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Ethics of PPC Management for Clients in the Same Field

Thread Title: grnidone starts a corking thread Thread Url: Thread Description:

"Because the company I work for makes a percentage of the total spend, we could, conceivably bid these companies against each other for the same terms, thus increasing the spend for both companies, and thus making more money from both."

I think this one will be a hot thread, many of the issues raised will related to PPC's older and wiser brother SEO. I'm expecting a great post from Andrew Goodman even though I'm sure I won't agree with a single word of it.

Speculation on Authority - Sandbox & Theming with Google Personalized Search

Thread Title: Themed by Google - Does Site-Flavoring provide a sandbox exit? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Im really not sure what to make of this, perhaps someone more techy can have a go at deciding if it's just a bit of fun or if there is truly somthing useful to be gained here. Threadwatch member randfish proposes an interesting theory on sandboxing, authority and theming using G personalized search. Go have a look for yourself, lots to see and do and interesting at the very least...

Baking the Authority Site Cake

Thread Title: Ingedients of an authority site Thread Url: Thread Description:

This thread is a bit of a mixed bag, some newbie(ish) assumptions and some authoratitive comments. seobook is the star, offering some insightful thoughts on brand and reputation in the context of aquiring authority site status.

my accurate content might be complete rubish to the next guy. Its not really accurate content that matters so much as reputation & brand.

If people believe in you and you develop a strong reputation within your community then you will be given more leeway when you are wrong and more people will be willing to fully digest statements from your viewpoint.

Jakob Nielson is a perfect example of that. He makes usability statements and they instantly become gospil. It does not mean he is always correct or that his content accurately reflects the entire web around him.

PR Geek Alert: Why does PR appear to be smaller for many sites?

Thread Title: Google Directory Update - PR drops for sites Thread Url: Thread Description:

Veteran WebProWorld posters take tunrs thoughtfully explaining the reason for the drop in PR that many, many sites experienced during the last update. They also discuss why PageRank is kept and average of 1 and the implications of this as the web's number of pages grows.

Google Quick Tip List

Thread Title: What is your best Google Tip? Thread Url: Thread Description:

DP forum members give their "best tips" for optimizing for Google. just skim over it, you'll find a couple of neat things in there amongst the obvious, the untrue and the downright dumb...

Directory Madness - 2 for Penny or a Dime for a Dozen

Thread Title: Are Directories the new FFL? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Funny i should happen across this at SearchGuild, i've been meaning to write somthing similar somewhere for a few weeks...

I mean, really, what the hell is it with this crap? - every tom dick and sally has a damn directory and the forums are littered with webmasters offering free inclusion into this directory or another...

Brad writes:

Back when link pop first got started, Free For all Links FFL sites became all the rage. Then the search engines started filtering them out then they pretty much died from the SEO cannon.

So now directories are springing up faster than ever, riding the current internet bubble and insatiable demand for links.

Are directories going to become the next FFL and get filtered? Can they be filtered? Should they be filtered?

I tend to think yes, they'll either get filtered or whacked, one way or another this madness will probably end with a swift kick in the nuts from the search engines. Most of these things are poorly thought out and badly executed.

I dont do much technical research, but i listen to those that do and word on the cyberstreet has it that these kinds of poor mans links are already being discounted...

Tools for Yahoo Rank Measurement

Thread Title: Anyone know of a GOOD Yahoo SERPS tool? Thread Url: Thread Description:

A small thread as yet but some interesting toys to play with on the subject of Yahoo rankings. I think the one presented by SEOGuy member vivekar is the best: :-)

PR Prowler - Tool Discussion and Reviews

Thread Title: Pr Prowler? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Once you get past the quite amusing observations that PR Prowler has a toolbar PR of 4! You can find some nice honest sounding member reviews of the product.

The thread started a couple of months ago and is still active, if your looking for a PR tool to find link partners I hear it's not bad, but do check out the thread..

This, from SEOChat member keitht

I second that motion. Worth my hard earned bucks, it basically does what it says. My only beef is that it seems to freeze when you try and give it much higher than the stock 1000 URL's to retrieve. I can't say this for sure is a bug as I haven't tried on any other machines, but given the simplicity of the program i'd be shocked if it was actually choking because of my system. It basically just runs halfway up the process bar and won't retrieve any more URL's in numbers like 20,000.

