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Alternative advertising programs to Google adsense
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Tim spots a nice list of Adsense alternatives. I'll list them in breif, but do check the full post as it contains detailed descriptions of each one...

I can add to that...

Any more?



Great list here are some more

Great list

how about
industry brains

that last one is kind of interesting and would be neat to see if people use it

I made a list writing about each of them at my advertising post


another alternative is

another alternative is AdQuick, which can be found at


Any feedback from people who are using these "AdSense alternatives" would be great. I have a problem with Google not disclosing what % they pay, and for not providing reporting tools to track terms, what they earn, etc. I would look at other alternatives, but I just feel that since none of these alternatives probably get anywhere close to what Google gets per click, that the opportunities to generate revenue comparable to AdSense is prolly null.

Waiting patiently for Y! to launch their "AdSense."

You and me both

You and me both layover!

Thanks for the link Michel, updated the post :)

Also waiting...

What's the latest on Y! doing this? (Espotting and (Espotting and FindWhat)?


Advertiser pool

Anyone know which of these has the largest (estimated) advertiser pool?

FastClick -

FastClick - Textads


Thanks yizmo, and everyone!

Thanks yizmo, and everyone! We've got quite a resource there now...

no idea of volumes neuvojefe, but if anyone has experience of these programs, please post, it would be good to start getting a feel for what people like and don't like aswell...

Advertiser pool

I worked with SearchFeed a few years ago and while their bid prices are not high they had a big partner list.
I think FindWhat and Kanoodle are their bigger partners but they had about 50 other small providers and a big list of feed partners.


Bannerboxes: they always paid on time.

Are they contextual Brad?

Are they contextual Brad?

They are like

They are like Adbrite/Marketbanker (see above), Nick - buyers bid to advertise on your site, when you have no advertisers they provide backfill via Ro-List PPC, where you can set the keywords to so the ads will match your page/site. So long as your site is not on too obscure a subject it works pretty well.

I did like that I can accept or reject bidders before they go live.

Thanks, added them and

Thanks, added them and changed MB to Adbrite

Just added ContexWeb

Just added ContexWeb

CBprosense is a very interesting alternative. It works with ClickBank’s affiliate program and you get paid up to 75% in commission per product sold (ClickBank sends cheques twice per month). I have it running on a couple of my web sites and the results are really good. They offer a free and paid version. Highly recommended.

You can throw OMG Directories in there too.

Its a combination of Espotting listings mixed in with OMG's merchants and presented in categorised directories.

CPC on the Espotting listings, and affiliate commisions on the merchants.

Is that contextual Adam?

Is that contextual Adam?



Not automatically contextual I s'pose, thinking about it.

There's a bit of a manual element in targeting the ads.

My brains a bit slow after the weekend. Cut my posts out of this thread if you like.

Added ClickAdsDirect and


These guys just popped up in my mail, pitching. Not heard of them before.


Cheers Andy!

There's a few here that

There's a few here that aren't on the list also.

Some , great info. Can

Some , great info. Can anybody tell me what pays the best.Im using adsense and make 4 to 5 dollars a week off of it. Guess I better keep my day job.

is google is protecting spammers using google ads ?

I received hundreds of spam comments to sites using Google Ads (Google AdSense and Google AdWords).

I've used a few of them

Nothing I've tried pays anywhere near AdSense.

Thanks to AdSense I was able to fire my customers last year and my phone no longer rings at 6am when someone on the east coast is in a panic.

Thank you AdSense :)

click-share .com is the best

Try click-share .com

I am working with them from 6 mounts and have very good results with very high CPC.

They also provide text and products ads.

I use Alternate URL Ads to replace PSAs but they can be used to replace AdSense altogether. I like them because they have an automatic contextual/geotargetting system. They mention on their website that the ads serving is optimized to maximize revenue/ctr. They give a 60/40 split (they keep 40).

Like IncrediBill said its hard to beat the AdSense payouts BUT I have personally seen CPC payouts at Alternate URL Ads reach 2.57 a click. Since I'm replacing my PSAs any revenue is really just found money for me. They have a page on their website that lets you view recent CPC payouts as well as a page on their site that helps you Estimate Lost PSA Revenues.

a 40% cut seems like a huge

a 40% cut seems like a huge amount for the backfill ads.

is that your own domain there aybabtu?

After looking at the other

After looking at a lot of options for replacing PSAs like which offer's "HUGE 50/50 Revenue Share," the 60/40 split from seemed fair to me. Do you know where I can look for better rev shares?

FYI Alternate URL Ads was not my first choice .. I started at AlternateURL, then installed phpMyAdsnew (to push my own affiliate codes). That process taught me it takes a lot of work on even a small-medium size network to keep my ads appearing "contextual."

While I'm sure its not the *only* good solution, it has been a good solution for *me* because with a number of gambling websites in my network and them having click over $2.50 in that market I'm pleased.


Adsense disabled my account

Adsense disabled my account. My roommate and I have a computer network setup and he set one of my sites as his homepage. He didn't realize clicking on it would get me cancelled. Now I need to look for contextual solutions before launching a major local site.


I'd like to add [my wanker company] to the list of adsense alternatives. Their service is free.

I've been using it for about three months now and found the ads to be relevant and to have good conversion. They serve affiliate ads that generate income when a sale converts. Some of the items generate $50 per sale. In addition to tracking ads, they optimize results to keep the best converting ads for a site on top.

The stupidity of someone...

...who writes the above about adsymphony, then lists thier own as site as adsymphony.

On top of that they want affiliates to sign up with, giving no contact details about themselves.

Pull the other leg, it has bells on it

changed his company name for

changed his company name for him

Thread request

How about a similiar thread on good advertising alternatives to Adwords/Overture/MSN? All tapped out on those, everything else I've tried with one exception is crap. And the one exception was great but a bit expensive for my niche.

too much spam/ self promo of

too much spam/ self promo of non innovative, non unique, poorly branded, and poorly thought out ad networks in this thread...I cringe when I see it come up on the recently commented list...thus I am just going to close this thread out.

ha...can't even edit the

ha...can't even edit the damn thing. spam 4ever hehehe


Chitika works great for me! On some days I earn twice as much with Chitika as I do with AdSense. You can read this (Shameless link drop removed) for more info. Has anyone else had success with Chitika?

Post edited for shameless link drop GW

Affiliate programs and networks directory

Here you can find good alternatives to adsense

link drop removed - GW

A good alternative....

....when you're kicked out of Adsense (for good next time :))


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