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Google Movies - New Movie Search Operator

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Nice - Pop movie: before a famous line from a film, an actors name or pretty much anything movie related and Google will try to fetch you something relevant - and it didn't do a bad job at all with the few quick searches i tried.

Clicking the reviews links will send you via Froogle to various vendors.

Just in time for the Oscars, we've created a new "movie:" operator that enables you to find movie-related information faster and more easily, whether you're looking for titles or actors, director or genre, famous lines or obscure plot details. Can't remember the name of that film where Tom Hanks made friends with a volleyball? Search for [movie: Tom Hanks talking to a volleyball] and Google will tell you: it was Cast Away. Want rental recommendations? Try searching for [movie: awesome car chase] or [movie: good chick flick].

The Threadwatch small plastic trumpet award™ to the stupidest (non adult) use of the Movie: operator heh...

Google change checksum algo again

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On your marks, set.....

As you may know, the Google Toolbar has a built in code (in a DLL) for computing the checksum associated to each URL viewed in the browser. This checksum depends only on the URL and is needed to retrieve the PageRank displayed in the toolbar.

In September 2004, we already reported that Google has changed this checksum algorithm. On the same day, it was cracked and the code of this algorithm was released all over the web.

Bad (Google) News for Google

Thread Title: Search for Google at Google News Thread Url: Thread Description:

Try a search for Google at Google News - the top stories are not looking so hot huh?

Can the Search giant wether the storm, will they bulldoze on with their Smart Tags Adware Autolink scheme in the face of public opinion and webmaster wrath, or will they heed their own algorithms and starting doing no evil?

Winer says Google's AutoLink is Adware

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Dave Winer, who im not usually a huge fan of, has a wonderful summation of the arguments against Googles ham fisted attempted to resurrect Smart Tags - among many other great points he says it's adware. I agree.

It's adware

Even when they link to their map site it's promoting a Google service, which may not, at this time, contain ads, but certainly will at some point in the future. And the map service leads to other Google services that do have ads. So they are using other people's content to make money, money they don't share with the authors or publishers.

When they link from an ISBN to a book page on Amazon, the commercial adware connection is even more obvious.

thanks blogoscoped

Pandia Hand out their 2004 Awards

Thread Title: The Best, according to Pandia, are.... Thread Url: Thread Description:

The best all round search engine - Google The best metasearch site - ixquick Best site on searching - Search Engine Watch Best site on search engine marketing -Search Engine Watch Best search engine discussion forum - Webmaster World Best publication on searching - Tara Calishain: Web Search Garage Best publication on search engine marketing - Unfair Advantage Book on Winning the Search Engine Wars Best weblog on searching - Gary Price's Resourceshelf Best weblog on search engine marketing - Search Engine Journal Best desktop search tool - Coppernic

Oneupweb Study points out Patently Bloody Obvious

Thread Title: Oneupweb Study Finds Longer Search Phrases Convert Better Than Shorter Thread Url: Thread Description:

What is it that makes the Search industry press go all gooey eyed and giggly over a study that only points out what has been both patently obvious and well documented in Search fora and media for years?

I have to hand it to Oneupweb on the release of their white paper that says that longer search phrases convert better (give me strength...) but with Clickz, and Danny Sullivan harping on about it one would be forgiven for thinking Oneupweb had a deal with Jupiter no?

Maybe Threadwatch should release some white papers and gain a little link love. Here's a few thoughts:

Threadwatch study proves that the sun sets every day Threadwatch study proves that black is indeed, not white... Threadwatch study proves Search press is easily manipulated

...and i guess im just as bad, as i've now linked to it aswell :-)

Lycos tries to find a niche

Thread Title: Lycos launch dating search engine Thread Url: Thread Description:

Lycos, the not quite ran, of search have tried to find themselves a new "mainstreamish" niche area to dominate in and chose online dating.

Lycos is indexing the full text of the profiles it receives from the dating Web sites, providing in some cases more extensive search capabilities of their content than is possible at the dating sites themselves, Degenhart, a Lycos senior product manager, said.

Do you think they'll manage it this time?

MSN Search - Flop with Search Community

Im pretty certain that it's not just me that has noticed that MSN Search is just not cutting it within the Search community, or even the wider tech/media blogging circles.

Back in January, and even December last year there was much excitement and anticipation of MSN's official launch and you couldn't move for blog posts and forum threads on the subject. A quick search of Threadwatch will show you a whole bunch of activity ranging from general speculation to ways to spam the new engine.

