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BlogPulse Loses Credibility with Non-Blog

Source Title: Intelliseek Blogpulse Has Non-Blog Blog Source Url: Story Text:

BL Ochman points out that BlogPulse have a "blog" on their website - but it ain't no blog...

Fantomaster Blogs, Spams Threadwatch

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Infamous cloaker, Fantomaster, aka Ralph and Dirk, have gone full RSS on their blog. I woke up to a trackback assualt that really got my attention...

Yahoo! 360 gets Parodied, Beautifully...

Source Title: Sixfoo 660-Have you seen this? Source Url: Story Text:

Yahoo! 360 the new blog meets social network service from Yahoo! get's sent up beautifully by SixFoo 660, in fact, it quite litterally had me laughing out loud. It's a class act, and some...

Google Stealing Clients from their SEM Partners?

Source Title: Top PPC Names Say No to Google AdWords Professionals Source Url: Story Text:

Google have been accused of not poaching, but dictating which clients SEM firms may work with, namely only the clients Google doesn't want to work with...

If you hate blogs, you'll love this...

Source Title: Has Blogger Backlash Begun? Source Url: Story Text:

If you thought the recent and ongoing Google backlash was a fun diversion, you'll enjoy what may be coming round the corner: Blogger Backlash! Certain types of bloggers, particularly PR bloggers, wind me right up, the whores of the online publishing world no less, but i do think there's great value in that new fangled medium all the cool kids are.. hey wait, were did all the cool kids go?

ICANN under Fire for Dodgy Deals

Source Title: ICANN's Questionable Deals Coming Under Attack Source Url: Story Text:

Looks like internet overseer ICANN is in hot water over some less than angelic industry moves recently. Techdirt tells us that they appear to be doing secret deals with Airline front groups over the .travel Tld among other things...

Search Engines, Personal Info & Big Brother Paranoia

Source Title: What Search Sites Know About You Source Url:,1848,67062,00.html Story Text:

Wired are running an interesting story on what Search engines know about you, with choice quotes from Danny Sullivan and Daniel Brandt, him of the Brandt Rant™ fame...

Web Spam & Organized Crime?

Source Title: Tracking Down a Comment Spammer Source Url: Story Text:

Anil Dash of SixApart points out this PC World story about tracking down a comment spammer and finding Russian organized crime at the end of the trail...

The Uneven Justice of Search Engines

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I picked this up in another forum that doesn't allow URL's so it will probably get pulled. Anyway, if you go to, formerly a PR9 website counter site. Down at the footer you'll see "Articles on credit, health care, backup, insurance, home business, web hosting and home buying." which leads to section thats awfully similar to Wordpress articles that were banned the other day. You can still see the articles listed in Yahoo for Asbestos, Credit, insurance.

Google Patent - Analysed

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I've spent a good deal of time of the past two days analyzing the Google patent.

Yahoo under Fire for Agency API Snub - Again...

Source Title: Controversy Mounts over Yahoo! API Access Source Url: Story Text:

Yahoo are copping flak over rumours that it's snubbing analytics firms and agencies over over access to it's API, the lifeblood of these firms.

Google Launch Underwear Site (Beta)

Source Title: Google selling branded products now? Source Url: Story Text:

SearchGuild are reporting the discovery of the long rumoured Google Underwear site: UnderGoos

Wordpress - Our Shit Don't Stink!

Source Title: Spam, Matt, — and I am exhausted. Bad mix :) Source Url: Story Text:

Earlier today, or was it last night? We reported on the sorry case of Wordpress being caught spamming the search engines and getting into trouble with Google (see the comments in that post) over it. Now we find out that it's okay, and all is well, because Wordpress shit dont stink...

Wordpress gettin' Slammed for Spamming?

Source Title: Wordpress Website's Search Engine Spam Source Url: Story Text:

Unbelievable. Matt Mullenweg, creator of Wordpress, a very popular Open Source blog software packages is being slammed for spamming...

School Bans Blogging

Source Title: High school bans blogging Source Url: Story Text:

While the story cites privacy concerns, here's what the principal had to say:

Officials at Proctor Jr.-Sr. High School have banned access from school computers to an Internet site that students have been using to post to weblogs, or blogs.

Accoona - Worthless bunch of pants

Source Title: Dear Acoona Source Url: Story Text:

Brian is pissed at crappy "search engine" - They're spamming his forums with "worthless pathetic attempts at viral marketing" - they've tried that here aswell Brian...

Feedster Accused of Spamming Search Engines

Source Title: Claiming feeds on Feedster is spamming Source Url: Story Text:

Tim Yang is claiming that the claim your feed function at Feedster is spamming Google et al..

Is Netflix Leaking User Data in it's SEO Efforts?

Source Title: Netflix SEO Efforts Expose User Data In Google and Yahoo Source Url: Story Text:

John Coronella at Online Marketer is running a story that says that Netflix are leaking sensitive user data onto Yahoo and Google. He says the leaks appear to be a bungled attempt at SEO'ing their site better.

Boo Hoo - Bloggers Getting Tired...

Source Title: Blog burnout spreading Source Url: Story Text:

The BlogHerald report that A listers, are getting a wee bit tired and not holding up under the strain of having to post everytime a thought occurs to them...

Is Microsoft Toast?

Source Title: Financial Times - Source Url: Story Text:

Thomas Hazlett has an editorial in the Financial Times this evening writing that because of Apple's growing Mac platform, together with the emergence of the Mozilla Firefox browser, and Google's market leading position in search engines are all indicative of Microsoft losing their relevance.