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Ballmer: "Im Going to F**king Kill Google"

Source Title: Microsoft, Google trade salvos over exec Source Url: Story Text:

It appears that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has just as big a temper problem as Google CEO Eric Schmidt. In the transcripts of one former MS employee's sworn statement, in the ongoing case over, Kai Fu Lee ballmer apparently threw a chair across the room when he learned of Mark Lucovsky's defection to GOOG.

Yahoo's Evil Spyware Tactics

Source Title: Yahoo IM users get more than they bargained for Source Url: Story Text:

Upgraded Yahoo! Messenger this week? If so, you may have noticed a few nasty surprises on the default "typical install"

Yahoo's Spyware Shame

Source Title: Yahoo Rapped Over Funding Spyware -- Isn't It Overdue For Source Selection To Be Allowed? Source Url: Story Text:

Champion of the infected PC, Ben Edelman writes about how Yahoo! funds spyware by allowing it's ads to be syndicated to notorious spyware miscreants.

Are Traffic Power Hastily Covering their Tracks?

Source Title: Fake SEO Forums Erased? Source Url: Story Text:

Many people believe that the phoney forums that started appearing last september that promoted Traffic Power, and affilated companies, and trashed individuals, forums and companies that criticized them, were built by Traffic Power themselves. No brainer really, but there's no hard proof. Well, it appears that during the ongoing publicity of their suing Aaron Wall for comments on his site those forums have disappeard.

Educators Petition Google to Stop Undermining Edu

Source Title: Google undermining Education? Source Url: Story Text:

A growing group of educators are signing a petition that asks Google to stop undermining education by allowing Adwords advertisers to sell "pre-written and made to order term papers and essays" - If you've ever taken a look at this business, you'll know it's HUGE.

Daily Links SUCK

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Jeremy Zawodny has jumped on a rather annoying bandwagon by posting his daily links, an integration of his delicious bookmarks into a daily post on his blog. He's asked for comment, and i'll be happy to give it...

WSJ Covers TrafficPower/1p Scum Lawsuit of SEOBook

Source Title: Blogger Faces Lawsuit Over Comments Posted by Readers Source Url:,,SB112541909221726743-mVzkKuCzJYZr6fxe38o5ejK_1jA_20060830,00.html?mod=rss_free Story Text:

Further to our coverage of the TP/1p suit of Aaron Wall's SEOBook over comments made by readers about "alleged" mass scamming of small businesses and other dodgy business tactics used by the scurge of the SEM world, TrafficPower/1p, Gurtie spots the WSJ covering the story.

Google Print Outrages Publisher Groups

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We've talked a great deal about Google Print in the past, but it just keeps on hitting the headlines, and as more publisher groups vent their outrage with Google, the more it will surely continue.

DNJournal Hacked

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Looks like Domain Name Journal got hacked (it usually looks a bit like this) - not sure i get the hackers message though...

Google Targeting MSN Employees with Adwords?

Source Title: Google trying to recruit Susan Dumais? Source Url: Story Text:

It certainly looks like it. Scoble asks if Google are trying to recruit one of MS's star researchers, Susan Dumais. If you do a search for her name at Google, you'll see a very specific Google jobs ad on the right. Apparently, this does not appear for any other MS employees.

Flickr Users Resist the Yahoo! Borg

Source Title: Flickr Fans to Yahoo: Flick Off! Source Url:,1272,68654,00.html Story Text:

Some Flickr users, unhappy about Yahoo's plans to assimilate their accounts into the collective Yahoo! system in 2006 have created a 400+ strong user group called Flick Off according to Robert Andrews at Wired

SEOBook Sued by Traffic Power Arsewipes, Considers Pulling Content

Source Title: NOTICE! YOU HAVE BEEN SUED Source Url: Story Text:

Well, Aaron finally got sued by TP/1p - the scum of the online world, and is now considering pulling content rather than fight a ridiculous battle.

Feedster 500 From the Land of Blog Make Believe

Source Title: Feedster 500 From the Land of Blog Make Believe Source Url: Story Text:

Jason Dowdell does an excellent disection of the new minted Feedster 500 in the Feedster 500 list is Dead Wrong. It's wonderful post that really deserves to read in it's entirety but I'll pull out a couple for you

Weblogs Inc. has McDonalds Pay Rates for Bloggers

Source Title: Weblogs Inc. has McDonalds Pay Rates for Bloggers Source Url: Story Text:

Duncan from the Blog Herald is posting an article about the payrates at Weblogs Inc.

Google Testing Adwords UI?

Source Title: Google AdWords Testing Multi-Colored Backgrounds Source Url: Story Text:

Are Google testing background colors on the top 3 adwords results? Barry says it may be spyware, as he reports on this cre8asite thread detailing the sightings of the enhanced visuals.

Yahoo's Ad System Crash

Source Title: Yahoo Ad System Crashes, Still Down Source Url: Story Text:

MarketingVOX report that Yahoo! ads are down, and have been for 3 days now. Im not sure if they've been fixed this morning, but man, that's gotta HURT.

Dixons Stores Group - Mass Spamming Engines

Source Title: SECURITY UPDATE: Are Dixon's Dirty Spammers ? Source Url:'s%20Dirty%20Spammers Story Text:


It become apparent during discussions of this "SEO done badly saga" that a bad piece of SEO can give rise to horrendous security problems.

The script that I originally identified as a bad SEO tool worked on the basis of a paramater in the URL being the keywords that you want a page generated for. - Jabber Server Listening

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Rumours of a coming Google Chat Program are further fueled by the fact tht is now up, and a jabber client is listening on port 5222 according to Dirson

Google IM Coming Wednesday?

Source Title: Google To Launch IM This Wednesday? Source Url: Story Text:

Rafat details a tantalizing clue about the possible launch of a Google IM this wednesday in this this NYT story.

Is Article Bot Spying on its Users?

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SEO Black Hat has an article here about ArticleBot sending back a bit more data than it should be doing. The blog originally publishing the information went from this blackhat seo cache to a current amended state