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From Unique C Blocks to Why SEMPO Failed in one Thread.

Thread Title: Hosting - Unique IP's and Unique C Blocks Thread Url: Thread Description:

Nick started this with a simple premise and question

A vast majority of SEO type webmasters beleive that not only is it of benefit to have unique dedicated IP addresses for their websites but that it is also beneficial to have different C blocks on those unique IP's.

and it wandered off topic beautifully. All sorts of comments from some interesting people and a great rant in the middle from Massa before it gets back on track.

A New Rule in SEO: The Beckham Rule

Thread Title: David Beckham and SEO Thread Url: Thread Description:

This is one of those threads that makes you think. NFFC applies soccer to SEO in such a way to make the point: Rules affect behavior, and you really need to think ahead of the search engines.

Personalization and the Future of SEO

Thread Title: Personalisation... How change SEO, and where SE's heading? Thread Url: Thread Description:

SEO-Richard over at HighRankings has some interesting thoughts on what the roll out of Personalized SERPS will mean to the future of SEO - I tend to agree with the consensus in the thread that much of what we do now will be useless, or at least far, far harder and concentrating on the user, and your theme will become more prominent.

When every SERP is unique to the searcher, how can you optimise for the SERPS? I would have thought initially by blindly following recieved wisdom, which currently is links etc. but might soon be semantics, and then after that might be something else. The number of variables related to a succesful placement in the SERPS is probably going to increase, and the feedback on how succesful your strategy has been will probably decrease. You won't be able to make an educated guess as to whether or not it's the links or the keywords or the authority of your site or whatever whatever that has brought the searcher to you because there'll be a thousand different SERPS.

Of course focusing on the user goes hand in hand with seo right now. If we're unable to backward engineer the serps so effectively as we are now and unable to see from the results pages what methods are working due to the varied way in which individuals use personalized search though, it'll surely mean a heavy shift in emphasis for most seos.

What will Personalized Search Mean to SEO's?

Content Aggregation will Change Search Marketing for Ever

Thread Title: Home Alone? How Content Aggregators Change Navigation and Control of Content Thread Url: Thread Description:

As search marketers we often if not always think of ourselves as being at the forefront of technology and technique both. Are we really though?

Not a day goes by where you dont see questions about meta tags, huge debates about miniscule differences in toolbar PR vs drectory PR, etc etc. The fabric of the web, the way we architect our information and the way we find content is all changing. Slowly for now to be sure, but it is changing and I think we're likely to see a snowball effect as the concept of distributed navigation proliferates through use of aggregators and how those aggregators develop over time.

This article at Digital Web Magazine takes a thought provoking, inspiring and forward looking view of what aggregation will mean to designers, content providers, information architects and search marketers over the next few years. If you're not up to speed, then this is an absolute must read!

Aggregators are promoting a shift in the control of content. They’re challenging the idea that we as designers control public access to information in our domains, that users must view things in the way we prescribe, and that our hierarchy is best to present our content. This change is also suggesting that we need the help of others to market our own ideas. It is plausible that another’s approach to our information may be working better than our own.

Different aggregator types will affect our design as well. The field of search engine optimization is growing fast. However, the way humans aggregate content is hardly discoverable like it is in machine aggregators. This means we’ll have to come up with new strategies to get our content aggregated by the people who can help drive visitors to our sites. For bloggers this is already becoming a part of daily routine, often characterized (unfortunately) by superficial comments on someone else’s blog written primarily to garner click-throughs.

Why Bother With SEO?

Thread Title: Isn't Ppc Really The End Of The Line? Thread Url: Thread Description:

If you're selling competitive stuff like herbal products and only have a small site, is it worthwhile to even bother with regular SEO?

Torka has a great response which in part says:

I guess it depends on how long you plan to be in business. If you're talking about a business plan that spans years, a few months to get better "free" search engine ranking is a drop in the bucket. If, on the other hand, the business plan is for a "quick hit" followed by an equally quick exit, then PPC is definitely the only way to go.

Backlinks and PageRank. What's the Relationship?

Thread Title: Relationship Between PageRank and Number of Backlinks Thread Url: Thread Description:

On the forums or by email I am often asked the following sort of question: "How many Backlinks do I need to get in order to have PR5?". The answer is simple and always the same one: "This question cannot be answered because the PR doesn't only depend on the number of backlinks, it also and above all depends on the PR of each of those links...". Or to put it differently, a page can have PR5 with a single backlink whereas another one can have 3,000 backlinks and PR5 too.

