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Hugh Macleod Slapped by BBC's Metcalfe

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Hugh Macleod, darling of the blogosphere, has thrown a little girly tantrum over BBC's Ben Metcalfe pulling him up on his "wine pimping" exploits. The upshot is, Hugh is trying to push Wine on his blog, along with Suits, and using every buzzy bloggy word in the book to make it sound like the coolest thing in the world to do, but good for Ben in calling it out for the bollocks it truly is.

Nazi Scum Attack Wikipedia

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The human race's biggest, ongoing embarrassment, "neo nazi's" attacked the Wikipedia entry for Simon Wiesnthal, the famous Nazi hunter who died yesterday.

WSJ Stealing Stories without Creditation, Repeatedly?

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Rafat has blown a fuse over WSJ stealing his stories and providing no creditation. He said "teach yourself and your journalists some ethics on crediting. Your reporter was not up till 2 AM in the night confirming and writing this...I was. " when talking about a story he broke about MTV/IFilm deal that's spread these last few days.

Google Spammng their own Engine? (again..)

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Volatilegx has a interesting post about Google filling their own SERPS with shite which summarizes another thread. It would appear, at least from the post, that Google are playing games of some sort, but what sort im not 100% on.

Feedster Spin Spam Blog Strategy, Miss Point Entirely

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Now, young Scott Johnson over at Feedster has managed to get himself a spot over on MediaPost where he's talking about the problem of spam blogs or "splogs", if you're a complete wanker. Yet again we see another teeny tiny engine giving it large on how they tackle spam, but worse, he misses the point in its entirety.

Waiting for Google to Fall

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As Google's arrogance grows, the web waits with baited breath for them to take that inevitable misstep. We know it's coming, it can't not come, and I think when it does, the web community will fall upon them like wolves on a wounded stag.

Google Secure Access - All of Your Traffic is Belong to Us!

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Oh boy, you thought Web Accelerator was scary? Get a load of Google Secure Access, a new program to secure your wifi connection for you.

Reputation 101 - Don't Accuse unless you're Certain!

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Not only shouldn't you call someone out in general unless you're certain, but when you're calling out a fellow blogger for spamming, someone well known and liked within the community, you'd better be be 110% certain of your facts, as you end up looking a bit silly at best.

Surprise Surprise! Websourced CEO Resigns

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No surprises to learn that Websourced CEO Pat Martin has resigned today. At least, that's what Barry says. I assume the little bird that was flitting round my tree got bored and is now busy IM'ing Barry all the gossip heh!

Barry says NO! to Yahoo! 360! Porn!

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Barry was shocked, shocked i tell you! when he discovered Yahoo's 360 had a seedy side.

I received an invite from "CARAMEL_KISSES", her named sparked some investigative work, so I checked our her profile page but it looked fairly clean. So I decided to hit that "accept" invitation button. Then when viewing my home page, where it syndicates all the new items for my connected friends, I saw some porn news feeds coming in. So I immediately removed CARAMEL_KISSES from my friends list.

Google goes Porn - What is Bret Tabke doing?

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I found a nice little story related to Google's new Porno website "Grotica". In reading what I could find out about it, I was able to confirm that the brand new, porn domain, was LOW AND BEHOLD registered by my favorite, Bret Tabke of Webmaster World, just yesterday. Interesting, I recall that he also, has registered

The First Rule of Zeitgeist is...

Source Title: Google Zeitgeist 05: Featuring Press & Bloggers But No Blogging Or Coverage Allowed Source Url: Story Text:

You Don't Talk About Zeitgeist! - Danny picks up on something from here that flew by me entirely, Google's Zeitgeist forum is off limits to press and bloggers despite attendees being largely made up of, yep, you guessed it, press and bloggers!

Fresh Speculation on Google Wallet

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Although Silicon seem to have suffered temporary amnesia and forgotten that Google supposed rival to PayPal was actually news from June this year, and that Schmidt has said that it will not compete with PayPal, more rumours are emerging about the so called "Google Wallet".

Second Web Spam Summit Announced - No Spammers!

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The idiots geniuses that bought us er.. nothing last year, have announced the 2nd Web Spam Summit taking place next week at Google HQ. The summit is an annual opportunity for the Search engines to pay lip service to hand wringing blog vendors on issues of "splogs" and comment spam whilst carefully avoiding taking any significant action at all.

Gray hats the sexiest?

Source Title: Study Shows: White Hats Not More Pure, Just More Sanctimonious Source Url: Story Text:

According to a new study recently released by new organization UPONG,

Black hats, despite reputations otherwise, were only 87.6% as sexy as white hats, who in turn were 96.4% as sexy as Greys.

Google Pilot New Webmaster Communications Initiative

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UPDATE: Google have confirmed a pilot project to "open up communications" with webmasters they feel are breaking their guidelines. Emails are being sent to selected websites flagged for removal from the Google index. In the comments of this post, Google's Matt Cutts said "Google is trying out a pilot program to alert site owners when we're removing their site for violating our guidelines. JavaScript redirects are the first trial, but we've also sent a few emails about hidden text, I believe.". He went on to add "Personally, I think opening up a line of communication to let webmasters know when we're taking action is a really good thing--a site owner doesn't have to guess about what happened".

Pay Yahoo! $300 to get Your Title Borked in Search Results?

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Right on the heels of Google getting slammed for messing around with DMOZ snippets, comes angry words from Jim Boykin over Yahoo's messing with Title tags in Search results.

Google Hot Chicks?

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David Cowan of Who Has Time For This? reports that "Reliable, inside sources who understandably wish to remain anonymous have confirmed to me that (and I kid you not) Google's recruiters have been directed to hire every attractive single woman they can."

Google Hunting SEM Managers?

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Now this would be a turn up for the books. Google appear to be scouting for SEM managers, which as Aaron says, is a far cry from the client poaching kerfuffle that went round the blogs and forums this spring.

Rumour: Websourced being Raided by Dept of Revenue

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A little bird tells me the boys and girls at Websourced, owners of SearchEngineLowdown, and owned by THK may be feeling a little hot under the collar right now. According to a reliable source, the offices are currently being raided by the NC Dept. of Revenue. The phrase "cooking the books", came up several times in the conversation.