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Social Media Influencer Outreach Gone Wrong: @UPS

Someone probably told @UPS social media department about how influencer outreach is a truly awesome branding tool.

The next Facebook?

Ello is generating some buzz lately as a new social media platform specifically positioned as the "anti-Facebook." http://www.searchenginejournal.com/ello-new-facebook-killer-15-minute-fame-flame/1

Podcasting Begins Making a Come Back in Social Media Marketing

With as much industry noise out there as there is today, how can you stay our climb to the top when your content for social media outlets has been maximized or has become stale?

Twitter Takes Another Step Toward ECommerce


Rand Fishkin Gets Google Plus Warning for Violating Policies. Why?

If you are looking for the answer, there's none yet... Google Plus is a good student of his older sister Google Search. Why not just clearly say what went wrong?

Google Plus Invites You to Follow the Associated Page from G+ Updates

It's a pretty big news for one reason only, I'd say: It proves that Google is trying their best to give

Jailed for Tweets! - Breaking News

Just now the bbc are showing on TV the news that Isabella Sorley is going to be jailed for 12 weeks and John Nimmo sentenced to eight weeks for sending abusive tweets.

I Like the Sound of it: *Don't Ignore the Trolls. Feed Them Until They Explode*

The social media world is getting mature to the point where we can no longer ignore the trolls, because, well, they exist...

Facebook - Hacked (to death)

As always be careful what you say on facebook!

The old Bailey UK (court) today heard how a man was tracked using facebook and hacked to death with a axe!

Google Patent's Software to Control Your Social Media

It appears Google is now looking at taking all that data they have on you and using it to inform the updates / actions of some kind of social meda automation spam software with one of

Discussion rank is coming

Mark Traphagen shared some interesting thoughts on what Google's aggressive integration of Google Plus comments (Blogger and Y

Google is still figuring out how to to suck you into Google Plus

Wired has an interesting view on Google's attempts to set its social network on fire.

Google 302 redirects Old numeric URLs to Vanity / Custom URLs [update]

Google is really bad at SEO :) What a weird move!


Getty Scores, Gets Cash from Pinterest

Getty Images and Pinterest announced a partnership where Pinterest pays to put meta data

Google+ adds new author attribution & embedded posts

Google are again pushing google+

This time google have added a great update to make it easy for publishers to link up the + profile to posts made on blogs.

Topsy Has Indexed Your Tweets - every single one of them...ever.

Topsy, a social search engine, states they've managed to index ever tweet ever made...

Twitter updates UI to show connections in conversations

Just noticed twitter it now shows a blue line in between people you follower whom are having conversion.

Are you asking your questions on social media or searching for answers? (study via @stonetemple)

There's a great study at stonetemple that got me thinking: Is all that "Listen to social media buzz" concept we a

Waze data now updating Google Maps App

The social real time traffic data from the waze community is now integrated into Google Maps App.

Twitter Introduces Related Headlines

Twitter is rolling out a new feature called "Related Headlines".