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China Blocks Wikipedia

News is coming in that at least in Shanghai, you can no longer access Wikipedia. Under fire recently over the quality and accuracy of some articles, Wikipedians living in China are shit out of luck.

As DMOZ Dies, Editor Egos Still Astound

As DMOZ, the open directory project of yesteryear dies a slow, embarrassing and painful death, the ego's of it's higher placed editors refuse to deflate. In fact, they appear to be the healthies part of the whole project right now.

Does the Secret Adsense API Exist?

And if the secret Adsense API does exist, is it funding spammers and allowing them to break the TOS' that apply to the rest of us plebs?

Does Google's Arrogance Know No Bounds?

So we all know how France feel about GOOG. Particularly Google Print. Does anyone here feel that opening a local language site to promote Google Print in France is a good idea?

Yahoo! Search Marketing Customer Service - Ugh!

Heather is so upset and frustrated with YSM (Overture) Customer Service that she's mapping out their phone extensions the hard way just to get to speak to someone...

DMOZ Editor Accounts on eBay

As pointed out by EGOL from SEOChat, our much-loved overt blackhat is selling one of his DMOZ editorships. Of course: buyer beware! You should be really careful not to draw attention, because the regular dmoz posse will be all over you before you can say "spam control".

Splogsplosion? Not according to Dave Sifry of Technorati

With all of our talk about Google's Splogsplosion it's interesting to see some comments from Technorati's Dave Sifry, who clearly sees more blogs than many of us. According to him it's not as bad as it seems. Here's a section from his latest state of the blogosphere report.


Scott's learning about linkbaiting. Which is almost as useful a skill as Threadjacking™

Google's Splogsplosion

We all knew it would happen, and indeed it's been building for a long time now, but i get this feeling that the tipping point has now been reached

Savvy JS Hacker Knobbles MySpace

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It's a coin toss as to whether you admire or despise hackers, personally, as long as no one gets fleeced, and no small children or animals are hurt i can't help but to admire - particularly stuff like this. It's just cool...

Anti-blogger Gives Aaron Some Stick

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I'm back! After an eventful trip to Latvia for a friends stag i have returned to find that the internet has gone mad. Everyone is buying each other, people are buying blogs and this fool is calling Aaron Wall, of SEO Book fame, a noob!

Someone is having serious Google Rankings Problems

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I don't want to name any names for threat of any legal issues... however I think this Google URL speaks miles....

Apple ... No Wifi for You

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Everyone would like to be talking or live-blogging the latest Apple press event, however according to Engadget and MacObserver, the event is held in an area without cellular and wifi.

Blog Network Leaves Money on Table

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With some of the recent high profile blog network purchases and outrageous blog evaluations we've seen lately, here's comes a story about the 9 Rules Network who didn't take the money

Technorati Looking for Spam Hunter

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We know Dave Sifry was looking for ways to get rid of spam, and Technorati also held a spam summit earlier this year, now it looks like they are looking to hire a spam hunter

Google Fixes Adwords Phishing Vulnerability

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Coming in a bit late, but thanks to Harith, still coming in is a story about the Adwords system being vulnerable to injection attacks that's just been fixed. Seems it was spotted late last month...

Google's Knickers are Showing...

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No, really it's true, at least in terms of webmastery type stuff. Gary noticed that their robots.txt file is disallowing the crawling of /purchases and /gwt - Can ya see what it is yet...?

UK ISP Nildram Copycats VeriSign SiteFinder

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A UK ISP, Nildram, have started emailing customers telling them all about a wonderful new service that's sure to have everyone singing their praises and dancing for joy. They're copying the much hated upon SiteFinder from Verisigh - where they will hijack your misspellings in a friendly fashion and whisk you away to a destination of their choosing. Oh joy, the world is just full of geniuses isn't it?

Blogger Ban Lifted In China? - Nope, Still Banned...

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UPDATE: What a shame, it appears to be back in force now...

Clearly we'll need a little more confirmation on this, but Shak has an early report that the ban on blogspot blogs has been lifted in China.

Zunch Management Teams Walks Out

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Bill tells me that he's just heard the entire excutive management team at Zunch Communications, which includes Kevin Ryan, Giovanni Gallucci, Tony Wright, and David J. Wilkie, have walked out. Apparently they're forming a new company called Kinetic Results.