Interview With Mike Grehan: Author of Search Engine Marketing Book

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A very interesting interview that contains some good comedy provided by Mike Grehan.

Online Copy - How Long is Too Long?

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Very interesting read for anyone writing their own articles. Interesting perspectives and opinions on both Articles/copy for search engines and for users. This from Jill Whalen

IMO, a 400 word articles doesn't generally say much. But on the other hand a 1000 word article can often be edited down to be more focused. I find around 750 words is a good amount for an article, but that's just my personal preference. It also has nothing to do with the search engines, as I don't write articles for search engines, I write them for people!

How to Build / Kill a Forum

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Thread points out useful SEO / webmaster forums and blogs. Members also hint at problems facing particular forums. In post #30 Littleman quotes MrMackin and cuts to the chase about what usually ends a good forum:

>I know how egos can destroy a community

That's the joke isn't it. A forum gets good and therefore popular because a group of people build it up. And then the site owner allows the forums success to inflate his ego. Then the ego destroys the forum.

I am not saying the pattern has to go that way, but I think the only way to avoid it is for the site owner(s) to realize that the forum's content providers (i.e. it's user base) is what gives it its value.

There is the alternative business model though: Corral a group of smart and dedicated contributors, have them build up the place for a couple of years then start charging admission tax here and there, Eventually the forum will die, but meanwhile you have successfully cashed in on other people's work.

The Cat's Out of the Bag

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Hmmmm.. i'll have to be having words with young mr seobook for leaking the story early ;-) - Nice write up by Rusty Brick aka. Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Round Table - big mouth himself (only joshing Aaron!) at and Danny Sullivan also wrote about it over at the SEW Blog.

Thanks everyone for the support, hope to see you all submitting your favorite threads!

Something Going on at Yahoo?

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The boys and girls over at seo chat seem to think so. Anything from small variations to wild fluctuations are being reported and speculation as to whether it's an update or a switch to new index abound.