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Black Hat Is Dead, White Hat Is On The Run.

Back when the Boston marathon suspects were running from the police, my buddy Kenny Hyder tweeted what seemed like the most poetic

Does Google favor sites they fund through Google Ventures?

About a month ago Jacob King wrote an interesting post on his blog about how ranks so well in the search results.

Google Likely Penalized TechCrunch

Our story begins yesterday when user GrowMap submitted a story about a change in how Technora

Either you will have to log in to use the adwords KW tool or google is replacing it with the planner tool...WUT?

Today, when I tried to use the non-logged in google adwords keyword too

How Widespread is Corruption at Wikipedia?

Salon has an article, Revenge, ego and the corruption of Wikipedia, about a rogue making edits.

Conspiracy Behind the Closing of the Google Affiliate Network

Jonathan Goodman started up a new podcast recently, and one of his first shows was The Google Affiliate Network Consp

DOJ says it doesn't need warrants to grab email and chat content

I think it's safe to say this topic will have some folks up in arms.

Ebay and the FBI Lay Down the Hammer on Cheating Affiliates

Interesting story on Business Insider: 

The Black Hats target the REAL Black hats in a DOS attack on Silk Road

From the BBC this morning, news that a Drug Dealing website has been taken offline in a DOS attack.

Was it Hackers or Governments?

Code Found In YouTube App Confirms Future "PayPerView" Channels

Analysis of code found in the new YouTube Andro

Clinton Political Strategist Targets Google in Fresh Wave of Microsoft Ads.

Microsoft has hired a former political pollister for Hillary Clinton to wage a smear campaign against Gmail.

Is Google Racist?

Harvard University computer scientist LaTanya Sweeney was upset to see a Goo

Apple Users rebel against Google Cookies

Just saw this on the BBC. Storm in teacup? Or Teacup spilling moment?

Facebook Graph Search Privacy Shocker

Now that users have started to get access to the beta search function, the fun has just begun... Bullying Open Source Developers has long been against themes that haven't been licensed under the GPL.

Facebook's Privacy Issues run amok

A Crofter small holding in the outer Hebrides looks more appealling day by day...

Facebook's New Search Engine Will Rival Google

The tech press has been wild with speculation this last week of an imminent "big" launch by Facebook. Will it be a new ad platform, a smart phone or a search engine?

BS: Duplicate Images = Duplicate Content

Since Bing and the Goog

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Back in the day Threadwatch was more like a men's club.  There were like 5 women regulars?  Something pathetic like that.

Yahoo and Ebay to merge

rumours are a foot : that Yahoo and Ebay are to merge.

The big thing here for Yahoo is that a) they get a massive user base b) Paypal