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Bing partners with Pinterest: Pin from search results

Bing image search and Pinterest have much in common: Most importantly lots of copyright infringement complaints (we are unha

Good to know that your digital afterlife is secure, eh?

Google launched a new feature today, with which you can decide what happens to the data contained in your various Google properties, should you become "inactive" for a period of time.

Is length of content really ranking factor / quality indicator?

This whole argument reminds me of the one about bounce rate: There are solid reasons why some content needs to be short or long (as well as the bounce rate of some types of pages can to be low or h

Google Reader to die

The Google Reader is about to die.

Why teens are tiring of Facebook

CNET thinks Facebook is rapidly losing their younger audience, not least because teens want something toca ll their own, without being snooped on by parents:

Do brands really need to become customer's friends?

Lee Odden just shared an eBook today talking about social media predictions and he has a

Social Media use between Man United vs Man City

Great use of a widget! Also great use of links and social data to analyse entities..

Who controls your Twitter account when it all goes wrong?

Excellent post by Kev Strong about an employee at HMV who tweeted live as her and 60 other employees got fired.

The thing is... she did it on the @HMV Twitter handle!

Xanga needs spam help

Xanga are having problems with spam overloading their servers:


How to get mostly useless Facebook Likes on the cheap

Here's a decent write up on how to get Facebook likes on the cheap.

What sharp SEO skills are you glad to have?

I am running an informal discussion thread in a few places, including right here, asking people about what SEO skills they're glad they have from their SEO days for marketing in our social search m

G+ second largest social network?

Apparently G+ is the second largest community.

Consumer Reviews Most Powerful Purchase Influence

"According to a just released study from Weber Shandwick with KRC Research, 65% of potential consumer electronics purchasers are inspired by a consumer review to select a brand that had not been pa

Facebook "Graph Search", well, sucks

CNN has published an interesting review of the newish Facebook Search Graph feature listing som

Twitter to take over search with Manual Process?

Via our sister site, Webmasterworld, I found out how Twitter build their algorithms with real people to define & refine relevancy

Tumblr Tops Facebook for Teens

It's probably a bit early to start chiseling Facebook's tombstone, but according to a Mediapost report Tumblr is actually used more than Facebook by 10th graders. 

We have missed 5 Years of Social (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)!

Since we have almost caught up with Google, let's remember what was going on in social:

Every Social Network's Image Dimensions.

Andy Beal has posted on a superb piece of work by Lunametrics  showing every

Closing Threadwatch This Friday

I hate to do this, but this Friday I am closing Threadwatch. I don't think the site died at any specific point, it has been more of a process, which I will outline below:

Forget Web 2.0 - we're in the cult of the amatuer

Has the power of user driven sites just turned the new web into a witch hunt led by the few? Andrew Keen Founder of AudioCafe seems to think so

“Instead of a dictatorship of experts, we’ll have a dictatorship of idiots,” says Keen, who finds classic signs of totalitarianism in Silicon Valley. “Anyone who disagrees is wrong. These people manifest some of the symptoms of 19th century Russian idealists and utopians, who think that their vision of the world is going to change everything for the better.”