British Hacker Faces Extradition

Gary McKinnon, 40, of Wood Green, north London, is alleged to have caused 700,000 dollars (£370,000) worth of damage hacking into US defence computer systems over the course of a year.

News Report

Unseen parts of Google

So you want to test-drive your website to see how it's gonna look on searches done in mobile phones ?

Or maybe you still don't know that Google engineers are having WAY to much time on their hands: 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

Google Maps Warp the Time/Space Continuum

I was panning Google Maps around the downtown of Dallas, and I came across a really weird view of some of the tallest skyscrapers where the buildings seem to all be leaning into each other.

MSN Outage Last Week - The Reason??

Who knows, perhaps it was the Spell Checker. MicroSoft responds regarding last weeks outages on Thursday, saying essentially, "Sorry, we're new at this!". Still they are realy sorry it took so long to tell us this.

UK: Free Broadband for All!

The BBC news is reporting that the Carphone Warehouse is planinng to offer free broadband connections to deepen its foothold into the broadband market - Currently it has only about 75,000 punters compared to the millions served by the handful of other main players like NTL, Wannadoo etc...

eBay bans cash payments

eBay has banned cash payments, saying that members who solicit cash tend to be involved in scams. A bookselling blog br

BBC Launches Online Interactive SEO Game [sort of!]

Jamie Kane is the new online adventure from It's part game, part drama, part murder mystery...

I don't think its really about SEO but if you ask me it seems pretty close;

FT on Why Gates Invested $30b in Charity

The Financial Times accompanies Bill & Melinda Gates as they invest $30bn as founders of world's largest charity, spending more on health than the W.H.O. and creating a legacy that may last long after the world has forgotten Microsoft.

Friday Morning Links

My plane takes off in a couple hours and I still have not are some cool links Streamline and a few others sent me recently:

Teoma - died :( PayPal going mobile - text someone a payment...that is what the company was originally going to do in 1999 until they fell into the lap of the huge eBay market Origami Project - MicroSoft led Ultra-moblie PC Wetpaint - easy wiki maker (for Gurtie) Firefox brought in roughly $72 million from Google the Problem with Global Warming - Seth prefers to call it "Atmosphere cancer" or "Pollution death" ... related to that topic Google's Norvig wrote The Global Climate Change Consensus: My Experiment and Reporters and Parrots

Splogfighter Vanquishes Many Accounts

Not often do I run across a blog that's hellbent on cleaning up the blogosphere but Splogfighter has been doing a kick ass job of getting and AdSense accounts removed for these people. Some of his lists for a single AdSense account numbers in 100s of splog accounts, one topped 7,000 sites, and they're dropping like flies.

Microsoft Hands Out Free USB-Drives

Fill out a short form and Microsoft will give you a free 16MB USB drive loaded with information on Windows licensing.

It's just 16MB, but it's free.

Google Testing Some More Layouts

Google's testing some new layouts. In this one they've stretched the background all the way across the screen for the top adwords listings. And in this one they've actually given me a fixed width layout that's smaller than the size of my window/screen. I've also seen them playing with font size, as the entire serps and ads jumped up and down a font size or so.

Spammer scores Gold at Olympics

Well, some say it's pop-ups and pop-unders, others say pop-up blockers, but plenty of sources have reported he's a spammer.. and he's just scored a Gold Medal in the Olympics at Turin.

Dale Begg-Smith started an "online marketing company" at age 14 with his brother out of Vancouver, which became AdsCPM Network (said to be worth $40 million). Now, a millionaire at age 21, he set aside the business for training and it seems to have paid off. He's the best moguler in the world.

Is Google Photoshopped on Google Maps?

Over on the Site Reference forums, it is pointed out that the Google headquarters appears to have been photoshopped into the picture.

US Gov to Spider Net Searching for Terrorists

The US government is developing a massive computer system that can collect huge amounts of data and, by linking far-flung information from blogs and e-mail to government records and intelligence reports, search for patterns of terrorist activity.

Archived Conversations

Google is to integrate chat into their Gmail interface, and now will automatically save your Google chat sessions as email threads, unless you turn that feature off. Chris Sherman states:

One of the nicest features of the new chat tool is that chats are automatically archived within your Gmail account (you can disable this feature on the "settings" page if you like).

Non User Review:

Non-User Review;

A non-user review is not about using the thing but about the thing itself.

What is Siteadvisor?

In essence Siteadvisor is an addition to your web browser that puts either a green, a yellow or a red icon besides sites as they appear in search engine results (or grey if it knows nothing). It looks a bit like this in google:

What's Next for Alex Tew...

In the usual Monday evening web-browse I came across this: Its Alex Tew looking (aparently) for coding help

Quote: The project itself is the complete back-end development for a new, totally unique website. The system will require a whole variety of features, everything from customer accounts to integration with payment processors. It will also need to be very sturdy, as the site is almost certainly going to receive a huge amount of traffic, and the system itself will have to cope with thousands (and possibly tens of thousands) of customers and asssociated information.

Google Maps: there is no Superbowl!

Google Maps grayed out the satellite imagery of Ford Field in Detroit where the Super Bowl will be held on February 5, 2006. This same masking has been employed to hide details of important government buildings such as the White House.

Top forums rankings

Except that several of the best known ones are missing. Still, some may find the info useful: