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Apple ditches Bing for Google in Siri web search

Apple has switched out Bing from Siri web search and replaced it with Google organic results.

Google Search User Click Data Used in AI Models

According to some reports of a talk in Canada, Google may be using click data in search rankings, although it's not entirely clear as there are indications it's used in AI models, and not directly

Google to provide depression self assessment directly in search

Google will be be showing the PHQ-9 depression self-assessment directly in search

Google continues move into the home services niche with US east coast expansion

In 2015, Google launched a pilot of their home services ad in San Francisco and has since then made it available in several other cities in the US including, San Diego, LA, Philadeplphia.

What does Google autoplaying video test mean for search, Wired Inquires


G quietly updates Quality Rater Guidelines, Affecting Mainly Mixed Language & Non-English Results

Jennifer Slegg, reports from theSEMpost on recent changes, this is

Google Search Console Refresh & Some New Reports

Google is finally giving a long overdue refresh to google search console (yay).

Does Pinterest dominate Google SERPs too much?

Barry has a thread over at Search Engine Roundtable which observes discussion at WebmasterWorld suggesting that Pinterest is dominating Google's SERPs too much.

Don't Worry Too Much About Canonicals Implemented in Error

A report at TheSemPost from one of Google's Hangouts describes a situation where a canonical is incorrectly set up. Does it cause a problem?

The rise of HTTPS in Google SERPs

According to a report at SER, 99% of Google page 1 SERPs contain at least one HTTPS result. I haven't see quite that many, but, I have seen a lot more HTTPS than previously.

Bing Webmaster Tools Broken?

Bing's webmaster tools appear to be broken, and it doesn't look as if there's a fix coming. Perhaps by talking about it Microsoft will do something.

Do you use Bing Webmaster Tools?

Google Search Apps to Get AI for News Feed

Google is releasing updates to its apps on iOS and Android where artificial intelligence will be used to learn about your interests with the result of giving you even more of the relevant news.

Canadian Court Rules Google Must Delete Content World-Wide

This, potentially, has huge implications.

Google recommends moving sites from m-dot to responsive before the Mobile First Index Launches

According to a Google Hangout, John Meuller suggests webmasters migrating from m-dot sites should move to responsive in advance of the mobile first index.

Google SERPs update?

There's been much talk of Google SERPs in the last week or so and I wondered if you'd been seeing changes in Google SERPs?

Attempting to Define Duplicate Content

Google's Gary Illyes was asked for the definition of duplicate content, and although he's answered, as below, it's obvious that it's still not a 100 definition.

New Bing Visual Search Detail View

Bing has extended its image search with a new detail view.

With NOODP no longer supported by Google, you should make sure you write a good META description

With the demise of the Open Directory Project, DMOZ, and now NOODP tag being superflous, it's worthwhile making sure you have great META Description tags.

Google SERPs changes, algorithm updates still appear to be shifting SERPs

Google is Testing Removal of First Organic Result in SERPs if it's a Featured Snippet, or Answer Box

There are several reports of Google testing removal of the organic listing if the same site is in an aswer box, or featured snippet.

The conversation is over at WebmasterWorld