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Google Now Provides Song Lyrics In Search Results

Google now supposedly provides song lyrics directly in search results, causing a concern for lyrics websites.

What Publishers Want from You

Fractl and BuzzStream recently teamed up to survey 500 publishers to find out how to pitch a digital

The difference, or lackthereof, between ads and content

A recent article by Marketing Magazine interviewed Red Bee Media to understand the difference between content and ad

Trapit & Addvocate merge while SugarString is killed

It has been an interesting week in the world of Content Marketing.

Actually, the key to marketing your quiz is "actually"

Josh Haynam just posted a new blog on Marketing Profs about using quizzes for

ReadWrite, Fashionista and Remodelista up for sale?

digiday yesterday posted about Say Media looking to sell it's news sites.

Virgin America launches brilliant content marketing campaign

If you listen to any comedian ever, they have a bit about airlines. Celebrities also regularly vent their frustrations with various airlines via Twitter.

Gerry McGovern article: Do You Really Want to Do Content Fake Marketing?

It's been a while since I came across an article like this. One with a seething tone that doesn't sound petty.

50 Places to Repurpose Your Web Conferences as Video Content (or share ANY content)

How to turn your webinars into videos and upload them to all the video hosting services then share them 50+ places.

The Getty Launches Open Content Program,

MIT's OpenCourseWare (which is freaking awesome btw) just made a blog post saying that the J.

List of 29 Sites for Free to use Images

Inc magazine published a list of 29 sites for free images written by Chelsea Blacker from Blue Glass UK.

Technorati refusing guest posts from existing contributors

In the middle of submitting a post on Technorati, a writer who has written there for years received this message:

SearchNewsCentral: Google on Guest Blogging: Be Afraid; Be Very Afraid

We need to discuss the best ways to guest blog without getting slapped.

Content Marketing Solutions and Best Practices Tips from me in an interview on SEJ

Includes blog outreach platforms worth checking out and what to focus on when placing content:

Rich Snippets - if you have the chops, here is some great info from SMX

Excellent overview of the recent Rich Snippets expert-level session at SMX Advanced.  THIS is the sort of thing that every session at SMX should bring.  If you understand what Rich Snippe

Strategies for Backlinks Through Guest Blogging

I've never been fond of guest blogging, when it comes to people asking to write on my blog. My cynical side says they're all just looking to spread some keyword rich junk around.

Wikipedia editors trash wiki whistleblower's page

Wikipedia editors stand accused of trashing the profile page for an American novelist, after she cried foul at Wikipedia removing women from their list of "American authors".

Google updates its Authorship Snippet

Google has updated the Authorship rich snippet that appears alongside search results.

Is Google Encouraging User Generated Spam on Social Media Sites?

You can always count on Aaron Wall to call Google out, especially on its hypocrisy.

Content Marketing Art of War - SlideShare Presentation

Danny Brown's Sunday Share features a worthwhile presentation by John Lane of Centerline Digital: