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Dell do it again...

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It's quite astonishing just how regularly Dell like to give everyone an excuse to bitch about them. Gizmodo report on this Reuters piece that details the fact that Dell, in their infinate wisdom will overcome poor financials by cutting home delivery on low-end systems.

A Blog is Just a Website, Live with It

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Adrants echo an opinion expressed almost daily on Threadwatch, a blog is just a website that makes it easy to publish and discover. There's nothing that special about them other than they come kitted out with RSS and anyone can do it, rather than just those who can program.

Mesothelioma Case Study

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Is running a Mesothelioma seo case study a cynical grab for some high paying adsense keywords? Of course it is, but it's funny, and i don't begrudge him the adsense $$$'s...

Google WIFI and the $100 Laptop

Source Title: MIT’s One Laptop per Child Movement Sponsored By Google Source Url: Story Text:

Loren has an interesting take on the $100 laptop story: Will GOOG fund global wifi and distribute access amongst the 1 computer per child global campaign?

Yahoo! Accused of Hijacking VoIP Tech

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Yahoo! have been accused of hijacking an interactive voice technology from Nuance Communications by luring away 13 employees who were about to complete a project that would have been marketed to Yahoo! and others.

Google Causing Havock with 302's on MSN

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You know, i think a lot of people are starting to get just a little bit sick of Google's disregard for redirects. Their handling of 302 redirects has caused untold amount of grief for websites these past few years, and now we find, thanks again to DaveN, that Froogle's incorrect handling of redirection is causing MSN to hijack results.

U.S. Wont Give Up Control of Internet

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Well, you didn't really think that the U.S. would actually hand control of the Internet over to the U.N. did you? Sheesh, which is the lesser of two evils there? It's like deciding if tweedle-dee or tweedle-dum should safegaurd the web...

First Orkut, Now Adwords Joins the Google Borg

Source Title: Google AdWords Advertisers must have Google Accounts to log in? Source Url: Story Text:

Recently Orkut users, poor misguided souls that they are, were assimilated into the Google Account Borg, now Adwords accounts will be similarly required to switch to the "one size fits all" structure.

Google Lying About Her Age?

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Seems that Google, like many women i know (and quite a few men) is being a little untruthful about her age in public. Threadwatch, along with quite a few others wished Google a happy birthday on Sept. 7th. The date that this page said was GOOG's official birthday.

Google: No, really ours is the biggest, you'll just have to trust us on that ok?

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A few of the headlines surrounding Google's announcement that their index is 3 times larger than the competion's are proclaiming the index size wars over. It hasn't stopped the childishness though, and apparently, we just have to trust Google when they tell us theirs is the largest.

MSN AdCenter Launches Today?

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Well it looks like we might finally get to see MSN's AdCenter paid search program today. Aaron spotted this story from IHT and speculates that it will be a limited beta rollout, which seems likely.

IPod Nano, Scratched Out of the Gate

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We talked about how we thought the IPod Nano was one of the sexiest gadgets we've ever seen. However it seems that the screen on the Nano is made of plastic and scratches really easily, which renders the color display pretty much useless.

Microsoft Suppress Search Engine Survey

Source Title: Microsoft asked Keynote Systems not to make a survey of search engine users available to the public. Source Url: Story Text:

...and the fact that they've done that may make it much much worse. David Utter reporting on a WSJ story says that MS told Keynote Systems to not publish a survey of 2000 users as "Microsoft had problems with Keynote's methodology". Naturally this had nothing to do with the fact that the report found that MSN Search had slipped from #3 in popularity to #5, 27% found general search results less than satisfactory and 37% of local searches were also shite.

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The plot just continues to thicken with MSN's - We keep talking here at TW about how MSN need to rebrand their Search, but what about Start? Seems to me that when this is a finished project, it could well be used to catapult MSN Search to new heights no? Anyway, the point of this post was to link to which although i can't see anywhere where you can sign up, developer Omar Shahine says they'll be adding features frequently, and the blurb on the page sounds like someone is beta'ing it..

Pharma Sites Busted by DEA

Source Title: DEA Disables Major Pharmaceutical Internet Scheme Source Url: Story Text:

Maybe we're up for some change at the pharm, 4600 is a nice amount of domains, or maybe as suggested here its only "Nah, that's 1 web site and 4,599 doorway pages I reckon, They've got Yahoo! search sussed ;-) " - See the DEA press release

Jeremy Joins the Borg

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A sad day for fans of Yahoo's Jermemy Zawodny's blog. The days of free thinking are sadly at an end as under protestation Jeremy finally joins the Yahoo! borg. He begins media training today, where he will the learn the noble arts of bullshitting the public, avoiding the issues, taking 10mins to NOT answer a direct question, and how to get that all important twinkly bit in his smile for the cameras...

Reporters without Borders putting Bloggers Lives at Risk?

Source Title: Guide aims to help bloggers beat censors Source Url: Story Text:

In some countries, you can be executed for being gay, and hard lines are taken against those that break reporting laws. With that in mind, rather than jump on what im sure will become quite a large backing of Reporters without Borders' Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents as reported by BusinessWeek, I'd like to ask if this is as wise as it would at first appear?

SEMPO: Arrogant, Self Agrandizing Fuckwits or What?

Source Title: SEMPO Says No, SMA-NA Says Yes To Fight Against Traffic Power Source Url: Story Text:

You know, most of the time i can't be bothered to report on any of the industry organizations surrounding SEM. It just doesn't interest me very much, and I don't think it's particularly relevant for a lot of TW'ers. However, just check out the unmitigated drivel coming out of that gaping wound that is SEMPO:

Traffic Power Skeletons Dragged out of the Closet

Source Title: WSJ Dissects Traffic Power Complaints & Search Engine Bans Source Url: Story Text:

Traffic Power, those nice chaps that cold call you then get your site banned must be having a lovely time right about now. The WSJ is retelling their story in light of the new lawsuit against SEOBook. The link is paid sub only, so fuck 'em, here's Danny's summary:

Innocent in London

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Interesting (and concerning) account of a tech blogger detained by police in London based on some very loose criteria:

I went into the station without looking at the police officers at the entrance or by the gates, i.e. I was ‘avoiding them’