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Google Webmaster Tools Fetch and Render tool Includes a Submit to Index Feature for "Critical Cases"

Per SE Roundtable, there's an interesting recap of a thread John Mueller was involved in where he discussed the uses cases for the Submit to Index feature of the Fetch and Render tool in GWMT.

Google Has Whitelists For Some Algorithms But Not Others, Including Panda and Penguin

In March 2011, Google admitted that they do have whitelists for certain things.

Google clarifies and expands on Reconsideration Request documentation

From Search Engine Land:

Google: Even Without Disavowing, Getting Good Links Can Remove Your Penguin Problems

Post by Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Roundtable:

Yahoo Increases Search Market Share 2 Points in a Month - Pulling Up Alongside Bing for 2nd place

Spotted this today at SEL. Some of Marissa Mayer's acquistions and moves at Yahoo have left me scratching my head, but the partnership with Firefox was one of her better ones.

Google receives and processes 6 million DMCA complaints per week (345 million in 2014)

It's been estimated that Google received 345 million DMCA complaints last year from copyright holders

Case Study: Negative SEO with NO Backlinks

More ways competitors can drive sites down in the serps:



SERoundtable hit by Panda? recently reported that they've been seeing a decline in organic traffic that the main guy, Barry Schwartz, believes is due to Panda 4.1.

G'Night Yahoo Directory

After 20 years, they decide to just wrap it up 5 days early, lol. Oh well!

Bots Account for 56% of all Web Traffic - Research + [Infographic]

2014 Bot Traffic Report published 12/18/14. Researched annually by Incapsula, shows 3 year trends of the first time.

There is Nothing About Negative SEO in Google Webmaster Guidelines

"I was talking last night with 

New Negative SEO Hurts Google Rankings… Without Using Backlinks


Google Penguin is Confirmed to Be a Continuous Thing Now

After lots of fluctuations since November especially starting from the Thanksgiving weekend, Google h

eek a new kind of negative SEO tactic By sending negative CTR signals

In this great post by Bartosz Góralewicz, he lays out how using a bot to search google and not click on the target website can send negative CTR signals to the site...especially in light of all the

Bing Talks Content Quality as Primary Ranking Factor - what can we learn?

Bing talks the role of content quality on their blog This is a pretty detailed and interesting post :

Will the Penguin rollout never end, literally?

The latest Penguin rollout has been on-going for weeks and is still underway.

Firefox Breaks Free from Google and Goes Purple

Although you can easily change your default browser to whatever you want by clicking icon in the search box and selecting what works for you, a newly installed version of Firefox comes with Yahoo?<

Penguin 3.1: Google's Way to Say Thanks on the Thanksgiving Weekend?

[Update: This is not t

Google May Not Index or Rank Tabbed Content

Google rep John Mueller confirmed in a Google+ hangout session that Google may treat content that is tabbed differently than content that is immediately visible to users.

Everybody's talking algos this week

It's only Wednesday but there seem to be a surprising number of articles about Google algorithms. I found three on three different sites by three different authors that all kinds of tie together.