to autocomplete a search queries. But do you think that you could guess the Google autocomplete results?

Unindexed -- the website built for Google to destroy

The website called Unidexed was created by Matthew Rothenberg in early Feburary. This strange website was coded to erase itself once Google indexed it, which happened about 3 weeks.

Google’s Newest Search Feature Tells You How to Make a Cocktail


Google Helpouts Is Shutting Down On April 20th

Google has announced that they are shutting down Helpouts, its service that connects users that need help with experts who can offer help over a live-streaming video session.  The deciding fac

Yahoo Labs creates an algorithm that can tell if a portrait is beautiful

Yahoo Labs has developed a machine learning algorithm that can identify beautiful portraits and separate them from lose that are less than lovely.

Should people be allowed to be anonymous on the web? China doesn't think so.

In an article on TechCrunch, it was stated that starting March 1, 2015 China will begin forcing users of web services to register with their real name and their ID.

Google now lets everyone in US register domains

A little while ago Google got into the domain registration game on an invite-only basis. Now, after about 6 months of testing, they have decided to open up domain registration to all US users.

Duane Forrester is back at Bing!

Who could have thought!

Google Removes Breadcrumb Links From Search Results

One thing I used to love about Google search was the breadcrumb feature, where I could click on the link to a higher level category page if the main link Google served me was not what I was actuall

Pew Research Center Web IQ quiz because, why not?

Even more fun than taking this web IQ quiz

was following the little debate about mosaic vs. navigator

TRUSTe gets hand slapped by FTC

TRUSTe, a company that certifies websites' compliance with various security and privacy standards, was recently penalized by the FTC for not reviewing all of the sites with the TRUSTe logo annually

Google Takes Over Operations of NASA airfield - will later use facilities for research & development

Google has been using Moffett Field, a NASA airfield, as the home for it's private jets.

Yelp positions itself to be more than a review site, already a giant in the local business review space, now offers the ability to reserve hotel stays through the site.

New domains are starting to appear

The new domain names are starting to be released to the public for purchase from .email to .photography to .cool and .pro.