Yesterday, Chirs Garret pointed out that MSN was now using PicSearch for images - not news of the century, but nobody seems to care at all - likewise at the SEW forum thread on the same subject. Have MSN simply failed to connect with the techies and marketing types, or is it just the fact that after so much pre-launch excitement, we're all a bit bloated on MSN Search talk?

Im not certain, but my gut feeling is that they've blown it. While it will undoubtably be a hit with the masses, it will not acheive the cool that Google had, and now seems to be losing, and that Yahoo had, lost and is now regaining. It maybe just because it's M$, and as many an M$ evangelist will tell you, it's easy to pick on the mega corp, and "M$ bashing" has become somewhat of a sport in the blogophere.

Maybe their marketing and attempts to connect just suck.

Yahoo! Revamps Image Search

It's true, try a search for sex pistols photos - The photos that show above the main results are triggered by the "photos" keyword in the query. Pics and pictures work just as well.

They're also using transformed terms - where Yahoo's Search tech will automatically detect terms that better fit your query. For example, try black and white pics of tiger - Neat eh?

Yahoo! Image Search now at 1.5 Billion Images

Yahoo tell us that they have up to 1.5 billion images in the Image Search now also and that you can email images to a friend.

Nice features, though what i really want to know is: Will it help find pictures of girls with small waists and large breasts? - The public have a right to know...

Search Query Keyword Insight

eMarketer's newsletter today says that to a recent report from Oneupweb search engine user clicks tend to present higher conversation rates the longer the keyword phrase.

Quote: Looking at data from high-traffic keyword phrases for sites that were optimized by Oneupweb, the search engine optimization firm found that conversion rates grew the longer the keyword string, peaking at four words. The results were the same in all three months studied.

More information here.

Confirmation: Google's AutoLink created by Smart Tag Inventor

Thread Title: Smart Tag Creator Behind Google's New Autolink Feature Thread Url: Thread Description:

On Thursday last week we reported on Google's AutoLink toolbar feature being remarkably similar to Microsofts aborted Smart Tags scheme some years back.

Now we have it confirmed that Jeff Reynar, an ex-M$ employee responsible for Smart Tags is the man behind Googles new AutoLink.

As many have pointed out, Google may well be able to get away with things that Microsoft couldn't, but im sure everyone will be watching this "feature" very, very closely...

Suprise, Local Search Not Very Good

Thread Title: Consumers still use yellow pages Thread Url: Thread Description:

Suprise suprise; consumers still use Yellow Pages (offline and on) more than search engines for local merchants!

The first survey found that 55 percent of respondents say they primarily use Yellow Pages--either in print or online--to search for a local business first, compared to 12 percent who use search engines and 17 percent who turn to newspapers. The second survey, dealing with residents moving to a new area, found that 44 percent of respondents use either the online or print Yellow Pages to find local businesses. The study defines online "Yellow Pages" as any site that is a member of the 126-year-old Yellow Pages Association

Does PageRank Actually Affect Your Ranking?

Thread Title: Does PageRank Affect Your Ranking in Google? Thread Url: Thread Description:

We all see hundreds if these types of that turn in to already done whne fest thread. But when Calum starts one and actively particpates I tend to take note and read it.

In my view yes, PR has a direct influence on ranking for a given search phrase but the direct influence is very small indeed, it is not worth worrying about, it is not important. (Just to avoid confusion, I'm using "important" as definted in Cambridge/American Heritage/etc.)

buckworks sums up why I read this thread

I learn things from folks who study the fine points of algo manipulation, and I certainly keep them in mind as I work, but my over-riding focus is relevance, and the best user experience my limited technical skills can deliver.

Anyway, check it out, worth a peek.

FAST Jump into the SEO Game

Thread Title: FAST Launches Search Best Practices Consulting Service Thread Url: Thread Description:

Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), a developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, has announced the launch of its FAST Search Best Practices consulting services (FAST SBP). Designed to help clients maximize the value they extract from their investment in search technology.

Two options - a half day workshop or a multi day workshop

So, FAST enter the SEO/SEM field huh?

Search Engines & Blog Vendors admit NoFollow Defeat

Thread Title: Web Spam Summit CFP Thread Url: Thread Description:

Judging by the fact that Yahoo! are to host a "web spam summit" organized by Technorati, i assume that Search Engines and Blog Vendors have finally admitted that the NoFollow debacle will not solve blog spam...

