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Quiet out there isn't it?

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Well, another week full of weird shit in the world of Search, marketing and tech rolls by and it's just us sad saps still working or idlely surfing around at the weekend :) I've been up to a few things recently, some of which i shall proceed to bore you to death with, feel free to tell us what you're up to this weekend!

Happy 30th Birthday Microsoft!

Source Title: Happy 30th Birthday Microsoft Source Url: http://www.ilovejackdaniels.com/blog/happy-birthday-microsoft/ Story Text:

Dave tell me that it's Microsoft's 30th birthday today! Who'd a thunk it eh? The company everyone loves to hate, but also the company that as Dave points out are in large part responsible for everything we have now with PC's is all growed up!

TW'ers, Others in RITA's Path - Good Luck!

Source Title: Evacuating Source Url: http://www.ihategoogle.org/?postid=301 Story Text:

Volatilegx reminds me that we probably have a good few members worried about the new RITA hurricane - he's evacuating. Good luck mate, and the same to anyone in that horrid situation...

Orkut Becomes Part of the Google Borg

Source Title: Orkut Becomes Part of the Google Borg Source Url: http://www.davidnaylor.co.uk/archives/2005/09/21/orkut-wtf/ Story Text:

Dave N reports on Orkut .. WTF that if you tried to log into Orkut you get this message

In order to unify our services, we're asking all orkut users to upgrade to a Google Account.

DigitalPoint Forums go from Strength to Strength

Source Title: DigitalPoint Forums Earns Respect of Yahoo! & Google Source Url: http://www.seroundtable.com/archives/002543.html Story Text:

Barry writes a good summary of how DigitalPoint forums is very much an up and coming star in the Ad scene, in particular regard to contextual ads. Linked at Barry's post are sightings of Yahoo and Google reps moving in on what's becoming a hot source of info on Adsense et al, as well as our Jen, who rarely misses an opportunity...

RIAA Crackdown on More P2P Networks

Source Title: P2P Networks targetted by RIAA Source Url: http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9588_22-5867085.html Story Text:

The Recording Industry Association of America sent another barrage of cease and desist letters to the companies controlling programs such as LimeWire, WinMX and BearShare, asking them to remove RIAA member files from their services.

Notes from the SEORoadShow Edinburgh

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Following on from comments on the SEORoadShow held in Edinburgh this weekend, here's a few of the personal highlights for me. No divulging of top secret information, no reporting on discussions participated in or overheard, just some of my personal favorite bits :)

SEORoadShow 10th Sept 2005 - Edinburgh

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Well, Ivana Robyn and I have our bags packed and are about to start our journey to the the SEORoadShow in lovely (so i hear) Edinburgh! There will be light contributions from me for the next few days, so if you're not going, please take a little time out to post whatevers hot and keep this place ticking :)

SEORoadShow: Friday Night Dinner, Who's In?

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Not long to to till the Roadshow hits Edinburgh (10th Sept) so it's time we arranged Dinner! We've found a lovely place called Jacksons, just round the corner from the George Hotel, that has a wonderful looking menu, is kid friendly and will set aside a large room for us for the night. Im thinking 8:30pm would be a good time.

Threadwatch Tests IntelliTXT

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Earilier this week i spoke to Amy Valenzuela from Vibrant Media about testing intelliTXT at Threadwatch. Following that conversation, I've decided it would be at very worst, interesting to see how the product performs here, and at best, financially sound for the site. It would be nice if it added value to the pages aswell, use the comments for your thoughts on that when i've put it on...

SEORoadshow: Where are you staying?

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If you're going to the SEORoadshow on 10th Sept in Edinburgh, where are you staying? (and if you're not going, why not?)

I assume Gurtie is at Travelodge and the Albany, though expensive, is just down the road - but it would be cool to get an idea of where everyone (particularly those not in the George) is staying?

Aaron Wall interviewing NickW

Source Title: Interview of Nick Wilson, Threadwatch's NickW Source Url: http://www.search-marketing.info/newsletter/articles/nick-wilson.htm Story Text:

Since NickW is no longer willing to announce Aarons interviews, I took his tip and put SEOBook on my watch list. Today I found Aarons riposte, a good read.

SES Search Bash - Aug 10th - Guest List Passes

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One of the parties being held at SES San Jose next week is the somewhat exclusive "Search Bash" on Wednesday 10th at Studio 8 - The gig is limited to 500 people, for free drinks and the usual shinanigans, but Threadwatch readers can get on the Text Link Ads Guest List by posting in this thread, or emailing pgavin@text-link-ads.com

Bloggers Aren't Your 15 Minutes of Fame Over Yet?

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Ok so we've got the Top 100, the A-List Bloggers, and the utterly riddiculous blogebrities. The Lilith Fair style love-fest dedicated to female bloggers known as Blogher just finished. Meanwhile Dave Sifry talks about how the number of bloggers is doubling every five months, and Blog Day 2005 is now less than a month away.

The SES San Jose Summer Parties - Who's Going?

Source Title: Search Engine Watch Forums Thread on SES Parties Aug 8-11th Source Url: http://forums.searchenginewatch.com/showthread.php?t=7074 Story Text:

SES San Jose will be host to many after conference parties this summer, I'll be there - lots of people should be there. Who all from Threadwatch is going?

Round and Round in Circles

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What is it that drives people on forums, or in a pub, or anywhere at all for that matter, to have the same old conversation over and over again? I was browsing SEW yesterday, and came across this tired old subject and apart from a funny quote from NFFC and a disguised slap from Marcia, It's 99% drivel...

JasonD on Spam, Data, Data and erm... Data

Source Title: Interview of Jason Duke, Founder of Strange Logic & Data Gobbler Source Url: http://www.search-marketing.info/newsletter/articles/jason-d.htm Story Text:

Long time TW contributor and good friend of mine JasonD answers a few questions for Aaron in an interview that talks a lot about data collection, without giving much away. Still, it's a good read, and does provide some insight into the "seo's seo", Mr Duke.

SEO Book Author Aaron Wall Interviewed

Source Title: Aaron Wall on the Hyperlink Hot Seat Source Url: http://www.linkbuildingblog.com/2005/07/aaron_wall_on_t.html Story Text:

Whether he thinks so or not, Aaron Wall is one of the most well known names in the SEO community right now, he's author of the SEO Book and a frequent poster at numerous industry forums. On that basis, you might like this short interview over at the LinkBuildingBlog that TLA's Andy Hagans is manning.

So, what do you think?

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Today, after much much talk (and other threads previously) about it, we posted our first sponsored post as part of the new ad program.

Compiling Resources at Threadwatch

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Something i wanted to get a little opinion and help on this morning: I thought it would be useful to start compiling a section on resources, the idea being that I (or anyone else) could kick off a page and then let members use the comments to make suggestions for further additions, and comment on the usefulness (or not) of particular resources.