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Google Raids Software...Doesn't Have the Decency to Call or Say Thanks

John Flowers, of kozoru, posts about how Google abruptly ceased communicating, but continued to rummage through his software after they stopped answering his emails and phone calls.

Podcaster Adam Curry blowing his own

Former MTV VeeJay, podcasting Guru, and son of CIA employee Adam Curry is seemingly trying to increase his relevance in the history of podcasting by anonymously editing out some of the Wikipedia entry on Podcasting. Nothing wrong with that you say, but unfortunately the fucker was caught!

Google Sandbox and the SEO Darklords

While technically I'm on vacation and missed SEO Rockstars yesterday, one thing I noticed that wasn't getting mentioned elsewhere was Oilman and WebGurrilla are both looking for you to share your sandboxed websites with them in exchange for some revenue sharing.

Google Suggests Racism?

Softopedia notes how Google Suggest tends to promote gross racist stereotypes: The new Google Suggest beta is a very good idea... in theory, because as practice proved, the service became a tool for finding answers to racist questions. The service is created to fill in possible queries as the user types in a related word. These suggested queries are based on what other people searched for before and it was proved that people are interested in finding evidence that "blacks are inferior", "blacks are lazy" or to prove that the "white race is superior".

Spitzer Stalks Sony

I'd just hate to be the dumb MF that said "hey, i know, we could put this little DRM thingy on our cd's, and then get it on peoples computers!" at Sony right now. BusinessWeek reports that Elliot Spitzers agents have been picking up a few CD's and showing great interest in the Sony BMG fiasco.

Give Us Our RSS!

Jeff Jarvis has started a little weekend kerfuffle over aggregator services not reporting subscriber numbers

Is the PR Industry Really This Shady?

For a project unrelated to TW, me and my partner have been working very hard to find a rock solid PR agency, one that understands blogs inside out. Can we even get one of these guys to talk to us? Can we fuck...

Engadget to Close Comments - Leaked Email Reveals

Nick Douglas appears to have snaffled a private email from Peter Rojas to Engadget's writers detailing plans to close comments on the site due to "declining level of discourse" and "spam" -- nothing to do with AOL and legal issues then eh?

Google-mart Taking over the Internet

Here's the latest Google speculation from "Robert X Cringely" (that's not his real name, is it?). The brief of the sci-fi short story like speculative piece is that Google's got a secret box in a secret part of a secret basement, however endowed with "about 5000 Opteron processors and 3.5 petabytes of disk storage" to the best knowledge of the author of said piece.

Mutton Dressed as Lamb

It's hard to imagine a worse entry into the blogosphere than those idiots at pyjamas media (now, but hopefully soon to change, open source media) have pulled. How can you be so utterly clueless -- who did their research, who's in charge of PR, who gives a flying fuck? Other than it's amusement value, which is probably the best thing they'll ever produce, what good is a bunch of old farts demonstrating that they dont get it to the internet at large?

Google Print Has Advertsing

I think the arrogance at Google has hit a new high point, they are now showing advertising in Google Print. I noticed they are putting links to to Google print on the bottom of all the SERPS today

Google Wipes

Dave spots that Google have removed Chris Pirillo's scraper, erm..

Bloggers to AOL: Back off Porky!

Stephen Baker points out the uproar AOL bloggers (yes, AOL have "journals") are staging over the addition of a big fat banner at the top of their "journals".

Google does Weed

Google's split results (their attempt at clustering or differentiation for vague terms) is actually suggesting Weed Pipes

Rumour: ASK Axes PPC Product, Sacks Sales Team

A reliable source informs me that ASK have made all of their ad sales team redundant today, at least in the UK, and wil not be continuing with their own PPC program as previously planned. They'll be continuing with Google Adwords.

Yahoo! Invent Stupid Name for Shopping Site

Yahoo, your rep in the blogosphere is good, but it's not that fucking good, shoposphere? shoposphere? - Holy shit batman, someone du

SixApart PR Agency Spams Bloggers

That's damn funny! The PR agency for makers of MovableType, SixApart have been [i]spamming bloggers[/

Amazing How Stupid People Think You Are...

Barely a day goes by where this place isn't spammed by some idiot that either clearly thinks me and the other members here are all idiots, or is so far down the evolutionary ladder that they just really think they're being dead smart.

Scoble pulls Anti-Google Post

Young Robert Scoble clearly thought better of a post that was pretty critical of Google when he pulled the damning piece from his blog recently. Fortunately for scandal lovers everywhere, Nathan has the scoop and i'll reprint it aswell. It's a fun little rant, and he should have kept it there. Also worthy of note is the wider acceptance of Daniel Brandt these days, (him of the Brandt Rant™ fame). Once perceived to be an "underpants on head" space jockey living in a basement with a reinforced tin-foil hat on at all times, as the perception of Google as Uber-Evil Corp spreads, Brandts reputation as a paranoid whako diminshes.

WebGuerrilla the Blogger

Greg Boser aka WebGuerrilla has officially entered the blogosphere