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Google Removing First Click Free Requirement For Publishers

In a recent webmaster blog post, Google announced that it is removing the first click free requirement for publishers, stating that it will be replacing it with a model called 'flexible sampling'

Google AdSense User First Beta Program

WebmasterWorld Members discuss the Google AdSense User First beta program and invites. Have you had an invite to the program?

Google to test subscription tool to help publishers win new subscribers

Google has said it'll test a tool to enable publsihers gain more subscriptions. This is ver similar to Facebook's earlier announcement to help.

Jigsaw, a Division of Google, Unveils New Machine Learning Tool to Remove "Toxic Comments"

We can all guess at what "toxic comments" are. There are enough of them on the web that it's a pretty easy "know it when you see it" judgement.

Google AdSense and Facebook Ban Ads for Fake News

Fake news sites are hopefully going to have a lot more difficulty staying afloat in the near future.

UI/UX and Identifying Links

Have on-page links become impossible to find? Have designers taken over the 'Net and thus made hyperlinked text ind

AdSense - What's Good Traffic Mean?

There's a neat thread on WebmasterWorld about what makes good traffic for an AdSense publisher. Nice to see a positive thread ab

Apple News now open to smaller publishers

To better compete with Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News has opened their app to blogs and smaller content publishers.

October 2015 saw record high content generation, record low engagement

October 2015 was a record-breaking month for content creation with the average brand generating 87.5 posts per social media channel.

An Interview with John Brown, New Head of Publisher Outreach at Google, and a Conversation on WebmasterWorld

Hopes for added transparency and increased communications seemed dim on WebmasterWorld - but the man himself is taking part in this discussion.

Your Site Layout Might Be Killing Your User Engagement

Folks on WebmasterWorld are having one of the deepest and most engaging conversations about website design that I've seen in a long time.

PROOF that Authorship is not dead

Last week, Gary Illyes from Google told webmasters to leave the Authorship markup, which Google stopped supporting in August 2014, on their pages:

The Sustainability of Today's Content Factory

Weak content seems to be the subject of ridicule almost everywhere on the net, but it's still being created.

Keyword Mysticism

As Fathom says, "The original premise for Keyword Density is not just flawed it is complete irrelevant to ORGANIC Search".

New Security Issue Affects File Synchronization Services Such As Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box

Just a few days ago, Imperva’s Application Defense Center (ADC) research arm unveiled its August Hacker Intelligence Initia

Is "Guest Blogging" Still A Dirty Phrase?

Exchanging links for content and guest blogging aren't the most squeaky clean topics anymore.

When it comes to grammar, only 31% of companies are up to snuff

In 2013, a study showed that 59% of UK residents would not use a company with a website that has poor g

Tumblr's "staying power" proves it is an effective outlet for content marketing

Last year, decided to try their hand at content marketing.

Google Playing Doctor w/ the Knowledge Graph?

Google is rolling out curated medical knowledge into the SERPs for about 400 different medical conditions (to start).

Web marketers can learn from Chipotle's "disposable literature"

Chipotle launched a "disposable literature" campaign called Cultivating Thought.