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Ebay Vs Google Round 3 - Ding Ding

So after the recent spat between Google and Ebay, things do not seem to be getting anymore friendly.

Google Scraping & Spamming

Wow Google what a great algo you've got and what a really terrific user experience you're providing when you occupy 9 out of the top 10 results for a query with your own sites [

Bad Blood Between eBay and Google

Google announced they were holding a let freedom ring party to promote Google Checkout during the eBay live conference. In (un)related news, eBay announced they were pulling their US AdWords ad budget. Google responded by canceling their freedom party.

Google Reader Losing People's Feeds

TechCrunch points to a Google Groups thread where some members are reporting that Google Reader Lost their feeds

Why Is The Australian State of Victoria Stealing My / Our Content?

So, I googled my own name (Todd Mintz) and on page 4, I see a link to an old Search Engine Guide Story I wrote, with the URL being displayed being the Victoria (Australia) eGovernment website.

Microsoft To Yahoo! - Please Let Us In, Oh Please Do

More 'MS to buy Y!' noise for your fun filled Friday - Microsoft eyes Yahoo takeover deal

AU SEO/SEM Company, Found Agency Receives Kiss of Death from Google

The Found Agency have managed to SPAM their ways into the Google depths of hell.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go(ogle) Now?

Google's challenge: Prevent the exodus - will Google inevitably turn into a suitplex as the l33t young

Google Gets Busted For Plagiarizm

Google got caught using a Chinese copyrighted dictionary according to PC World

Netscape: Your Source for Lolita Preteen, once a well respected website, has fallen so far that they arbitrage Google's organic search results for keywords like lolita preteen. Perhaps good for their pageviews and ad sales, but wrong all round, IMHO.

Sometimes it's What Matt Doesn't Say That's Important

Recently Matt Cutts mentioned he attended Blog Conference for lawyers (don't bail yet it's worth the wait). However John Andrews did a nice bit of cyber-sluething and found something Matt didn't say about a database of online service providers discussed at that same conference

PubCon Tease & Brett Not Sleeping

(Two BT stories in one day, as if rcjordan isn't frumpy enough already) ...

On the blog that isn't a blog Brett Tabke hints at some PubCon treats and explains why schedules are a bit behind:

Shoemoney: "Brett Tabke hates me"

Shoemoney has had some differences with other web personalities in the past which have been made good so it's not entirely clear as to how serious this one is:

Microsoft Sends Reporter His Internal PR File

Microsoft is getting around to working on their media relations. Apparently they still have a long way to go:

Imagine being asked one day, "Would you like to see your FBI file?" You'd say "Yes," right? But then ask yourself a different question: "How will it make you feel to know all that information?"

Google Looking To Expand To Beantown?

WebProNews reported earlier today that Google is again looking at the Boston/Cambridge area as a potential opportunity for expansion, including an active search for real estate space in the area. In addition, Search Engine Watch references a Boston Herald article further supporting this information, although the Herald cautions that Google also looked into the area a year ago without any action.

Merchant Circle - Hilarious 'Reputation Management Mafia'?

Let me first say my opinion is to agree with Rae that this system provides absolutely zero (even negative) value to users.

However my inner hustler respects the creativity that Merchant Circle had in coming up with their business model, which combines "mafia" tactics, local search, and reputation management.

Snow white Matt Mullenweg calls the kettle black

I wasn't going to post this, but Matt went and deleted my comment on his post so now I feel I have to. Nothing I commented was untrue or mean, seems he just didn't want people to remember that he's one of the biggest fish to ever get caught selling links.

Exploit: Own MyBlogLog accounts in 3 easy steps

Check it out, easily grab accounts at MBL -

Sign up for MBL, it only takes a second. Use bogus info for this, you can even use a bogus email, MBL doesn’t confirm anything by email so it will work. Keep track of your info though so you can access your account later.

Is There a Digg Bury Brigade or Clever Deceptive Programming?

If you're a regular listener to the Daily Search Cast you've heard Danny mention the troubles he's having with stories from SEL getting buried on Digg. He's also got repeated inquiries into Digg about the bury feature which seem to fall on deaf ears. I came across a story today on Web Pro News Digg Burying Stories from Unbanned Domains

Michael Arlington of TechCrunch Admits to Being a Digg Spammer

What is this world coming to when legitimate and respected online publishers like Michael Arlington of TechCrunch publically admit to having sock puppet accounts at Digg Digg Hits 1 Million Registered Users