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The fate of search is at hand

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Authority Blog Search? I'll believe it when I see it ok?

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I've talked about this with a few people, rcjordan in particular, authority blog search. Meaning, finding the source, or the most credible of posts rather than the latest drivel from jonny nobody. Om posts about Sphere, that according at least to them, are going to do just that...

WordPress want HOW MUCH for a Text Link Ad?

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So, you reckon young Matt Mullenweg might be being a bit ambitious asking for $10,000 for 1 day sponsorship of the WP homepage? Aaron does, and so do I....

Gator is Back - But this time it's cool apparently...

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It's unlikely that there is anyone at all reading this post that has not at least heard of Gator, the notorious spyware app that watched your habbits and fed your screen "helpful" popups whilst you browsed. What's old is new again though, and as Dave Taylor, who once worked for Gator (now they're called Claria) asks "Now that privacy's dead, is Gator the killer app after all?"

It's Time to Sell Those Blogs

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Quick, everyone put their blog up for sale, before someone talks AOL down. Yes, yes! Content *is* king...and it's being paid a king's ransom.

Sergey Speaks, Audience Snoozes

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Garry Price from SEW posts about Sergey From Google speaking at Berkeley. The man speaks - so we are invited to listen... reverently on our knees. When you address students Sergey, you have been invited to inspire, challenge and educate... your royal presence alone is not enough. Sergey Brin is an absolute bore to listen to, completely unprepared and dribbles on about nothing.

Google Borg, the Patent

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Msgraph at Search Engine Watch forums links to the newest Google patent application. Reading those things make my head hurt, but here's his take on what it's about:

Selling Your Soul, Blogging about Blogging

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Don't jump! Don't jump! Aaron talks about the frustrations of blogging and contemplates selling his soul and starting a blog about blogging.

Seth's Squidoo - Is it, Wikipedia, or Geocities?

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The title is a little harsh, but justified i think. Seth just released his new eBook, "everyone is an expert" [pdf]. Its an ad, a damn good one, stacked with value, and i'd highly recommend it, but an ad nonetheless, for his new project Squidoo.

Dodgy Hosts Inserting Links in Client Sites

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You can't help but laugh at the stupidity of some people. Danny points to a post by PhillC that tells of one hosting company that you would NOT want to trust with your websites. They've been putting cloaked links at the bottom of their clients pages. See before and after. Sheesh...

Rumour: Sold to Verisign for $5M

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Continuing the saga of Bubble2.0™ comes fresh rumour that Dave Winer has sold to Verisign for $5M - was the first "ping service" - fuck knows what Verisign want with it, maybe they just dont want to be left standing with the nerdy kids when all the cool kids are busy flashing their boobs at bloggers?

Just me, or does the new Tom's Hardware Guide "makeover" suck?

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Really, I think I accept change/evolution pretty well for a dinosaur ...but, eeeewwww, I feel like they fixed something that wasn't broke.

Ooops! AdSense Cheques go AWOL

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AdSense payments sent to AdWords addresses. Jen has a worrying story about large numbers of AdSense cheques being sent to the wrong addresses last month. If you have ever worried about the amount of information that Google holds on you, and how they use it, this is a salutory reminder. Now the affected AdSense publishers (who have made no erors on their part) will have any wrong cheque cancelled and a new one sent, with their regular payment next month. In other words Google hold their money, until convenient to Google to release it. A lot of unhappy bunnies out their - maybe they should try EFT!.

Google will fall to the first upstart who cares about Search

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Or so says Dave Winer when he says they're doing an AltaVista. AltaVista fell because they wanted to be everything, are GOOG headed the same way?

No Google Office, yet...

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I'm hearing from members kind enough to have tuned into the SUN/GOOG broadcast and report back here that the deal is not to distribute a web based Office product, but "make it easier for users to obtain such products as the productivity software" which is apparently quoted from a small WSJ piece just published.

Google's Matt Cutts' Blog GoogleWashed

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UPDATE: As Danny pointed out in this thread, what's happened to Matt Cutts' blog is not really "hijacking", though it does bear similarities. What has happened, is that the source of a story, in this case, Matt's blog, has been washed out of the results pages by duplicates on other sites - it's part of a noticeable problem in the way that Search engines hanndle duplicate content, and the trouble they have determining the original. In particular, Google seem very prone to this - and as you can read below, no one is exempt...

The Domain Swindle

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Did Matt Mullenweg of pull a fast one on a domain squatter and wrestle away the domain?

A domain squatter (Ric Johnson) who claimed he bought in late 2003 approached Matt Mullenweg of to make a deal. (His offer was through which owns domains like Ohprah.Com, CreativeCommon.Org, BlogRoll.Net, and many other squatter domains which probably can't easily be commercialized). Now Matt's name is on the domain and Ric is wondering why no one at WordPress is returning his calls.

Skanky Spyware Site Forces GOOG Toolbar Download

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This one's a little hard to follow, but i'll do my best to make it simple despite not being sure if i have the right of it myself heh.. A spyware site is forcing downloads of the Google Toolbar. It's not clear why, but a good guess might be that it makes it look like it's legit, while other more harmful apps are being installed.

Fake Firefox on PSP

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There are pictures of Firefox already ported to the PSP on this site. I know when the PSP came out there were a lot of people itching to get their hands on it. Now the pictures are hhhmmmm not the best and I especially find the Firefox screen on the second one a bit grainy compared to the surrounding area.

Google & Yahoo! both Involved in Nuance Talent Poaching?

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Remember Yahoo! are being sued for poaching voice talent?, well rumour has it that there may be just a little more to this tale, involving Google, Jerry Yang and the normal cut throat business of Search engines.