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Threadwatch gets MORE Bling Bling

I would like to say after a lot of begging ... SHOEMONEY !! has joined our Editors ..

Secondly I would like to thank all the editors, you guys do a great Job.


Threadwatch Marketplace?

A while ago Bob Massa commented that a shopping mall without stores is not really a shopping mall. DaveN and I have been chatting a bit and have been thinking about creating a members marketplace of some sort.

Stuntdubl Going Solo?

Looks like Stuntdubl is leaving WeBuildPages, perhaps to go solo.

Digg, Delicious (etc) Links Now A Crap Idea?

Having social bookmarking links at the bottom of posts and articles was pretty cool for a while, but is catering for everyone now a futile battle?

I've tried to keep on top of the tagging world as much as anyone, but still I'm surprised by the amount of different services there are out there (as highlighted by the SEOmoz web 2.0 awards). It's pretty clear that having all these links on our sites is going to cause our pages to look something akin to the million dollar homepage.

Humour for the Day

This is good for a chuckle; stuntdubl has posted on his blog Top 10 Reasons It's Great To Be An SEO as well as Top 10 Reasons It Sucks To Be An SEO.

Tim Berners-Lee Interviewed

An interview with Sir Tim Berners-Lee at Impact Lab (by Brian Runciman from the Britsh Computer Society).

A long interview on all sorts of things web, past, present and future. A speed-summary:

And the Winner is...

In the Pure Pants™ competion our top two contestants tied in overall votes, but one of them consistantly garnered a higher rating.

65 and 1/2 TW members voted, and the winner is:

Doug Heil vs Linkworth: Grab Your Popcorn Spammers!

Linkworth is apparently threatening legal action against the crew at IHY for calling the company email spammers. The thread in question is here. Linkworth sends the legal threat in the middle of page 2:

Pure Pants - the First Annual Threadwatch SEO Award

It being Friday and all I thought we should run a survey to give out an award. Who are the most annoying SEO forum personalities?

Vote for your top 5 today [sorry it is closed...counting the votes.]

Andreas, of the Big an Idea Company, Clueless on SEO

Hugh recently referenced Stuntdubl's post about ad agecy SEO lies, citing that he though his post was wonderful. However an ad agency thought otherwise...

Stealthcon - Australian for SEO Conference - AKA: P_b_o_f_r_n_e Down Unda

If you are an Aussiewebmaster and would like to drink beer with some mates here is your chance:

Beer and Talk. No agenda, just an excuse for a get-together. Friday March 31st March 2006 at 5:00 PM and onwards. A pub in, or close to, the Melbourne CBD, to be advised.

JasonD Becomes Editor, TW Gene Pool Grows

JasonD of StrangeLogic has decided to come on as the newest TW editor. Thanks Jason :)

Welcome Aboard DaveN!

I have been told that Threadwatch could be a bit more spicy. I think DaveN could help make it that. I asked DaveN if he would like to come on as half owner of TW and he said yup. He is going to offer more details on Strike Point tonight, which starts in about 20 minutes (3PM Eastern).

Digg for SEO and Search Engine Information

Search Engine Press is a new site by David Vincent Gagne, sorta like Digg, but focused on SEO and search news.

Oilman and Threadwatch in Time Magazine

Threadwatch.org and Oilman were featured in Time Magazine's Blogwatch for the Exploiting MSN Search and Win Story. It is on page 14 of the newstand version, or you can read it online here.

Rumor: Jenstar Steps Down from WMW

Barry reports that he believe Jen is stepping down from moderating at Webmaster World.

Flame Analysis

DaveN recently did a how to flame post about our recent eternal flames thread.

FlameWars can and do get you links. Ok the Flamewars rules:

Xoogler to all aspiring 'Nooglers'

Xooglers, the blog where ex-Google employees go to, well, not whine or be regretful, got a new member a few days back. One 'Doug' joins 'Ron' and 'Greg' as a very new ex-employee. And, like the others, he has nothing bad to say at all.

Danny Sullivan Sings....

If you have not voted over at the Search Engine Watch forums, you may want to do so. Danny Sullivan sings for his American Idol tryouts, and takes the show.

Listen to the MP3 and vote!

Ask Gary Price

Gary Price, the research librarian guru, has moved on from SEW and is going to work for Ask Jeeves as Director of Online Information Resources. In Gary's place it looks like Mr Rustybrick will be helping out at SEW.