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Wikipedia Senior Editor Scandal!

Reports are just coming out of a major fracas at Wikipedia over a senior editor with bogus credentials. The thrust of the story is not that the editor had bogus credentials, but that he was almost at the top of the Wikipedia tree

If SEO is Rocket Science, I'm a Pretzel

Just caught this piece of sheer bullshit, how can there guys take themselves seriously.

FeedBurner's security fizzles

If you are logging into your FeedBurner account from a network, anyone else on that network could be logging in as you too:

Here’s what happened again today (YES, I said AGAIN), I go to work, log into the network, and check all my stats everywhere (Google Analytics, Adsense, etc). Eventually, I get to my Feedburner stats and they look odd, not like they did here, but like my stats are all weird stuff…much lower…man..what happened last night…everything is off…

MyBlogLog - Riding the We Hate SEO's Stereotype Train

While the outright hatred of SEO's is well documented at places like Digg after the latest Shoemoney Scandal the folks at MyBlogLog have tipped there hand about how they feel about SEO's

Shoemoney Gets The Boot

Fellow TW editor Shoemoney™ has been Banned From MyBlogLog

I have been banned from MyBlogLog… Since last night every page I visit on there site results in 403 error code. I have asked others and nobody else seems to get the error but me.

TechCrunch: Google Might Do Something Tomorrow ... Maybe... Possibly ... Oh Heck We Don't Know

I don't read techcrunch religiously but I do skim the headlines and am usually pretty impressed with the reporting over there but the latest story leaves me feeling a bit cheated Possible Major Google Announcement Tomorrow

Cold Case file #1: Could J Berg get you in Yahoo?

No clue as to who J Berg was, eh? Well, that's part of the game.

Thought the FBI's 'Carnivore' surveillance system was bad?

Looks like the FBI has adopted a new invasive Internet surveillance technique (sounds painful doesn't it?) that collects far more data on innocent Americans than previously has been disclosed.

Copeac Intermark Media Affilaite Calls WebMasterWorld Bitches And More

In a case of WTF ARE THEY THINKING Copeac the affiliate company owned by Intermark Media put out This T-Shirt for the Affiliate Summit West at there Booth. While I thought it was pretty stupid for this "upcoming" affiliate company to do this I gotta say it made me laugh.

Performancing to Shut Down; Congrats NickW!

Well it looks like all our congrats to Nick W were in order, but only in the sense of "congrats for resigning shortly before the complete collapse"! Performancing has announced a total, immediate shutdown on their blog:

The Department of Justice Subpoenas Banks Regarding Online Gambling Transactions

Saw this over at Casino Affiliate Programs. The source quoted there is the Sunday Times - Times Online. Looks like the US government has directed banks to start handing over all information related to transactions with online gaming companies as early as last October.

The Google Switch: An iPhone killer?

From Engadget:

This version of the mythical Googlephone is said to be the result of a collaboration with Samsung

Rumor: Large Google & CBS Ad Deal

MediaPost notes that Merrill Lynch believes CBS and Google are going to announce a big partnership involving both content and advertising.

Rumor: Market Smart Interactive Shuts Down For Good?

Heard through the grapevine that MarketSmart Interactive closed their doors today and is dissolving the company. Not sure what happened but was informed they laid off all employees and shut their doors today.

GMail JS Security Flaw Exposes All Your Contacts

Tried to link to the original post but it seems to have gone AWOL, but Engadget does a nice job of explaining what's going on. Gmail bug exposes your mail account to spammers

Google Zeitgeist - Well What We Really Meant Was ...

Some folks around the internet called Google out over their 2006 Zeitgeist data. Most notably techcrunch had this to say Google Top Searches: Based on Nothing

Internet Porn Goes Supplemental

On my blog earlier this year I made a half-joking half-serious post about Google "tampering" with porn SERP's. Valleywag is reporting some of it's adult content sister sites have dropped from Google index

Jason Calacanis on Dell/Google Bundling And The Google OS

Boldy leaping where few have gone before, Jason Calacanis takes a new Dell box with Google Apps out-of-the-box, squints a bit, and manufactures a Google OS for 2007 and the death of Microsoft a year or so later. Sort of.

Company Acquired For 1.65 Billion Dollars Continues To Ignore Racism

In the comments section of a video listed on the homepage under Featured Videos of Youtube you'll find more n-bomb drops than a Michael Richards rant.

NASA to reveal Space Act Agreement with Google

From ZDNet

According to NASA Ames, a discussion about the agreement with Google has been scheduled for Monday, December 18. Not much is known about what is going to be discussed, but the press release gives us a couple clues: