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Google Using Shakespeare to Market Library Program

Google launched a Shakespeare portal to help win support and distribution for their library project. They also tied many other verticals into their Shakespeare portal.

Google Inc. on Wednesday launched a site devoted entirely to the Bard,, that allows U.S. users to browse through the full texts of his 37 plays. Readers can even plug in words, such as "to be or not to be" from "Hamlet," and immediately be taken to that part of the play.

Google TV - Automated Social Web Integration With Television

Via ZDNet, comes news that Google Research recently won a best paper award for their Social and Interactive Television Applications Based on Real-Time Ambient Audio Identification (PDF) research paper.

US Congress to Introduce Critical Copyright Bill

The US Congress' House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property is looking to introduce a bill known as the Section 115 Reform Act of 2006 (SIRA). Steven Leach summarizes the intentions of this act:

AdSense Popups? Legit?

It is against the AdSense TOS to put ads in pop ups, but what if they are in a DHTML layer?, the company that powers ads in DHTML Layers (pop-ups that don't get blocked) has launched functionality that allows AdSense publishers to run AdSense creatives through

Is Your Content Technically Unique or Conceptually Unique

SugarRae has a great post talking about "unique content" and how the same phrase means different things to different people. When Unique Content Is Not "Unique"

Google TV

The Business Online reports Google aims to provide a search interface and ad system for TV:

Apple Rumored to Bring Games to iPod

Gamespot reports that Apple appears to be looking to offer games on the iPod.

An Apple hiring manager named Mike Lampell is heading up a group inside Apple's storied iTunes division. The group is specifically hiring for "C/C++ coders with a ‘gaming background.’" The engineer says the project in question was described to him as "super secret," and Apple would not even tell him the exact nature of it until he had been hired and signed a non-disclosure agreement.

First Amendment Applies to Internet

Good news for bloggers worldwide:

A California appeals court ruled Friday that online reporters are protected by the same confidentiality laws that protect traditional journalists, striking a blow to efforts by Apple Computer to identify people who leaked confidential company data. Launches POD Publishing Services

Amazon launched their print on demand service today:

Gannett Buys Small Local Search Player

Gannett, the huge newspaper publisher, purchase Planet Discover.

Gannett today acquired Planet Discover, a provider of local, integrated online search and advertising technology. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Rumor: Google May Buy a Print to XML Company

SiliconBeat published an unconfirmed rumor that Google is looking to pay about $75 million to buy Olive Software, a company which specializes in being able to convert PDFs, microfilm and other files to XML, while still being able to keep the original document format in tact for online browsing.

Late Night With Microsoft, Starring Tom Arnold

Microsoft is making another foray into online web entertainment via a series of short form shows entitled MSN Originals. From Business 2.0:

Yahoo! Tech Channel

Yahoo! launched a technology review site called Yahoo! Tech. They use nofollow on many internal links, which is stupid, but it looks like many of the high profit gadget blogs are going to have new competition. Yahoo! is going to start the site by leveraging content from traditional publishers:

Pre Teen Sex? Scraper Sites? Poker Blogs? Warez Directories? No Problem. Legit Conent? Banned from AdSense!

We have noted in the past that Google openly supports Warez activities by placing their ads on Warez sites. Google has been known to sell Pre teen sex AdWords ads on occasion as well.

Recently they banned an AdSense publisher, who points out the hypocrisy of it all in one of the better rants I have seen in a few months:

Wikis on Shopping Sites?

Amazon had been testing using Wikis on their site. Apparently the wikis are no longer a test:

Pending DMCA Expansion?

A pending bill titled the Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2006 looks to protect copyright at the expense of privacy:

A proposed copyright law seen by CNET would expand the DMCA's restrictions on software that can bypass copy protections and grant federal police more wiretapping and enforcement powers.

WebSplogs Inc.

Many well known names in the blog arena like to help define what a spam blog is. Largely in part because they don't want their sites included in the definition.

We mentioned Weblogs Inc. as big spammers before, and Jason said they were going to clean the ads up, but having a look today the ads were at best laughable.

Google Calendar Now Integrated in Gmail's Interface

Google fully integrated their newest tool in the Gmail interface. Thanks Philipp.

BBC, YouTube, and the User-Generated Media Boom

The Center for Media Research has released a detailed study on advertising trends, focusing largely on user-generated media. Below are some of the findings from the study:

How Automated Can You Make Content Before it Gets Called Out?

Elliott Back recently posted about being a bit on the spamish side:

I have to credit him with one thing, Chris really knows his search terms. Check out the list of “popular queries” he sticks at the bottom of the page to attract search engines on high-paying keywords