PR 10 via 301

Thread Title: Brilliant Programmer Successfully Fools Google (not) Thread Url: Thread Description:

From DigitalPpoint.

I thought this was interesting, especially in the context of link building and for those who purchase links based on the color of the greenbar.

The thread discusses a site that cloaked for Google and 301'ed requests from Googlebot back to the ToolBar update the sneaky old so and so's home page went PR 10. The cache is a bit of a giveaway as it shows the Google home page, plus all the backlinks are from, yup

Something to consider in any future link purchasing endeavours. Caveat Emptor!

Targeting Local Search

Thread Title: Targetting Local Search Thread Url: Thread Description:

WMW moderator pageoneresults gives a practical example of some of the basic on site ways in which one can target local search. It's a good post on it's own, but at the time of writing, it's on it's own! - Let's hope some others pick up the thread, it's an interesting subject if you work for clients with limited distribution/sales areas.

One of the very first issues we needed to address were all of those visitors finding the client using general search terms and not refining their search to their local area. It's great to have the #1 position for a money term but, only if it brings an ROI. In some instances, it can have a negative impact as the company will now receive requests from consumers that they cannot service. What do you do in a situation like that?

Adgooroo - Adwords Competitive Intelligence Tool

Thread Title: Google AdWords Competitive Intelligence Thread Url: Thread Description:

Added: Dont miss the first comment on this post. Adgooroo have kindly offered a discount to Threadwatch readers on top of the free month's trial.

You'll have to be the judge of this one, i know very little of adwords. The feature list looks rather impressive...

AdGooroo can answer a variety of strategic marketing questions, such as:

* Where, when, and how much are my competitors advertising? * What new competitors are entering my industry? * What new campaigns have my clients, prospects, or competitors launched in the past week? * What keywords are my competitors targeting? * How am I positioned relative to my competitors on my most profitable keywords? * Are any of my competitors making unauthorized use of my trademarks? * How have my competitors changed their ad copy over time? * How does my campaign compare to my top competitor’s?

Specific features include:

* Historical archive of competitors' ads * Trademark infringement search * Industry map * Detailed Keyword map * Detailed analysis of competitors' campaigns * Compare two campaigns in a side-by-side fashion * Diagnose "unhealthy" keywords and get recommendations on how to correct them.

Deep Linking - Inbound & Outbound

Thread Title: Link Deep or Link Shallow - Can deeper external links help you out? Thread Url: Thread Description:

SEOChat member and Threadwatch regular randfish starts a mostly speculative debate on the benefits to be gained from large numbers of inbound deeplinks. The thread also covers outbound deep links.

I see two good arguments for why linking deep could be more beneficial than linking to the the homepage. First, it's logical to assume that a site with many links to its internal pages has good content (otherwise, why would links be pointing there) and it seems more 'natural' and 'organic'. Second, the boost to secondary pages will still provide the site with same overall PR amount if proper internal linking is conducted & hilltop algo could easily be tweaked by Google to include 'expert documents' helping to form an 'authority site'.

If this interests you and you missed this thread about calculating your deep link ratio then check it out while your at it..

Theories on the Mechanics of Queries & Future Algo Implimentations

Thread Title: googles signals and Load balancing Thread Url: Thread Description:

SEW member DaveN speculates quite convincingly on the mechanics involved in a Google search and at what point in the process big G would be able to inject additional ranking factors.

what if Google’s signals ran after the GWS got the speller chacker info and Ads, could they not run a blacklist, spam list, white list or just an extra filter via ip location making the results almost different of everyone… we guess that local search could go live on all G DC’s meaning that if you live in Washington DC and search of “mobile phones” a extra boost would be given to companies that operate from DC ,

what if you linked to a mobile phone site and your site was about coffee mugs then give you a -10 or -20 pen, would that not stop pr selling.. anyway food for thought

Good natured disagreement from fellow search geek Jeremy Goodrich follows and Dodger throws MapReduce and the infamous florida update theory into the mix.

Hard hitting stuff.

On a lighter note, Dave's drive for more repuation points appears to be going very well, the mans a born spammer, i tip my hat to him!

Linking to File Types .zip .pdf .exe - Adds Weight to Pages?

Thread Title: Variety of File Formats Thread Url: Thread Description:

SEOChat memeber Jasontnyc talks about the possiblilty of linking from a page to various file formats like .zip and .exe giving extra weight to them for ranking.

