No Net Neutrality means the END of the Internet As We Know It. More SHOULD Care About This!

Here is a good way to spread the word about Net Neutrality in an entertaining video anyone can understand:

Behind The Scenes of Google Data Centers

Sometimes I think we all take for granted the power & physical space it takes to run Google.

Here is a great image gallery of Google's Data Centers:

Clean Up 404 Errors Automatically With Chrome?

I just came across this very interesting page on Google Chrome's Privacy Policy.

Threadwatch is looking for editors / contributors / curators!

Threadwatch needs voice and people who want to be part of building something special. So we are looking for your perspective!

Good design is...

[Warning that page is NSFW and NSFK but so true]

This is a motherf*cking website.

I don't think I can even comment on this...

Yahoo! Selling Off Domain Portfolio

Yahoo! is hoping to get about $4 million for a chunk of domains they've dropped on domain market SEDO.

Threadwatch should have its own social button.

I know I would be happy to have a threadwatch button on my site. Not sure about how hard it would be to develop this but it should be something you guys consider in the future.

Does SEO Attract People With Emotional Disorders?

Barry Schwartz posted an interesting article not long ago about a Webmaster World poster that claimed he considered killing

Google Serves 25 Percent of North American Internet Traffic

According to a story in Wired, "On an average day, Google accounts for about 25 percent of all consumer internet

Ted Ulle (Tedster) - A community legend, passes.

We've lost one of the most respected members of our community. Ted Ulle (Tedster), passed away late last week.

<hgroup> element removed from the HTML5 specification

No reasonable useage cases were presented in objection to the removal and as such <hgroup> will be removed from the html5 specification.

Girls Scouts Creating a Game Developer Merit Badge

The Girls Scouts of Greater LA are moving forward in recognizing that there are a lot of girls in tech or interested in game design by creating a game developer badge.

11 Things My Son Taught Me About Life & Business

Rae Hoffman wrote a fantastic post, 11 Things My Son Taught Me About Life & Business, where

ADMIN: Love the new look!

To all ye olde TWers involved in reworking the site, nice job! I like the way you managed to preserve the old feel, too. Cheers!

Skype-borne malware in the wild

NextWeb reporting on a malware being transmitted via Skype that floods your system and rips BitCoin for revenue.

Andrew Auernheimer

or the "Weev", as he's known in hacker circles, just pulled a 41 month sentence with $73K restitution, for accessing "forward facing" data on AT&T and reporting the security flaw to them.

RIP Michael Turner, One of the 1st Generation of SEO Pioneers

Michael Turner, one of the first generation of SEO pioneers in this industry, was shot and killed on a beach in the Phillipines.

Chinese hackers infiltrate New York Times system - Retaliation?

Possibly retaliation for its coverage of scandal, possibly misdirection - Obviously a very sophisticated effort, and not the first time attacks originated in China.

Work at Home Entrepreneurs Need to Get Out Regularly

I've read lots of commentary on the suicide of Aaron Swartz, but a post from Brad Feld resonated with me the most: "

Competing is silly; Larry Page prefers "moon shooting" projects

The day after Facebook says they are going to compete with Google in search, Google's co-founder