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Twitter tests 280 character tweets

Twitter has said it's testing 280 character tweets with a limited number of users.

Is it going to help, or will we all just want more and more?

Up to 87% of social shares go unattributed, according to one study

Because a large number of shares go through Slack, WhatsApp, read later apps, Facebook messenger, Twitter/LinkedIn, email and  email, they go unattributed.

Facebook to launch 'Aloha' - video chat and smart speaker

Source reported to Bloomberg News that Facebook, in another push to b

Facebook's changed its news feed algo so that faster loading pages will rank higher

Facebook is going to rank faster loading pages higher in the newsfeed than a sluggish loading page, according to the latest developer news.

Snap eats a 2.2 billion loss, disclosing sharply slowing user growth

Is the party already ending before is started for snap?

Pinterest and PPC

You've heard about buyable Pins, right? Now Pinterest wants to kick it up another notch with PPC.

350,000 Fake Twitter Accounts Discovered in One Single Fake Network on Twitter

Researchers looking into the extent and intentions of fake accounts on Twitter have discovered vast networks of fake accounts - one of them containing 350,000 members. One of the researchers, Dr.

Google has another go with Google+

Google continues to mull over Google+ and has announced it'll be adding Events, and what it describes as, "its time to say goodbye to classic Google+ on the web, which we'll be turning down on Janu

Farewell to Vine

Twitter has decided to discontinue Vine, the quirky mobile app that allowed people to share short, 6 second loops of video.

Comments Get AMP'd Up

Armchair commenters of the world, rejoice - Disqus is bringing AMP support to comment sections everywhere.

URLs and Photos No Longer Count Towards the Character Limit on Twitter

A few months ago, Twitter was talking about pushing its character limit out to 10,000+. There was a huge debate over how essential the character limit is to the essence of Twitter.

Twitter Wants to Extend Its 140 Character Limit to 10,000 by the End of Q1

The question on all of our minds is - why in blue blazes would they want to do that?!

Like a Phoenix? Google Plus Gets a Redesign

Poor Google Plus has been in a tailspin for so long, it's refreshing to see something new being done with it.

Facebook's New Search Features May Open a $5 Billion Advertising Opportunity

Facebook's search algorithm takes into account posts that you've made, pages you've followed, and what your friends are talking about.

I never knew people cared THAT much about favorites on Twitter

Twitter changed "favorites" stars into "like" hearts yesterday and the Internet BLEW RIGHT UP.

Twitter as a Vehicle for Harassment

Rand Fishkin quietly added the word "feminist" to his twitter bio with sadly predictable results.

Good riddance G+; also Google doesn't like app interstitials

The days of "I-just-bought-an-Android-phone-now-I'm-getting-Google+-connection-requests-from-everyone-I've-ever-emailed" are over.

Google is Selective About Which Tweets it Indexes

According to a blog post from Stone Temple, Google skews towards those with higher follower counts and "authority" when indexing tweets. Makes sense.

Google+ Shrinks Again

Once upon a time, a brand's most recent Google+ post would show up in their knowledge panel when it was triggered - no more.

Hashtags are hurting your clickthrough?

Do you use hashtags in your mobile strategy to help get your posts noticed? More people may find your Tweets, but they might not be interacting with them quite the way you want.