The reasons I think the theory is valid: A variety of file types usually means a site with lots of information such as user guides, service info, etc which could be seen as a benefit Sites with .zip links probably are offering software downloads which could be seen as a benefit etc, etc

Until it's tested, that's exactly what it looks like of course, pure speculation but it is an interesting theory is it not?

The thread itself is interesting as a whole too, check it out... [ Warning ] Dodgy Avatar Alert!

Arelis - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Thread Title: arelis link building SEO software Thread Url: Thread Description:

Not using Arelis? - Me niether, but i have often thought about it. This thread has been going for about a month and is still going strong - Plenty of chit chat to wade through but if you're thinking of pulling out your credit card anytime soon it's well worth a look.

Here's a quote from seo-guy member seokid to give you a feel for it:

I'd say that about 50% of the sites are worth emailing if you set the keyword search to something vague like pharmacy or investing. But when you can have it find you 500 sites in about 20 mintues, I'll take the wading anyday. Total time is about 45 minutes from start to finish to find 500 sites and end up emailing about 200 - 250 of them. For that 45 minutes I'll get about 10 - 15 good link partners sometimes a bit more, has not been less than 10 yet. Those are not just reponses either but 10 - 15 sites that I would love to have a link from. On the other hand when I do a search for something like software, you get a lot of crap that you have to weed through.

Dynamic vs Static Sites & SEO - Dispelling a few Myths

Thread Title: Can a dynamic site beat a correctly SEO Static Site Thread Url: Thread Description:

It always amazes me just a little just how many professional SEO's and web developers just dont get the whole dynamic site concept. Even now, with oodles of great SE friendly CMS's and Cart systems available we still hear bollocks about PR, crawling and other such SEO related concerns.

This thread is about 50% chit chat, but the other half is well worth a look if you are in any doubt as to dynamic vs static site creation and ranking.

Nice contributions from admin PhilC of web workshop and others make this a enlightening read if you're not already up to speed.

Local Context Analysis - SEO's & Eggheads Unite

Thread Title: Local Context Analysis Thread Url: Thread Description:

More good stuff from SEW member orion, with some excellent dumbing down from kali.

Advanced LInk Aquisition Methods & Privacy

Thread Title: The Right way to Count Links? Thread Url: Thread Description:

WMW mod and SEW member DaveN talks about ways to count backlinks, filter results for viable and valuable potential link aquisitions and some advanced methods for scoping out sites without attracting the attention of Goolge through use of the dreaded toolbar.

I've had to wait a while whilst this thread developed but bethabernathy got a little more than she bargained for (as did the rest of us) when she asked a simple question about counting backlinks.

Thankyou DaveN, superb discussion filled with things to make and do :-) - here's a couple of quotes to give you an idea of what's in this one:

the way i do it, is spider the first 1000 results, then collect all the larger sites and remove them in the spider query and spider again then build a database

collect all the page rank of all the pages then run them throw a IP checker remove all the Urls from the same Class C and then start at the top in PR order..

and start requesting links

well i have not used toolbar since I became a mod at wmw, I reckon that google would soon pick up on forum urls That where private ... like the backrooms.. once they had found those from toolbar data my days would be numbered... so we developed a pagerank extactor that ran Via proxies and always checked an extra 80% of domains that i did not need...

Later I join a partnership with some computer hardware suppliers to always install the ISP dial-up that I own with the Googletool install and yes you guessed it they all go through my Proxies ... just to put up a larger smoke screen..

Defining the Sandbox

Thread Title: Defining the Sandbox Thread Url: Thread Description:

SEOChat member and Threadwatch regular randfish takes a look at criteria that may help describe the diabolical sandbox effect. Im not certain I even have a personal opinion on sandbox but this is some of the better reasoning and speculation from SEO's and webmasters I've seen on the subject so it's worth a peek...

Search Geek Alert: Temporal Link Analysis

Thread Title: Temporal Linky Analysis Thread Url: Thread Description:

That clever bugger orion is at it again.. Way beyond me im afraid but I kinda got the basics of what he's talking about, and no nosebleed this time Hooray!

If your a member of the search geek star trekkers club then you'll most likely enjoy this one. Personally the only theories that interest me are theories on current/imminent algos not hypothetical/proposed ones but im a simple lad so...