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Fake Kai Fu Lee Google Site?

Source Title: Google launches website about dispute with Microsoft over hiring of Kai-Fu Lee Source Url: Story Text:

Interfax say that is a Google owned blog, even quoting some PR chap as saying "The Chinese media and Chinese students are very interested in the latest information about Dr. Lee's recent situation, so Google decided to launch this blog site for them" - but if you look at the WHOIS you'll note it's nameservers are DreamHost, Not Google as is normal for GOOG sites. Did Interfax get duped?

RSS Reader Blocks Google Ads

Source Title: NewsFire blocks RSS ads Source Url: Story Text:

And so it begins... The only thing about the fact that Newsfire is now blocking Google and Feedburner RSS ads by default that surprises me, is that it took this long for it to start...

Danny Sullivan Rips into FirstMonday Monkeys

Source Title: Looking At Google Bombs, But Not Very Well Source Url: Story Text:

Why is it that the last thing anyone does when writing something about Search, is ask someone who knows about Search? That's what Danny Sullivan is essentially asking when he tears into over a poorly written paper on "Google Bombing".

OK, Hands up if you're an RSS Dummy

Source Title: Search Community Still Doesn't Get RSS Source Url: Story Text:

Peter is banging the why don't Search marketers get RSS drum again. It's a song we've played before eh Peter? It still baffles me aswell but to give you some hope, maybe, I did speak to a bunch of folks in Edinburgh this weekend about the virtues of RSS / tagging and other such trendy things - they all promised dutifully to change their ways and bloody well catch up with the rest of us after the gig. Let's just hope it wasn't the beer talking...

Meckler Takes his Ball Home

Story Text:

Alan Meckler the CEO of JupiterMedia recently had a fit over the sale of Alan alleges that he was the reason LightMedia was a success, and after a heated debate in the comments, has now nuked the thread.

ASK in Spyware Flagging Flap

Source Title: Ask Jeeves Disputes Anti-Spyware Flaggings Source Url:,1895,1857761,00.asp Story Text:

Search engines and spyware is a topic that's been coming up more and more frequently of late. ASK have had their fair share of bad press over all manner of dodgy looking spyware stuff, as have Yahoo! of late. As for Google, well, Accelerator, Toolbar, Autolink - you name it, they've had it. ASK are again getting spyware publicity i'm sure they'd rather do without - this time for bundling their toolbar, something both Google and Yahoo! both do also.

Google still blacklisting the competition?

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Following on from the earlier story about Thunderstone, I was looking around at some other search related queries and found this.

China Blocking Skype & VoIP

Source Title: China blocks Skype, VoIP Source Url: Story Text:

Looks like China may be blocking SkyepOUT and other VoIP services acording to Guy Kewney at Newswireless today.

Godaddy Holding Customer Sites to Ransom?

Source Title: Iink requests as spam Source Url: Story Text:

So we sent a request for a link trade to the wrong guy and he reported it as spam. Now Godaddy suspended 24 domains and is asking $199 each to get them back, a total of $4776 USD.

The dns is redirected to godaddy abusednsblah so we get a 404 page and our domains are down and losing money. The abuse people work 9-5 and not on the weekend. Nothing short of blackmail. You have no recourse. You can contest the decision and have your domains offline for another week. Registrars should register domains not use it is as a source of revenues. The abuse department as usual can only be reached by mail and do not give a shit about your business. We spent the weekend transferring domains away from these people.

DMOZ Editors Taking Advantage of Google Loopholes

Source Title: DMOZ Editors Taking Advantage of Google Loopholes Source Url: Story Text:

Randfish talks about some dirty tricks editors at DMOZ are trying to make some sites look better than others.

This editor's technique, as he controls some real estate categories at DMOZ, is to edit the titles and descriptions to be as bad as possible in terms of marketability

Blogspot Bowling

Source Title: Blogspot Bowling Source Url: Story Text:

Calling all Black Hat Bloggers, you may want to get your blogging monkeys working overtime creating fake splogs for your competition. Matt Haughey is orginizing a blogspot flagging day to go narc on all of the naughty splogs and zombie blogs on the blogspot domain.

Is the Yahoo! Honeymoon Over?

Story Text:

Yes, I think it is. Over the last year and a half Yahoo! have well and truly won the hearts and minds of the blogging and tech community - no small feat, and very, very important. Yet much of that achievment, perhaps all of it, can be directly attributed to the Y! Search team - they get it, 100% However, there's a large disconnect between Y!Search and the rest of Y! - while the Search team is busy producing buzzworthy products and services, dressed in black and wearing shades in the blogosphere, other Y! departments have been undermining all that hard work with stupid, nonsensical moves. It doesn't take much to reach the tipping point on reputation, and i think although unrelated to recent spyware scandals, the Chinese journo case may have pushed them over it.

China thinks Microsoft are a Joke

Source Title: 'China has f*cked us' - Bill Gates Source Url: Story Text:

...and there was me thinking our cultures were so far removed from each other we'd never have anything in common. According to to the Register, Kai Fu Lee has told the court that the Chinese government regard MS politics as somewhat of a source of amusement.

Insane Google Rumour #847 - Google to Buy Reuters

Source Title: Rumor: Google Interested in Reuters?: Source Url: Story Text:

Straight from the underpants on head department™ comes this little round of drug induced stupidity - Google are to buy Reuters. Pull the other one, it plays fucking jingle bells...

Google Blacklisting the Competition?

Source Title: Shame on Google Source Url: Story Text:

It looks as if Google may have taken steps to blacklist the competition in enterprise Search appliances by removing rival manufacturer "Thunderstone" from it's index.

Yahoo! Accused of Hosting Thousands of Phishing Sites

Source Title: Anti-Spam group targets Yahoo Domains and Web Hosting Source Url: Story Text:

Spamhaus have accused Yahoo! of hosting thousands of illegal phishing sites according to this report at

Yahoo! Helped Jail Chinese Journo

Source Title: Yahoo helped China jail Journalist Source Url: Story Text:

Forbes and many others are reporting on the news that Reporters Without Borders, believe that the jailing of Chinese journalist Shi Tao, who was jailed in November 2004 and convicted in April for sending state secrets abroad was due to Yahoo revealing information about the journalist.

Getting Bundled Up

Source Title: High-tech households are seeing the advantages of bundling, and many want to incorporate more services into one bill, according Source Url: Story Text:

According this study by Telephia, A high-tech household has expressed an intent to purchase quadruple play packages of TV, Internet, landline and wireless services.

Yahoo a phising paradise

Source Title: Yahoo major phishing host Source Url: Story Text:

According to Spamhaus but reported by CNet (See all the snippets you'll miss about your competitors Eric!) is the astonishing claim that Yahoo host over 5,000 phishing web sites containing the words bank PayPal or eBay.

Trackback Spammers Breach TypePad Defenses

Source Title: Trackback spammers beat Typepad nofollow Source Url: Story Text:

TypePad uses the ghastly "nofollow" attribute for links in it's Trackbacks, but resourceful spammers have found a way to get round this and obtain nofollow-less links from TypePad blogs, including Seth Godin's according to Brian.