As a result it seems useless to carry out this type of analysis... Except if one is to compare the results in the long term. That's what I have been doing over the past eight months by analysing tens of thousands of pages. For each data I get the number of backlinks and the PR of the page with those links. The data do not come from a tool using a Google Toolbar crack but from the "MyWri" tools on WebRankInfo which enables each WebRrankInfo member to instantly get the PR and the number of backlinks of 10 chosen sites (many other free SEO tools are also freely provided).

Define the Perfect Link - What Makes a Link Sexy?

Thread Title: What is the perfect link? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Okay, grab a drink, pull up a chair and get comfy. This is a belter of a discussion from the good boys and girls at digitalpoint! - In an ideal world, what would constitute the perfect backlink?

Added: I've just noticed it's a revived thread that started earlier this year, it's been active again for a few days though and has lost nothing in value over time...

Dominic kicks off with this:

What is most valuable to you when it comes to getting links: * use of your primary keyword/phrase in the link text (this gets my 1st vote) * getting listed first (or very high up) on the links page * a text link in the middle of a paragraph on a content page * a text link which is as long as possible * the theme of the site linking to your site * the theme of the page linking to your site (this gets my 2nd vote) * the number of total outbound links in the site * the number of links on the page * the pagerank of the page * the number of visitors to the site * the number of clicks the page is from the homepage

The really great posts start at around page two, but dont skim, there's somthing good for everyone in there.

For me, as im a forward thinking kind of chap and like a gamble i'd go for a hybrid of:

use of your primary keyword/phrase in the link text link in the middle of a paragraph on a content page and.. the theme of the site linking to your site

Well, we are speaking hypothetically right, so why not? :-)

What would make a link perfect for you?

YADL: Yet Another Directory List

Thread Title: Best Directories to be in Listed in Thread Url: Thread Description:

Yep, here come another! The realy good thing about YADL threads are that they're not quite so mind numbingly boring as seeing 50% of a forums recent posts page filled up with individual desperate webmasters jockeying for position and submissions to their directories.

This one over at SEOZip only contains a couple we've not linked to before but has a nice little nugget tucked in the middle in the shape of Anthony Parsons' He's plonked it in the BETA forum at SEW also if you're interested. - I do wish nandini would do somthing about the awfully long signatures in her new forum hint hint...

More... On the subject of SEW, this directory list came up in this thread just this morning and looks more than a little interesting I think you'll agree.

Theming: What it Means Now & What it Could Mean Later

Thread Title: What exactly does "Theme" mean to google? Thread Url: Thread Description:

SEOChat member nagual brings up the ever popular speculative discussion on theming. Like almost all such threads this one is mostly speculation and wishful thinking masquerading as fact but there are some sensible thoughts and comments in there to. Although much of it's pure speculative chit chat it's a good thread nonetheless, this post from larrysart made me smile in particular..

Does anyone here actually know that any major search engine has the capability to theme anything at all.

Theming has always sounded a little futuristic to me. The remarks on this thread sounds like theming is a rumor that got started, and has taken on a life of its own.

Weighted LInks Rank - An Improvement on the PageRank Algorithm?

Thread Title: The WLR Algorithm Thread Url: Thread Description:

SEW member orion presents an algorithm discussed at the 2004 W3C Conference. I found the post very hard to understand not being a mathmatician or an algo geek but randfish responded and put some of it into more everyday terms.

I still dont see how this is any better than PR particularly, but for the algo eggheads it's good stuff by the looks of it... - How it Compares to Y! and G

Thread Title: MSN Search Debuts Thread Url: Thread Description:

Forresters Charlene Li takes us through some unscientific sampling of MSN's search beta. The results to me look exactly the same as but then I've given up on trying to guess what's going on over at MSN at the moment ;-)

Charlene on the Near Me local search results:

+ Local search: The “Near Me” button allows a user to find Web pages near a specified location. MSN has started geo-coding Web pages when there’s information. The problem is there are many pages without any geocoding information – for example, a business may have its address only on the “Contact Us” page. Poor content means that the results were also less than relevant – I’ll stick with more localized services like yellow pages and to some degree, Yahoo! Local for now. But I expect that MSN could apply some intelligence that if a page has geocoding information associated with it, that the location could be associated with the other pages on that site as well.

More coverage here:

John Battelle of Andy Beal at

Are Link Algo's Destroying the Web?

Thread Title: Are Links Hurting Search Relevance? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Discussion concerning how the link craze may have damaged content relevancy on the internet, especially conerning search engine results.

Will Content Make a Come Back? - Speculation on Future Algos

Thread Title: work on content - be ready..... Thread Url: Thread Description:

SEChat member clasione is talking about content, and how linking may start to play less and less of a leading role in future algo implementations.

The only thing that I could imagine that would be of value is fresh unique content....

I think the new focus that should be in every marketing plan is fresh content - It's simply the only thing left without link pop.... Having a new page on your site for every crawl is probably going to be the king in "clutter cleaning"....

