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Here Comes Google Travel.....

We all know that GOOG will eventually move into travel in a big way, it's inevitable right? Well im seeing some little rumours pop up across the blogosphere right now, including the following little snippet...

Black meets White in Grey Marriage Shocker!

Not sure if you guys have noticed this aswell, but Danny is spot on when he talks about Black and White hat branches of SEO coming together.

Click Bitch

Hell hath no fury... True or not, the story going around that one unlucky Search marketer had his ex-girlfriend click his search ads thousands of times resulting in the suspension of his account is hysterical.

Im with David, Bugger AOL

David's right, the whole AOL thing is getting so dull now. So Yahoo! aren't in the running anymore eh? Yawn yawn, get this MF finsished, im bored.

Sony DRM: First Trojan Spotted, First Suit Filed

Oh deary deary me, Sony do seem to having a rough time over what they consider the trivial matter of installing a rootkit on customers computers dont they? (trivial because, "nobody knows what a rootkit is", their words, not mine). Well, surprise surprise Sony!

NewsVine, It's a News Site, with Comments! Erm......

There's an awful lot of backslapping buzz being generated over the coming launch of newsvine, with industry heavyweight Om Malik write a long post about it and a whole bunch of others jumping up and down excitedly at what, for all intent and purpose, amounts to yet another scraper with it's best frock on.

Build for Firefox, Tweak for IE - Unless You're Microsoft

Looking at a pointer from Niall to the new MSN homepage beta this morning, it struck me that there's probably some internal policy over there about designing for Firefox. Every designer, and I do mean every designer that knows anything about their craft knows that you build for Firefox, tweak for IE. It's just the easiest, simplist way to design compliant code cross browser. If MS were to do the sensible thing though, which is, to make halve the time it takes to prototype a page, it would be an admission of guilt wouldn't it?

Computer Associates Calls Sony Rootkits Spyware

Clearly misunderstanding the marketplace Sony DRM installs rootkits. However Computer Associates PestPatrol software flag it as spyware.

Sony: These aren't the rootkits you're looking for...

Following the story of Sony's DRM installing a rootkit the geniuses at Sony have have said rootkits are of no concern.

Has Blogspot been Purged of Spam?

Reports are coming in that Google may have done the unthinkable, and actually given splogs the boot at blogspot. Gotta be a heavy

Does Yahoo! Search Marketing SUCK for Agencies?

Heather posts some rather damning criticism of YSM. Again. She says that it's far too easy to get client credit cards mixed up, and dreadfully difficult to rectify cock ups.

Grokster Shuts Down

The P2P file sharing company Grokster will be shutting down according to settlement announced in Buiness Week.

How do you buy a Boeing 767-200

Quote: Mr. Page acknowledges that the purchase might seem ostentatious. But "we tend to have an engineering approach, to be fact-based," he says. "We looked at this and we just did the economics and we said, 'you know, it makes a lot of sense.' "

Google's Free Lunch

J. Michael Arrington over at Techcrunch, as well as tracking web 2.0 stuff is also recommending that the food is great and if you can get past the parking attendant you have a great free lunch (and don't forget to take a doggie-bag for dinner) to split your day in two. Of course he reminds us it's just a rumour.

Google Slashes Income of Children's Hospital

As we discussed in another thread today, there is scope for some really bad publicity if you look like you are making money out of a charity, specially if it is a children's hospital. Well Google has stepped up to the plate. The Times is running the story of how Google today found itself accused of damaging the fundraising efforts of a London children's hospital which has relied for more than 75 years on royalities from J M Barrie's Peter Pan.

Flock Off

I enjoyed playing with Flock, the new social browser based on Firefox that i got to testdrive last month, but i never took it out for another spin. Today i was going to write about this, and the fact that for me at least, Flock was a flop. I've been beaten to that conclusion though by Srivs, who's post, "Flock Never Stood a Chance", slams the startup for solving problems that don't exist, and I couldn't agree more. It's fun for 5mins, but i'll stick to FF thanks.

AOL's Calacanis calls Weblog Firm "Theives"

The audacity of Creative Weblogging, a blog network not too high on the radar, is undoubtably high. They've virtually copied AOL's Weblogs Inc design to a tee. Principle tantrum thrower Jason Calacanis has gone absolutely apeshit over the theft of design calling them theives, and worse.

Court Rules DOS Attacks Legal in UK

ZD Net has an odd legal story in which a teenager sent (I jest not) 5 million emails to his employer. The judge accepted defence arguments that since the firm's email server was set up for the express purpose of receiving emails then sending a flood of unsolicited emails could not be considered an act of unauthorised modification. "Case Dismissed"

No Escape for Apple on iPorn

We've talked about the various moves to bring porn to the video iPod, and the reaction of the adult industry to it, but despite adult businesses being wary of entering the space, the iPorn train rolls on. Reuters report on a new dedicated search engine that finds adult video suitable for the video iPod.

Yahoo and 'interesting' hand-tweaking?

In a story entitled "Yahoo Marketing Yahoo Search in its Google Results", Search Engine Journal flag an odd looking result. Matt comments here - he also remembers some previous hand-jobs.