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Steve Rubel Hacks Google Print

Well it looks like the book publishers fears have come true, Blogging Guru Steve Rubel Hacks his way into Google Print and reads books for free

Rumor: Microsoft acquires Opera?

CoolTechZone is carrying a story in which "inside sources" claim Microsoft have acquired Opera

Jews for Jesus Sues God...I Mean Google

Looks like it is about time for that seasonal holiday cheer everyone!

Jews for Jesus are celebrating this Christmas by suing Google for trademark violation on hosted content.

Marissa Mayer Says Google Didn't Jump the Shark with AOL

After What Google Gave up made the rounds and was on the front page of Digg and John Battelle wondered if Google Jumped the Shark Google's Vice President of Search Products & User Experience Marissa Mayer does a little damage control

It Always Feels Like Somebody's Watching Me...

Tim Bray posted about What the Spooks Know:

I think that with a high probability, the US intelligence community in general, and the NSA in particular, with support from its UKUSA allies, is capturing more or less all the traffic there is: telephone, FAX, email, Usenet, Web, feeds. I think they’re data-mining all of it, looking for anything suspicious, without regard to who it’s from or who it’s to.

Wikipedia Invades Google Serps

Take a look at the top "organic" result in the following SERP's:

[cooking information] [poker information] [fishing information] [weight loss information] [credit card information] [Donald Trump information]

Google Firefox Extensions: Good or Bad? You Decide!

Nitesh Dhanjani points out some security issues with Google's new FireFox extensions that just don't smell right:

Rumor: Bill Clinton Supports Pump and Dump Market Manipulating Spammer?

A while ago we posted about the much hyped me too offering called Accoona spamming various SEO forums to promote their search engine.

Rumor: Google to Buy Opera?

So the rumor is that Google is acquiring Opera.

The string of people on this one is a bit long Gary Price points at Dirson who points at Pierre Chappaz.

Proof Google is Evil (and Greedy)

A recent Newsweek article about SEO highlighted a spam site of self proclaimed search spammer by the nickname of Earl Gray, pointing out where the site ranks.

Gmail Knows What you are Buying and Shipping

According to the owner of this screen shot Gmail scanned the contents of his email and automatically added the tracking link located in the upper right hand corner. From a programming point of view pretty cool.

Scandal and Mayhem at the Virtual Library

The Virtual Library was originally created by Tim Berners-Lee (creator of the WWW) and remains the oldest web directory. As a registered non profit with killer link authority some of the maintainers have been a bit greedy, taking more than their fair share of the link popularity.

Economics of Button Pushing Black Hats

If you've ever wondered why black hat spammers do what they do, and why they don't care when websites get banned, CountZero sums it all up in one nice little paragraph, Why spam works

The Google 'test' datacentre

I know, I know, datacentre watching, yadda yadda. But, but, a while ago Mr Cutts referred to a test one ( that was out there in a dusty corner, and that said results may well show up a month or so down the line. Well, in the current update thread (the last post), some people have said they've seen these results in the wild. And they are different.

Google Calendar Screenshot

Not sure if this one is legit or not but it looks like someone may have grabbed a screenshot of the rumored Google Calender. When I visit I get the standard screen so this may not be the real deal.

MSN Contextual Ad Program Coming Soon?

In the middle of an enormous batch of posts from yesterday at SES Chicago, Mr rustybrick drops the following:

Just overheard Jed Nahum from MSN Search trying to pick up a beta tester for its contextual advertising program - picking up a publisher for the program. That is all I know right now.

Rumor: Google Calendar Tomorrow

Nathan Weinberg points at Business 2.0's mention of the pending Google Calendar:

NASA dumps IE for Firefox

Rumour has it that NASA is dumping Microsoft's Internet Explorer in favor of Firefox.

From Behind the Curtain at TCG blog: "A little birdie told me today that NASA has given up entirely on Internet Explorer. Now every time you go to a page using IE, you get up to three prompts telling you how risky it is to run scripts. The official line is that the newest IE vulnerability was the proverbial straw, and now NASA's standard browser is Firefox."

Bellsouth proposes internet fast-track

Bellsouth proposes selectively serving some sites faster than others, echoing the opinion of AT & T.

"The chief technology officer for BellSouth Corp. said Internet service providers could charge Internet companies to deliver some Web sites faster than others.

Quintura Search Comment Spamming Campaign

Over the past two weeks I have been receiving multiple comments on the Search Engine Journal from a Turk search engine dubbed Quintura ( The comments were half way relevant at first but as of lately they've become lazy with their comment spamming or comment marketing, as I judged these posts as border line (Spiced Ham) before today.