63% Of Phishing Attacks Target Three Sites

Phoney PayPal, eBay and Bank of America sites account for 63% of all URLs in Google's phishing blacklist, according to Michael Sutton of SPI Dynamics.

Supplemental Results and docIDs

Since everyone is still trying to explain what is going on with the supplemental index I thought I'd look up Daniel Brandt's old theory which Matt Cutts pooh-poohed on more than one occasion.

Here is where he posted it on threadwatch many moons ago http://www.threadwatch.org/node/2734 and it got a pretty rough reception from some of the guys who are now TW editors :)

No Comments For Cuttlets

It looks like comment spamming Sussie has brought down Matt Cutts' blog ;o)

The comment section of each post currently displays the following error message:

Threadwatch and SEO Blog Cliches of 2006

Quote: Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print - George Orwell

These are among the most overused and worn out phrases of 2006: they all have Wikipedia entries! Let them enjoy retirement in 2007.

Amazon Launches Askville

Just weeks after Google called it quits on Google Answers, Amazon jumps into the social question & answers fray with Askville.

Here's the email I received from Amazon:

Another Y! Departure

Tim Converse, a search engineer from the anti-spam arena is leaving Yahoo! for a new startup opportunity. From his personal blog:

Getting sued for blog post..

So it seems that my old hosting company are now looking to take legal action against me for “slanderous” material posted to my blog.

I guess I could just take the posting down, but it’s more of a matter of priciple now.

Jason Calacanis the new Ted Leonsis?

From this morning's SES Keynote:

Quote: SEO is bullshit, if you generate a web page with good content Google will rank the page properly.

Good recaps here and here

'Enemies of the internet' Named By Reporters Without Borders

Human rights group 'Reporters Without Borders' has released a list of 13 enemies of the internet. The list consists of countries the RSF believe are "supressing freedom of expression on the internet."

Drudge Report Sets Traffic Record

According to an internmarkets report, Drudge Report had 25.1 million page views on November 7th, 2006, and delivered over 100 million ad impressions in one day.

Reputation Management for Dummies

Via wired

A new startup, ReputationDefender, will act on your behalf by contacting data hosting services and requesting the removal of any materials that threaten your good social standing. Any web citizen willing to pay ReputationDefender's modest service fees can ask the company to seek and destroy embarrassing office party photos, blog posts detailing casual drug use or saucy comments on social networking profiles.

Still promoting Online Gambling?


"Aider and Abettor Liability

The federal aider and abettor statute, 18 U.S.C. 2, provides:

"(a) Whoever commits an offense against the United States or aids, abets, counsels, commands, induces or procures its commission, is punishable as a principal.

Danny Sullivan to still chair SES

Danny Sullivan announced that he'll chair the SES NYC and SES San Jose conferences in 2007, after all. He just worked out an agreement for this with Incisive.

In short, I'll be chairing the SES NY 2007 show, co-chairing the SES SJ 2007 event and participating in the SES Chicago 2007 conference. Aside from this, I also intend to continue writing about search via a new search blog of my own plus do some events on my own.

Pa. woman indicted on obscenity charges

This story got some attention last August when it got shut down. The owner has now been indicted:

Quote: A woman who authorities say ran a Web site that published graphic fictional tales about the torture and sexual abuse of children has been indicted on federal obscenity charges.

Matt Cutts get's celebrity status on Chicago Tribune

Software engineer Matt Cutts wields what Webmasters call the "Google death penalty"--getting dumped from the world's largest search engine. Even some of the world's most visible brands have earned the wrath of Cutts

Danny to Keynote Pubcon - Sign of Things to Come?

Just saw this

Quote: WebmasterWorld is proud to announce that Danny Sullivan will keynote WebmasterWorld's PubCon Las Vegas this November.

Funny how the press release starts though:

Quote: WebmasterWorld, the internets leading online discussion forum for search engine marketers, optimizers, and site owners has announced Danny Sullivan and WebmasterWorld have reached an agreement.

Now everyone can 'Google' pork spending

WASHINGTON — Taxpayers may soon be able to track how the federal government is spending their money with the click of computer mouse.

"NOW how much would you pay..."

Paul Farhi at the Washington Post reports the death of Arthur Schiff.

Arthur Schiff, who died of lung cancer last week in Coral Springs, Fla., at 66, was a businessman who ran his own marketing company for 23 years. And his passing, like the man himself, was altogether quiet, with not a single newspaper noting his death.

Hiding Your Search Tracks

Get lost in the Google crowd (and others) to hide your search tracks:


Anyone checked this tool/service extensively yet?

Big Brother has Big Problem with Microsoft's Latest Patch

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned this week that a recently patched Microsoft Windows vulnerability could put the nation's critical infrastructure at risk.