That's what I have been spending most of my time doing now is consentrating on good reivent content that is completely unique from anyting found on the net..... good fresh content that link out to other valuable sources of information has just got to take the cake in the near future...

Whereas i dont think he has it entirely right, i do tend to lend myself to the general theory that fresh content will begin to play a much larger part in the overal ranking algos at some point in the future.

Particularly community driven content. Think on this:

Community driven content is ever changing and always fresh So it fits with the "new pages" theory It is usually, not alway, but usually quite non-commercial which means it would fit nicely with Googles profit motivation ie. They want to give relevant, but non-commerical free serps and make commercial sites pay for adwords

If you couple the above theories/facts with the undeniable fact that Google are getting better at theming - not using it in their algos necessarily but they are getting better on it, i think you may have a winner.

What do you think, somthing in it or just wishful thinking on my part?

Handling Large Textual Content

Thread Title: Pages with a lot of Text Thread Url: Thread Description:

When you have to optimize a site that has pages consisting of thousands of words rather than hundreds, what do you do? - Split the pages up? - Leave them as is? - Place on page anchors to different sections of the whole page?

Tricky one eh?

This WPW thread offers some pretty good insight into a) what your options are, and b) the varying views of Search Marketers as to the most effective solution. My personal perference would be to keep the pages long but make good use of a 'page menu' with fragment links to the different 'sections' of the page and to use h tags to delimit the sections.

What say you?

Directory Links that Count - 301's - 302's - Jump Links Etc...

Thread Title: Getting Directory Links That Count Thread Url: Thread Description:

When picking directories to submit too, what do you look for in the way that they link to you? - meta refresh, 302, 301, static page link? - This discussion starts out simply and continues into a fairly technical diagnostic review of the various methods directories use for outbound links. More importantly, which ones will actually count. seobook, Anthoney Parsons & myself all having a lovely time at an as yet quiet new forum ;) - One that will growup to be a good resource im thinking...

Keyword Selection - an Art - Not a Science

Thread Title: Keyword Selection is an Art, Not a Science Thread Url: Thread Description:

Nice basic kw selection piece by Scottie Claiborne including links to kw tools and some comments on real life situations where targeting low volume kw's is appropriate.

Link Building Resources / Why Link Building is Evil

Thread Title: Link Building 101 Thread Url: Thread Description:

Nacho posts a good long list of link related threads and link building resources. Doug Heil quickly makes a guest appearance to remind all that:

excessive link building (is there such a thing) is evil; link building is destroying the web; & the sky is falling.

LInk Theming & The Hilltop Magic Pill

Thread Title: Anyone besides me not swallowed the "Hilltop" magic pill yet? Thread Url: Thread Description:

This thread over at webmasterworld is jam packed with conpiracy theories, wild speculation and misinformation. Im sure it's not quite what moderator bakedjake was looking for when he asked if it was only him who hadn't swallowed the hilltop magic pill

It's also full of some very well thought out theories on post florida google and some first hand experiences to corroborate those theories. Take this from Caveman:

Evidence of affiliation assessment is apparent to me, but with a caveat. We saw after Florida (when I believe Hilltop kicked in) that - in several commercial categories where we had multiple site entries with insufficient identity safeguards - we lost a bunch of those sites...meaning that their positions in the SERP's dropped dramatically. That was interesting. What was also interesting was that in most of those categories, our lead site maintained its overall position or even benefitted.

Of note, after taking care of items related to methods for determiniming affiliation, we saw most of the sites come back. And those that did not come back happened to use common templates to others that were again thriving. This seemed to reveal one of the roles that filters were playing in the weeding out process.

That's on page 2 at msg13

Some of the discussion is quite eye opening for me as i've not paid that much attention to any of it thus far, i just trundle along doing what i do and apart from (possibly) gettting a whack on a few sites that may have somthing to do with the discussion i've been pretty much ok.

Well worth a peek.

Definition of a Link Farm

Thread Title: LInk Farming 101 Thread Url: Thread Description:

I think the views in the above linked thread are a little simplistic, link farming is far more sophisticated than that. C blocks, domains, scripts and network server layouts are all factors in a modern, sophisticated link farm.

The adult guys would know far more about this stuff than I but would anyone at Threadwatch care to expand upon the above in defining a link farm?

See also: this thread at SG Define me a link farm

Age of Sites = Better Rankings @ Google?

Thread Title: Proof Of Search Position Based On Age Of Domain? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Wormman at SEOChat starts a discussion that blossoms into some nice small scale research about the age of websites being a big factor in their ability to rank well at Google. Very intelligent and cogent results start showing up on page 2 - so keep reading..