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Does Google Treat Their Employees Like Children

This came across my feed reader today and was bit too juicy to let it slide by The Goog Life: how Google keeps employees by treating them like kids

iTunes sales fall report - Apple fans say media are plonkers

A report by Forrester claimed iTunes sales were down 65% over this year.

However, as mainstream and internet media covered the story, Apple fans turned roundly on the report and reportage of the story.

SearchEngineWatch Blackballs Danny Sullivan

Update: SEW says it's all a big mistake

Problem: The head guy at your site & conference just left and started a competing site and conference.

Solution: 1) Remove Daggle from SEWBlog blogroll 2) Remove Daily SearchCast link from blogroll 3) Fail to link to SEL in blogroll (despite Danny's goodwill & professionalism and plenty of links back the other way) 4) ???????? 5) Profit!!!!!

Note to Incisive: The SEO community is very catty. You better start greasing people fast.

Jason Calacanis - Top Digg Users Taking Payola

Jason Calacanis who caused a little bit of a stir at SES last week, is now coming out saying digg users are getting paid--just not by digg.

Jeremy Zawodny PWNS Google For Copying Yahoo

Jeremy Zawodny totally nails Google for copying Yahoo

Is Google Funding Al Qaeda & Hezbollah Terrorist Groups

Loren Baker reports from SES Chicago Google Funding Al Qaeda & Hezbollah Terrorist Groups?

Did Google "block" a click-fraud criminal prosection

According to this article, Google quietly decided not to cooperate with prosecutors of a click fraud blackmailer, so as to protect their trade secrets, and possibly hide the extent of click fraud on their network.

How Google Checkout Screwed up John Battelle's Order

When Google checkout messes things up for the technologically savvy is there hope for anyone?

Search Engine Watch - ALL HANDS ABANDON SHIP!!!

Well the community may still be there but doesn't look like anyone will be driving the ship over at SEW. On Search Engine Land comes the announcement of new editors

Is the California Government Website Run By Spammers?

I was doing some research last night and visited the official site for the California State Government. I noticed something a bit "funny" so started viewing the source code and was pretty amazed by what I saw.

Jason Calcanis Resigns from AOL

Techcrunch and various other outlets are reporting that Mr Calcanis has resigned from AOL.

He has made a brief post on his own blog confirming the reports in which he says: -

Fumflockerkin - Breaking Open the Google Black Box

QuadsZilla over on SEOBlackhat has outlined a nice little plan of action on how to get a handle on what Google is really doing, and end all the mystery surrounding Adsense, Smart Pricing, Adwords, and the quality score.

Wikipedia Guilty of Plagiarism

While doing a bit of research Daniel Brandt discovered that some of the articles in Wikipedia copied directly from other websites via Yahoo News

UK Guardian wins 'stating the obvious' award

Google 'will be able to keep tabs on us all'

The internet will hold so much digital data in five years that it will be possible to find out what an individual was doing at a specific time and place, an expert said yesterday.

Matt Cutts Feels Pain of a Search Engine Penalty

Today Matt Cutts got to feel the bitter sting of a search engine algorthym classifying him as bad guy.

Youtube Getting a Pre-Google Gelding

After deleting 30,000 videos last week, it seems someone will be working overtime deleting more material. According to The New York Times

Google Security Intern Raided by FBI for Fake Boarding Pass Site

BoingBoing reports that a grad student in Informatics who is also apparently an intern in Google's Application Security Group was questioned by the FBI and forced to take down the portion of his site which generated fake boarding passes to highlight security flaws.

They later returned to seize his computers and other items.

From Chris's blog:

I didn't sleep at home last night. It's fair to say I was rather shaken up.

I came back today, to find the glass on the front door smashed.

ZDNet article flubs Zawodny expose

Yesterday, ZDNet tried to accuse Jeremy Zawodny of being disloyal to Yahoo! by using AdWords. Jeremy gleefully thwapped the reporter back:

"I guess the lesson is that someone who writes about "digital micro-markets" can't tell the difference between products aimed at publishers and those aimed at advertisers. I guess the further lesson is that such a person, in their rush to publish, doesn’t examine my previous public statements on the matter (using this magic "search" technology).

Google to Re-Org: All Your Ads Are Belong to Us

I've probed some of my best resources on this and they are all eager to talk about it but cannot. In total, three of my most credible and authentic resources, including DM News’s Giselle Abramovich, are indicating plans for a massive corporate re-structuring at Google.

Google Data Collection Embeded in Firefox 2

I'm not sure which I find more offensive, the Governments attempts to regulate people's morals by making online gaming illegal or Google gathering browsing history under the guise of protecting you against phishing.