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Yahoo! Launches YPN Blog

Yahoo! launched their YPN blog today. Jen posted background on it.

BBC Hawking Wares Via Affiliate Links

I'm not sure how to get an affiliate program approved by and published on BBC, but apparently someone is. Check out the related links section here.

Web 2.0 prompts Media 2.0 – Conversational News

Alan Rusbridger, editor of The Guardian spoke to the Royal Society of Arts in London last Thursday night on the subject "Newspapers in the age of blogs." Full audio of a very interesting presentation is available here.

Is the Future of Publishing in Branded Adsense?

One of the problems with Adsense, as has been noted (here, here...plenty of places) is that it doesn't exactly inspire quality content. The result is that Adsense arguably has no branding value for the advertiser, no content value for the publisher, and no attention value for the user.

The Dirty French Give DRM a Swift Kick in the Head

France wants to put an end to DRM:

[French] MPs backed a draft law to force Apple, Sony and Microsoft to share their proprietary copy-protection systems by 296 to 193 votes.

Blogspot: Plop down an MSN search box. We don't mind.

Remember that story about someone getting their Blogspot account deleted for adding an MSN search box? Someone from Blogger looked into it and posted their side of the story:

SugarRae Interviews Josh Siegel of YPN

Complete with picture of Y! coffee bar, Rae fires off a few rounds of questions for Josh.

SR:What are some of the common mistakes you see publishers making in regards to ad integration? Is there an internal listing of bad implementations, color schemes or other things that you see happening time and time again? Do you plan on providing tips and advice to publishers to help them maximize their earnings?

Google Cache Not Breaching Copyright, Judge Rules - Google prevails in copyright suit.

In a legal win for Google, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by a writer who claimed the search giant infringed on his copyright by archiving a Usenet posting of his and providing excerpts from his website in search results.

France Set to Legalize Breaking DRM?

A Reuters article from yesterday states that the French parliament is set to vote on a proposed bill that would make it break DRM for the sake of converting it to a different file type.

McClatchy Buys Knight-Ridder

Knight-Ridder, the uber newspaper jugarnaut recently put on the sales block, has been bought by smaller rival McClatchy for around $4.5 billion.

McClatchy, the California-based owner of the Sacramento Bee and the Star Tribune, has agreed to buy its larger and better-known rival Knight Ridder for $4.5bn, in a move that will make it the second-largest US newspaper group with 32 daily titles.

In the Works: Google Book Store

Danny Sullivan has the scoop on Google's latest venture: allowing publishers to sell books online via Google Book Search.

Google Q: Total Yahoo! Wannabe

Google sees Yahoo! Q and pulls a total me too.

Alpha Release of RSS Feeds for Google Video

RSS feeds of Google Video search queries, as well as popular videos, are now available. From the Google announcement:

To access a feed of popular videos, go to

Google will allow publishers to sell online access to book contents

Google will allow its "Book Search" partners in the United States and U.K. to sell online access to their books. In a March 10 e-mail, Google pitched the idea as a way for publishers to "earn more from your books." Since selling online access to books might cannibalize sales of the paper bound copies, Google seems to be arguing that it can provide more impulse purchases. Publishers can choose which books they want to offer.

Coming Soon....Amazon vs. Apple

In addition to speculation that Amazon will enter the digital music market this summer, it now appears that they are considering selling digital downloads of movies. The New York Times reports (registration required):

Yahoo! Shopping Paid Syndication Program Beta

Great news for Domainers and Site Parkers.

A new Yahoo! Shopping API tool allows us to create a whole new breed of parking pages or to build content on to your product related sites...

Poor Bloggers Stuck in the Intention Economy

Compensate Citizen Publishers Like People, Not Web Sites, an article about how citizen publishers are underpaid, could be true, but as advertising gets more pervasive, are you doing anything but overpaying when you buy premium placement on attention rich sites?

NBC Spoons iVillage

NBC recently offered $600 million for the iVillage community. I missed a bit of the mainstream coverage, but was glad to see Rob Frankel blog about it:

We Right Contents for Cheap

Lee Gomes, a WSJ reporter recently undertook a moonlighting writing gig for peanuts, just to see how the process worked.

Publishers Fear Amazon

More publishers are getting the willies, this time the scare is, instead of Google.