Now everyone can 'Google' pork spending

WASHINGTON — Taxpayers may soon be able to track how the federal government is spending their money with the click of computer mouse.

"NOW how much would you pay..."

Paul Farhi at the Washington Post reports the death of Arthur Schiff.

Arthur Schiff, who died of lung cancer last week in Coral Springs, Fla., at 66, was a businessman who ran his own marketing company for 23 years. And his passing, like the man himself, was altogether quiet, with not a single newspaper noting his death.

Hiding Your Search Tracks

Get lost in the Google crowd (and others) to hide your search tracks:

Anyone checked this tool/service extensively yet?

Big Brother has Big Problem with Microsoft's Latest Patch

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned this week that a recently patched Microsoft Windows vulnerability could put the nation's critical infrastructure at risk.

Where to report Cyber Crime?

I was send a particularly nasty looking scam today, pointing at this page: here

I thought I'd go and tell "someone" about it but searching for a wat to report an internet crime in China was fruitless. I decided to report it to Interpol. No luck there - their contact page has no mail address for cybercrime.

Senate Ratifies Controversial Cybercrime Treaty


On the surface it seems a harmless treaty that would help countries fight hackers, terrorists, and so on. But there are some very disturbing things in this treaty that could not only infringe on the privacy of web users across the globe, but also change the "free speech" nature of the net.

eBad - Enjoying Ebay's Google Ads

We've all seen funny instances of Google's advertising giving people *questionable* results with at times inappropriate adverts. eBad is a se

2_Much Donations Part II

You all have been very generous so far, and I hate to ask for more. But...

Marcela has started an affiliate site, for which she needs links. Please contact ME via email or private message me if you can donate links to help her get her site up and running. - JavaScript Exploit Embaressment

Earler today, when visiting, user's were being presented with a series of javascript dialog boxes that said things like "Fuck", and "hi to all you Diggers out there".


'funny' PowerPoint presentation is a virus

Microsoft said a 'poisoned' presentation is attached to the virus, that installs keylogging software on a computer. When opened, the virus records everything typed on the infected machine.

The Register : Google is a cult compared to Enron

Is Google a cult, or is Google a corporation? Full Story The Register continues to use such colorful statements such as 'cult-like ment

Ebay says no to Google Checkout

Quote: Payment Services not permitted on eBay:,,,,,,, CCAvenue, ecount, e-gold,,, EuroGiro,, Google Checkout,

Data Warehousing at the Pub - What's Your Personal Data Worth?

I saw this pretty interesting/ scary tool on the local news channel - the SWIPE calculator - which led me down a rabbit hole.

It's by a company called SWIPE which is a pretty obscure little outfit from best I can tell. They are using a bar for data warehousing, but are actually the "good guys" by enlightening people to this questionable practice of data collection.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin invest in electric race car

Tesla just raised $40 million from high-profile investors including Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It plans to start selling its first model next year. It also looks like this car can out do a Ferrari or Porsche.

Godaddy Holding Customer Sites to Ransom Part2

So we have this domain registered with We thought why not use one of their hosting plans and got one for 12 months. The site is basicly a discussion forum, everything legal. After a period of 6 months, the site got suspended without any notice or email. So we contacted the godaddy support team, they informed us the site is spamming. We responded if godaddy would please explain their definition of spam as the site is only one big forum. The next response was that we are using an illegal proxy (what is this?) and they demanded 199$ to get our domain and hosting back. OK, you can hold your hosting, but my domain is registered, you can not hold it!

MozDex Gets a New Lease on Life

mozDex, the open source search engine has just received a new lease on life.

The project, originally intended to port the Nutch search engine software from Sun's proprietary Java platform to an open source platform has been taken over and is getting a face lift and some renewed vitality.

Support for "Nofollow" Crumbling

Quote: I've seen that first hand. The "psychology of linking" did change in a fairly obvious way after nofollow started. Unfortunately, that was a downside that none of saw coming back when we announced our support. I'm not sure any of us expected people to ration their links as if they were somehow in limited supply. But it happened anyway.

What is that yellow box on every link?

What the hell is that faded yellow box on every link on threadwatch? When did that go in? What is it's purpose?

Google Needs To Clean House

Yet another story associating G$ with child porn, this time from the Brazil/Orkut end of things. Google seems to be saying that they don't have to comply with brazilian requests because the info is on US servers.

The Enema of Microsoft

I saw this article about the DoJ not backing Google's antitrust complaint against Microsoft, and it mentions that the DoJ is the "enema of Microsoft"!