AOL, Google, MSG, Six Apart, Technorati, and Yahoo aswell as Wordpress and Feedster will be attending.

Technorati is organizing the event (thanks guys!) and we're hosting it on-site at Yahoo in Sunnyvale. The main goal to get the tool makers in a room together to talk about web spam, share info, and brainstorm.

Ethical SEO - The Great Debate

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Alan Perkins posts what i can only describe as a puff piece on ethical seo today. Although i'd be the first to raise a hand and admit to sometimes being over cynical on these issues, I dont think it would be stretching the mark to far to say that this piece was placed solely to target the term ethical seo Though lord knows why anyone would want to do that...

It's not long, have a read: Ethical SEO Ethical SEO Ethical SEO Ethical SEO Ethical SEO Ethical SEO

Im finding it very hard to see what Perky's point is here, let's look at a few points he makes, im sure some of you can fill me in, or just flame me to death, whatever takes your fancy :-)

He starts off by defining the stakeholders, citing reference to A Framework For Ethical Decision Making - those stakeholders being:

Searchers Search Engines Site owners, their employees and their agents The Web as a whole

Interesting order, but we'll let that pass for now heh..

More puff follows, then this:

From a site owner's perspective, the action that does the most good and the least harm is the one that recognises the fundamental reason why a site is not performing optimally in search results; and fixes that fundamental problem; thus improving the site, the search results and the Web as a whole.

The action that does the least good and the most harm is the deception of search engines in order to achieve a placement in search results that is not warranted by the content that searchers see. This does not improve the site; in addition, it worsens the search results, and thereby the Web as a whole. Such actions effectively remove the role of determining relevance from the search engines, and place it instead with site owners. When site owners use deception to influence relevancy, the quality, diversity and utility of search results is lost to deceptive commercial influences.

The Long Tail - What dat den?

Thread Title: Don't step on the tail Thread Url: Thread Description:

Peter Da Vanzo posts a wonderfully short, easy to understand and above all, funny definition of "the long tail"

I must confess to posting this mainly so i can use what dat den? in the title :-)

In recent months, the new buzz-word being thrown into just about every sentence is "the long tail". What dat den?

he goes on to point out the Yahooo blog teams post on the long tail today and follows with how this ties into SEM:

SEMs probably know about this instinctively. If a keyword term receives ten visitors a day, then that's great! Write a page about it, and do the same for all those other niche terms that "only" receive ten visitors a day. It all adds up.

Didn't we used to call the long tail backfill?

Hello Magazine Partners with the Butler

Thread Title: Hey Jeeves, tell me about Brad Pitt Thread Url: Thread Description:

Ask Jeeves is partnering with Hello Magazine so that when you search for information on a celebrity they'll have lots of info to give.

An excellent move by Ask guys n gals and perfectly fits their user demographics. I look forward to seeing it in action.

New Search Technologies Forum Launched

Thread Title: SEOChat Search Technologies Forum Thread Url: Thread Description:

SEOChat have launched a new Search Technologies Forum and Randfish is moderating - Rand thinks that i think he's a prat, but he's only half right, one of his recent posts (i forget where) inspired me to rant on about what i see as useless posturing on IR, but it's not limited to just him :-)

Congratulation to Rand then, who does make a compelling argument for the Value of Search Technology & IR Research Papers to the Common SEO in his inaugural post as mod there...

There, im not a total bastard ok? heh...

IE7 - It ain't about Firefox, it's about Search!

Thread Title: And You Thought Microsoft Was Going to Sit Out the Browser Wars.... Thread Url: Thread Description:

Jupiters David Card points out the patently obvious (though it does need saying) about IE7 - it's got very little to do with Firefox, it's all about Search:

Make no mistake though, this move ain't about Firefox. Well not much. Rather, it's an attempted preemptive strike at Google and, maybe, Yahoo. (And AOL, of course.) It's about sticky apps that blend in desktop search and link to preferred search engines. Personally, I'm not sold on integrating desktop search with Web search for consumers, but that doesn't matter. The competitors all are.

Whether it's a beta or not, IE 7 is about Microsoft getting a new browser into consumer hands - XP users anyway - at least a year before the first one starts using Longhorn. Finally, Microsoft has acknowledged it can't afford to have a sub-par application in users' faces every day because its dev cycle is in lockstep with that of an OS.

2005 was already shaping up to be a hot year in Search and with IE7 on it's way it's set to get hotter...