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Thin Skin

Over the last few days, due to a cock up of my own, i've been rather embroiled in a little spat, and subsequent "fire fighting" with a bunch of bloggers i'd sooner not drag into this on TW. The whole daft affair however, reminds me of a lesson very hard learned, you just can't afford to have thin skin when you publish publically.

Growing Pains @ Threadwatch

Im sure some of you have noticed that we're having a few server issues -- namely MySQL maxing out on is. Funny, it's not that big a site really, so you'd think my shared hosting plan would do the job, apparently not.

Im not sure what to do about that yet, but will most likely email one of the kind chaps who offered us a box when we switched from Brian's servers. Hang in there, it won't happen today.

Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Over in the US Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and any holiday where it’s acceptable to overeat and fall asleep on the couch for an afternoon nap is pretty high on my list. Personally I love to cook and we usually have 8 to 10 people come over, although one year I cooked for 16.

WMW - we don't want no steenking spiders.

In this thread, Brett (did they piss him off at Vegas?) declares that robots.txt is going to stop 'em all at the gate for the next three months.

Well Wishes to Mike Grehan's Son

Man, this sounds pretty horrific for everyone concerned, not least of which would be poor Mike's Son, Michael. Take care Mike, and

The Digg Effect

Old timers know about the Slashdot Effect. However since we're firmly in bubble 2.0 now it's cool to experience the Digg effect. Like any other method for driving traffic some SEO's start thinking about how to game the system.

Threadwatch Editors, Changes Ahead!

Firstly, i'd like to thank everyone that's had stealth editor permissions over the last year, some have been more active than others of course, but on the whole, the small team of folks that have helped keep TW spam free have done an outstanding job, and im really grateful for that. Thankyou.

WebmasterRadio Takes Direct Hit From Hurricane Wilma

Pardon the late post, as I am working from a borrowed computer and have had to go through quite a bit to first get my family and myself to safety: As we were running like the wind from South Florida to beat the rush for Gas and supplies after Wilma's strike, we stopped at the WebmasterRadio.FM's Studios just off of I-95 in Deerfield Beach...

20 Tips for Community Blogs and Forums

I thought it might be fun to make a list of some of the things i've learnt about communities, having spent an awful lot of time being involved in them over the years. In particular, looking after this community. Some of the list items are in the form of "tips", others are just observations. Feel free to add, discuss or dismiss.

Congratulations Patrick, Amanda and New Arrival Grace Gavin

Hey i got great news today from a very excited Patrick Gavin of Text-Link-Ads - Little Grace Gavin was born a few hours ago and mum and baby are both doing splendidly.

Cogratulations Mummy


Interesting reading - i've been a bit pressed for time today for various reasons, but whilst having a goodnight ciggy i installed that module out of curiosity

LinkedIn, Not as Horrid As I Thought....

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Im not a fan of social networks, im just not social enough heh... but i've been messing around with LinkedIn this weekend, as i've a need to make a few aquaintences in certain areas, and i've been pleasently surprised! - It's actually rather good.

Web2.0 Kicks Off Today

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Love it or hate it, the internets most trendy, and as some would say, exclusionary conference kicks off with a whole bunch of neat looking sessions and workshops today.

Save Jeeves: The Blog

Source Title: Save Jeeves: The Blog Source Url: http://savejeeves.blogspot.com/ Story Text:

Not sure if it's real or like many of us thought "hey lets kill the butler and then start a buzz viral grass roots campaign to bring him back and generate some free publicity". Either way here's the Save Jeeves Blog

First Proposal via Search Engine, Congrats Barry & Yisha!

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Barry just pinged me to make sure i didn't miss his proposal via ASK to girlfriend Yisha Using ASK's smart answers and a word in Jim Lanzone's ear, it appears young Barry will shortly be wed :)

Mivox..Isn't It Your Birthday As Well?

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Something rang in my mind as I was reading about Gurtie's Birthday thread.

As I recall from my foggy memory..I believe Miss Mivox has a birthday on the same day as Miss Gurtie Gurtie Gurtie.

Gurtie's Birthday!

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Happy Birthday to Gurtie, one of our oldest (er...) members, and best contributors here at Threadwatch. 21 again eh?

Server Trouble

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Sorry about the on/off connection to Threadwatch everyone, we appear to be having a few technical difficulties. Brian has recaptured the hamster though, and has placed him back in his wheel, so we hope everything will be back to normal shortly...

Feedshot - New Blog Submission Service

Source Title: Feedshot - New Blog Submission Service Source Url: http://www.feedshot.com Story Text:

I received a mail from Rob W. - creator of Feedshot who tipped me off to his new service, FeedShot. Looks pretty cool, and thought it definitely worth a mention.

Danny Hits the big 40!

Source Title: Industry Leader Danny Sullivan Turns 40 Source Url: http://www.seroundtable.com/archives/002563.html Story Text:

Danny Sullivan hit's the big 40 today. Happy Birthday Danny!